How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in New York?

Typical Range:

$113,000 - $882,000

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Updated October 28, 2022

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The average cost to build a house in New York is around $291,230, with an average range of $220,630 to $362,450. Depending on the home's location, customizations, and style, you may pay anywhere from $113,000 to upwards of $882,000.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, New York is the fourth-most populated state, with over 19 million people. However, more than 8 million reside in New York City, one of the country's most expensive real estate markets. Prices for materials and labor tend to vary significantly between New York City and the rest of the state.

2022 Notice: Material Prices Are Surging

Demand for siding and other building materials has grown over the past year. And as a result, manufacturers are increasing materials prices. Prices have gone up 5% to 10% this year, and many parts of the country are experiencing long delivery times. If you're planning a building project, we recommend starting as early as possible in the season, preparing for potential price fluctuations, and allowing extra time to order materials.

Average Cost to Build a House in New York

Average Cost High Cost Low Cost
$291,230 $882,000 $113,000

Material Prices to Build a House in New York

How much is it to build a house in New York? That depends on the materials needed to construct a new home in New York state. Take a look at the table below to see average cost ranges for items like lumber for your house frame, roofing, and drywall.

House-Building Material Average Cost Range
Lumber (for frame) $3 – $6 per sq. ft.
Concrete $4.25 – $6.25 per sq. ft.
Drywall $0.40 – $0.65
Flooring $3 – $22 per sq. ft.
Siding $2 – $15 per sq. ft.
Insulation $0.20 – $2 per sq. ft.
Roofing $0.10 – $1 per sq. ft.
Electrical wiring $6 – $8 per sq. ft.
Plumbing pipes $4.50 – $6.50 per sq. ft.

Installation Cost to Build a House in New York

Building a home is a significant undertaking involving hiring more than one contractor to get the job done. Hiring a local construction management company can ease some stress by managing the project, but you'll still need to hire other specialists like electricians, plumbers, and other professionals. 

Some pros will charge by the square foot, others may charge by the hour, and some may charge by a percentage of the construction cost. The method they charge by is up to the pro, but here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Construction Manager

For homes under $1 million, construction managers charge an average of 10% to 15% of the project cost. Project construction managers, or general contractors, usually charge a percentage rather than an hourly rate. Construction managers are a crucial part of any home-building project, as they help clients plan for the entire project, hire subcontractors, and more.


In New York state, framing averages $1,900 to $6,780. Depending on the price of lumber, the cost could run higher or lower. The frame is the skeleton of the home and is constructed from wood. It goes up after the foundation and before the walls, wiring, or plumbing is installed.


Laying the foundation for a home in New York costs around $8,650 to $18,430, with an average cost of $13,420. The final cost of the foundation will depend on the type and the exact geographic location. Since New York City is in the world's top five most expensive cities, prices are higher in the city than in other parts of the state.


Expect to pay around $180 per hour to rough-in electrical for a new home in New York. New homes require rough-in electrical work, where electric wires are installed but not connected until other parts of the build are complete. Most rough-ins take three to seven business days but may take longer, depending on the size of the home.


Rough-in plumbing costs for a new home in New York run from $7,000 to $15,000. The cost will vary depending on the number of bathrooms, the square footage of the house, and any other water or sewage running pipes.


The average cost to install a roof in New York is $8,190, though you may pay anywhere from $800 to $45,000. Prices vary based on the materials and specific geographic location.


The average cost to build a concrete driveway in New York is $4,240. Driveways are becoming more and more customized, with options from concrete to asphalt to grass. Heated driveways are now an option, which might come in handy in a place with high snowfall like upstate New York.


A new HVAC unit runs anywhere from $5,000 to $13,000, depending on the size of the home. For homes in climates that experience very low temperatures in the winter and hot weather in the summer, heating and central air conditioning will keep everyone comfortable year-round.


The average landscaping installation project cost in New York is $1,370 to $5,300 and varies greatly by the municipal area. Don’t forget the outside of your home when budgeting your building costs.

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Cost to Build a House in New York by House Type

New York categorizes its single-family homes into six different classes. The average building cost per square foot for the different classes includes the following:

  • Class 1 (luxury): $430 per sq. ft.

  • Class 2 (semi-luxury): $260 per sq. ft.

  • Class 3 (best standard): $170 per sq. ft.

  • Class 4 (good standard): $120 per sq. ft.

  • Class 5 (average standard): $100 per sq. ft.

  • Class 6 (minimum standard): $79 per sq. ft.

