How Much Does it Cost to Build a Concrete House?

Typical Range:

$204,000 - $416,000

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Updated December 14, 2020

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Concrete House Cost

A 2,000-square foot concrete house costs $310,000 to build on average, with most homeowners paying between $210,000 and $416,000. Depending on where you live and the fluctuating price of concrete, you might only pay $204,000 for a home of this size.

Many people are opting for concrete home construction because of its energy efficiency. While it costs more up front, this material can save anywhere from 20 to 30 percent on heating and cooling.

Average Concrete House Costs

Average Cost*$310,000
High Cost*$416,000
Low Cost*$204,000

*For a 2,000-square foot house

Concrete House Cost Per Square Foot

Building a concrete house typically costs between $105 and $208 per square foot, but could cost as low as $102 per square foot. While it might seem more expensive, building a concrete house is only $2 to $8 more per square foot than traditional house building costs.

Cost to Build Concrete House

A concrete house costs $155 per square foot on average to build. Just like with any home construction project, there are many components that factor into the final price. Here are a few examples that are similar for both traditional and concrete homes:

There are also some home building costs that will change between a concrete and traditional home:

  • Window installation costs $5,670 on average for traditional homes, but cutting through concrete is more complicated and can cost more.

  • A concrete basement costs between $10,000 and $30,000, however, not every home (or even concrete home) has to have a basement. Many homes in the South do not.

  • Roof installation prices range from $5,360 and $10,890, but prices for concrete tile or a poured concrete roof will vary.

While concrete homes have some cost variances compared to traditional homes, they’re still fairly similar in price. Talk to a home builder near you to compare costs and to get an estimate.

Concrete Homes Cost by Type

While the average 2,000-square foot concrete home costs between $210,000 and $416,000, prices vary based on the type of construction.

Concrete Block House Cost

A concrete block house usually ranges from $180 to $210 per square foot. Also sometimes referred to as “cinder blocks,” this type of house involves layering premade blocks and filling in gaps with mortar. Cinder block walls cost more than poured concrete since stacking blocks is more labor intensive.

Poured Concrete House Cost

A poured concrete house might cost anywhere from $168,260 to $508,070. While the average house costs between $163,360 and $483,870, poured concrete costs 3 to 5 percent more than building with traditional wood framing.

Modern Concrete Homes Cost

Just like a traditional concrete home, modern concrete homes typically range from $105 to $208 per square foot to build. However, your costs could actually lower based on the type of modern design you opt for, specifically when it comes to the roof.

While a concrete tile roof costs between $9 and $18 per square foot, pouring a flat roof starts at just $4 per square foot. Flat, poured roofs have grown in popularity as a modern concrete home trend.

Prefab or Precast Concrete Home Prices

Precast or prefab concrete homes will likely cost between $129,560 and $391,210. Building with precast panels is about 23 percent less than working with poured concrete. Instead of having to pour on site, panels are constructed ahead of time and then shipped to your location.

Cement House Cost

Cement is actually an ingredient in concrete, so the average cost to build a concrete house is $155 per square foot.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) House Cost

Expect to pay between $300,000 and $320,000 on average for a 2,000-square foot insulated concrete forms (ICF) house. Unless you’re living in a warmer climate, many home builders use ICF for all concrete house building. Find a new home builder in your area to see what’s most common.

When pouring concrete in the traditional method, professionals put wooden forms into place, then remove them after pouring. The ICF method is different because the forms actually stay in place and become part of the foundation or wall. This leads to great insulation and even stronger and more durable walls.

ICF Cost Per Square Foot

ICF house construction typically costs between $150 and $160 per square foot. It’s comparable to the cost of a concrete house, if not identical. Some builders use ICF interchangeably with poured, removable forms, which is why it’s best to check with your builder to see what method they recommend.

ICF Cost Per Linear Foot

It’s uncommon for construction crews to price ICF by the linear foot. On average, ICF costs between $150 and $160 per square foot, but prices could span between $103 to $205 per square foot.

ICF Construction Costs

ICF construction costs at least $3 more per square foot than traditional wood construction, but could cost upwards of $8 more per square foot. Construction prices vary depending on the following factors:

  • Location: if there aren’t many ICF contractors near you, it will cost more for them to travel

  • Project complexity: Custom homes and two-story projects are more

  • Material: Different concrete mixes have different costs (ex. fly ash mixes cost less than cement mixes)

ICF Foundation and Walls Cost

ICF foundation installation costs around $7 per square foot. You can expect similar or even identical prices for the cost to build a wall. Because the forms stay in place, ICF takes less time to install and as such, usually costs less than poured concrete.

Foam or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) House Cost

A 2,000-square foot foam concrete or ICF house is $310,000 on average. Some people call ICF homes “foam concrete homes” because the forms are made from polystyrene. In its expanded form, polystyrene is Styrofoam™.

Concrete vs. Wood House Cost

Constructing a concrete house usually costs 4 to 8 percent more than a wooden house, and sometimes might be as much as 10 percent more. However, there are many cost advantages to concrete homes, even though construction pricing is higher.

With a concrete house, you can save an average of $260 to $270 per year on heating and air conditioning. You can even save up to 25 percent on homeowners insurance. This is because concrete is more durable than wood. It’s even fire- and termite-resistant.

Concrete Building Cost

While constructing a concrete home costs between $105 and $208 per square foot, determining the cost of a concrete building, such as a parking ramp or office building, is trickier. Since the project is likely to be much larger than the size of a house, square-footage rates probably won’t cost as much due to economies of scale. When planning a project of this size, get a quote from a concrete contractor near you.

DIY Building a Concrete House vs. Hiring a Pro

You almost certainly want to hire a pro to build a concrete house, even if you opt for cinder block construction instead of pouring or ICF. It’s essential to make sure your walls and foundation are as perfectly aligned and structurally sound as possible, otherwise, the money that you save from a DIY project will end up costing you in expensive repairs.

Common repairs for a DIY concrete house can include foundation repair costs, which starts at $1,980 and can run upwards of $10,000 or more. Bowing wall repair costs between $75 and $400 per square foot. A professional installation could mean that you never have to worry about these costs in your lifetime.


What are SPIDER TIE concrete house prices?

SPIDER TIE concrete houses could start at prices as low as $50,100. According to SPIDER TIE, their system, which uses plastic ties to hold the forms together, is one-sixth the cost of a traditional ICF house.

How much do cinder block homes cost?

Cinder block homes typically cost between $180 and $210 per square foot. They cost more than poured concrete because laying down blocks is more work and more time-consuming.

How do insulated concrete forms compare in cost to regular concrete?

Insulated concrete forms are usually more expensive than poured concrete because the setup for installation is more complex. With poured concrete, professionals remove the forms after pouring instead of leaving them like they do with ICF.

What's the cost of an ICF foundation vs. traditional concrete?

ICF foundations usually cost around $7 per square foot, whereas a traditional concrete foundation can cost anywhere between $4 and $25 per square foot. Costs depend on the type of foundation you go with. Basements are the most expensive at $10 to $25 per square foot, whereas a concrete slab can run as low as $4 per square foot.

How much are concrete homes in Wisconsin?

A concrete home in Wisconsin will likely cost between $102 and $208 per square foot to build, or $155 per square foot on average.