How Much Does It Cost to Build a Barndominium?

Typical Range:

$73,400 - $228,000

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Updated July 13, 2022

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A barndominium is a home with a steel frame that resembles a barn or an existing barn retrofitted to be a home. On average, barndominiums cost $225,600 to $288,000 for 2,400 square feet

Total cost depends on size, how much of the work you do yourself, and the finishes you choose. You can design a basic barndominium or a luxurious home with a custom floor plan and wrap-around porch.

Estimating Barndominium Costs

As you plan for your barndominium, know what factors to budget for. If you go with a barndominium kit, you’ll still need to factor in materials and services that go into finishing the interior. Here’s a breakdown of typical barndominium costs. 

Barndominium Kit

Barndominium kits range from $5,000 to $70,000, depending on the style and square footage. A 2,400-square-foot barndominium kit with a covered porch costs more than a standard 1,200-square-foot kit. Delivery fees range an additional 5% to 10% of the kit price.

Kits provide the outer shell or framing for the house. They come ready to store vehicles and other equipment, or for you to design your own home with a barndominium floor plan. You'll still need to finish the interior including any plumbing, electrical, appliances, and bedroom walls.


Expect to spend between $4,000 and $25,000 on any foundation costs, including excavation. Extra landscaping work to prevent flooding or adding a garage foundation can add to the price.


Permits usually range from $1,200 to $2,000, depending on requirements in your city or county. You need a building permit to add a new home to a property. 


For most homes, building materials make up 50% of the total cost, but for barndominiums, that tends to be less. Steel framing costs less than wood framing, and the roof steel panels cost less than a shingled roof.

But you’ll still need to account for materials to finish the living space of your barndominium:

  • Drywall: $0.40–$0.65 per sq. ft.

  • Insulation: $0.50–$5 per sq. ft.

  • Flooring: $0.50–$15 per sq. ft.

  • Plumbing: $4.50 per sq. ft.

  • Staircase: $50–$100 per step

  • Painting: $25–$50 per 350 square feet

  • AC: $3,800–$7,300

  • Furnace: $2,600–$6,200 

  • Doors: $40–$500 per door

  • Lumber: $1–$5 per sq. ft.

  • Electrical wiring: $6–$8 per ft.

Septic Tank

If your lot needs a septic tank, expect to spend $3,200 to $9,500 on installation, depending on the type of system. 

Upgraded Siding

Budget for $6,000 to $16,000 if you want to upgrade your siding from the barndominium kit. You may wish to improve the exterior design or protect your home if you live in a harsher climate. Your siding upgrade costs depend on square footage and the material you choose.

Labor Costs 

To finish the inside of your barndominium, you’ll need pros to help you complete the job. Even if you do some of the work yourself, it’s best to hire out specialty pieces like plumbing and electrical to ensure your barndominium is safe and up to code. Labor prices depend on where you live, with metropolitan hotspots like New York or Los Angeles often costing more than rural Texas.

Finishing the Lot

If you need to add utility services to your lot, expect to spend $1,000 to $30,000 depending on how close your new home is to the nearest city water lines and cable lines.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Barndominium by Square Foot?

A barndominium costs $94 to $120 per square foot, depending on the finishes you choose and the cost of labor in your area. For comparison, building a house usually costs $100 to $200 per square foot.

What Barndominium Can I Get on My Budget?

Based on your living space needs and style, you may be able to create a beautiful three-bedroom home or a luxurious five-bedroom home with a second floor. Here are some estimates of what you can do with your budget:


A basic budget will let you build a standard 1,200-square-foot barndominium with a few upgraded finishes or appliances. 


For this amount, you can create a 2,400-square-foot barndominium with builder-grade materials and finishes. 


For this budget, enjoy higher-end finishes and an extra feature such as a covered porch for a 3,000-square-foot barndominium.


You can afford a luxurious 3,600-square-foot home with a wrap-around porch. 


With this high budget, you’ll be able to design a high-end barndominium that boasts 4,200 square feet and an attached garage. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Barndominium Yourself?

To build a barndominium yourself, you’ll need to budget for materials, permits, and tools to do the job. You’ll also need ample time and extensive building skills to complete aspects like a kitchen, interior walls, and flooring. 

“Even if you do some of the work yourself, you’ll still most likely need another pair of hands to help out along the way, and you’ll want to hire out specialty jobs such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing,” says Ezra Laniado, owner of Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc. in Los Angeles. You want to ensure your home meets building codes, structural requirements, and safety for you and your family. 

Hiring a local general contractor can help ensure your barndominium meets code and sticks to a budget and timeline. General contractors can also arrange for subcontractors to do specialty work.

If you want to be a part of the building process and save on costs, you can do some of the finishing work yourself, such as installing flooring or painting walls.

Cost to Build It Yourself vs Hiring a Contractor 

Finishing your barndominium living space can save you anywhere from $20 to $200 per hour, but you must have the necessary skills and tools to do the work. In general, it’s better to hire out specialty jobs, such as a local plumber or licensed electrician near you to ensure quality and safety. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Barndominium by Size? 

Barndominiums, especially if you buy a kit, are built in standard sizes. Here’s how much you can expect to pay based on the size of your home.

Dimensions Square Footage Cost
30x40 1,200 $112,800 – $144,000
40x60 2,400 $225,600 – $288,000
40x75 3,000 $282,000 – $360,000
60x60 3,600  338,400 – $432,000
60x70 4,200 $394,800 – $504,000

FAQs About Barndominiums

Why should I pick a barndominium for my home?

A barndominium offers a sturdy structure for your home at a lower cost than a traditional home. It also provides an open layout, high ceilings, and plenty of room for customization. Metal buildings tend to be longer-lasting than those with a wood frame and require less maintenance.  

What should I consider when building a barndominium? 

You should consider the layout, style, and design of a barndominium and if it would suit your needs. Hiring an architect or interior designer can help you create a functional home you love. You also want to consider hiring a general contractor who can manage the project, hire subcontractors, and keep you on budget.

How long does a barndominium take to build?

It takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months or longer to build a barndominium with a finished living space. Timing depends on the size of your home, availability of materials, and contractor schedules.

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