Cost to Build a House in New York by House Style

The style of homes you'll find in New York varies by city. In New York City, for example, townhomes and brownstones are the most common type of homes. In upstate New York, Colonials, ranches, and Craftsman homes are popular.


The average cost to build a brownstone home in New York is $350 to $500 per square foot. Brownstones are vertical-style buildings, usually consisting of three to four floors. They're ubiquitous in New York City because they allow ample square footage without requiring a lot of land.


Expect to pay around $105 to $200 per square foot for a Cape-style home. They're usually single-story, with steeply sloped roofs and a symmetrical design. Their roofs can withstand heavy rain and snow, and there's usually a large central chimney.


Colonial homes run anywhere from $110 to $210 per square foot. They're popular throughout the state of New York and have a formal design concept, usually coming in two to three stories with a centered front door and symmetrical design.


Depending on the style of the ranch, expect to pay anywhere from $90 to $150 per square foot. Ranch-style homes in New York are usually one-story or split-level designs. Since they're only one story, they're more commonly seen outside New York City.

Cost to Build a House in New York by Square Foot

A house in New York state typically costs between $100 and $300 per square foot to build. This range increases dramatically when we look at the cost for a home in New York City, which averages $300 to $500 per square foot, with some luxury homes going up to $1,000 per square foot.

Below is a breakdown of the cost per square foot based on an average New York home size:

Location and Home Type Home Size in Sq. Ft. Average Cost
New York City (average apartment) 850 $340,000
New York (average home) 1,700 $425,000
New York (above-average home) 2,000 $500,000
New York City (average brownstone) 4,000 $1.6 million

Cost to Build a House in New York by Location

Since prices in New York City vary greatly from prices in the rest of the state, it’s common to see large price differentials. A home in Albany, for instance, would cost far less than a home in Queens, even if they’re the same style and size.

Based on an average 1,700-square-foot home, the prices to construct a new house in New York are as follows:

CityAverage Price
Albany$133 per square foot
Brooklyn$181 per square foot
Buffalo$118 per square foot
New York City$200 per square foot
Rochester$123 per square foot
Syracuse$125 per square foot

Cost Factors for Building a House in New York

Beyond construction costs, there are several factors you’ll need to consider when building a home in New York.


The price for an acre of land in New York City is approximately $5.2 million, while the price for an acre of land in Albany can be as low as $35,000. In New York City, where land is at a premium, land costs will be higher—sometimes exponentially higher—than in other areas of the state.


Different permits are required for different areas of the home-building process, and you can expect to pay around $1,900 for them. When building a home, don’t forget to factor in the price of permitting.

Interior Finishings

Once you have completed the outside of your home, you'll want to ensure it has the perfect interior touches.

Common interior finishings for New York include:

Exterior Finishings

Exterior finishings, such as window installation, painting, and patio expenses, should also be budgeted:

DIY vs. Hiring a New York Home Builder

Building a home is a big undertaking, and it’s best left to a custom home builder near you in New York. There are ways you can save, such as putting in your own landscaping or managing the project, as long as you’re comfortable with the project. Doing your own construction management could save you 5% to 15% of the total cost, but you’ll have to hire subcontractors on your own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an architect cost?

An architect costs about $9,500 to draw up preliminary plans. However, if they need to be more involved throughout the process, they’ll usually charge 8% to 15% of the total project cost. If you hire an architect to oversee the project, they’ll usually cancel out the need for a construction manager. To draw up plans and get the project moving, hire an architect near you

Should you build or buy a home in New York?

Generally, it’s less expensive to buy a home than to build a new home in New York state. And in New York City, it’s much less expensive to buy an existing home than to find land to build on due to the large population in the city. In most areas of New York state, you can save around $125,000 by buying an existing home instead of building a new home.

What’s the price difference between building a custom home versus a manufactured home?

You could save up to $150,000 by choosing a manufactured home over a custom home, keeping in mind that you're limited in options for floor plans, fixtures, and other touches. Contrary to popular belief, manufactured homes aren't mobile homes. They're homes built in a factory and transported to a site, whereas a custom home is made from the ground up on-site. Manufactured homes tend to cost less than custom homes because you're not customizing the options. 

Why are houses in New York so expensive?

Houses in New York can be expensive because New York City alone is one of the least affordable areas in the entire county. New York City housing is increasingly expensive due to limited space, strict zoning and building laws, and high competition from residential and commercial real estate alike. 

Once you start traveling further away from Manhattan, you may notice housing prices start to align with the national average. Cities like Buffalo and Rochester, which are over 300 miles away from Manhattan, have much lower housing prices.