How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Florida?

Typical Range:

$240,000 - $350,000

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Updated October 10, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The typical cost to build a house in Florida ranges between $240,000 and $350,000, or an average of $295,000. Factors that affect the cost of building a new house include size, location, materials, and features. Cost overruns or unexpected expenses are common when building a home, so budget a 10% to 20% buffer just to be safe.

Average Costs to Build a House in Florida

Average CostHigh CostLow Cost

Florida House Material Prices

Materials make up about 50% of the total cost of building a house. So, budget for between $120,000 and $175,000, or an average of $147,500 for materials when building a new house in Florida. Common materials to budget for include lumber, concrete, drywall, flooring, siding, insulation, and roofing.

MaterialAverage Price Range
Lumber$25,000 – $65,000
Concrete$1,000 – $10,000
Drywall$12 – $20 per sheet
Flooring$1 – $5 per sq. ft
Siding$2 – $15 per sq. ft
Insulation$0.10 – $1 per board foot
Roofing$1,000 – $3,000

Florida House Labor Costs

Labor accounts for about 40% of the cost to build a new house. Therefore, for a new house with total construction costs at $300,000, about $120,000 will go to labor. This includes the cost to build the physical structure of your house and the work performed by professionals like plumbers, electricians, and roofers. The following are the average labor rates for some of the professionals or tradespeople you might have to hire when building your home in Florida.

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Florida House Costs by Type

Based on architectural specifications and materials, new construction homes can fall into one of three main categories: luxury, average, and minimum standard. Each type of house costs a different amount of money to build.

  • Luxury: $150 (and above) per square foot. Has high-quality material specifications for 90% of its main elements, including flooring, walls, and internal wall finishes.

  • Average: $110 per square foot. The walls, floors, finishes, roofing, and other elements of this type of house are made of mid-quality materials, which makes it less expensive to build than a luxury house.

  • Minimum standard: $60 per square foot. The superstructure is of standard quality, but the floor, wall finishes, and roof cover are on the cheaper side. This is typically the cheapest type of house to build.

Florida House Costs by Style

The cost of building a home in Florida can vary widely depending on the style of the home. Common options include modular, Mediterranean and Spanish style, and ranch-style. Below is a look at how much the three house styles cost to build in Florida.

Modular Homes

The average cost to build a modular home is about $180,000 to $360,000. Where you fall in that cost range depends on the size and complexity of the house in question. Generally, modular houses are less expensive than traditional homes because they require less labor and customization. The houses are built in a factory almost to completion and then shipped to the final destination. 

Mediterranean- and Spanish-Style Homes

Building a Mediterranean-style home in Florida can cost anywhere from $350,000 to $1,000,000. These homes bring in elements from European architecture, like tiled roofs and stucco walls. They’re a natural fit for the Sunshine state of Florida, which shares many of the environmental characteristics of the Mediterranean, including warm weather and proximity to water.

Ranch-Style Homes

Ranch-style homes cost $100 to $200 per square foot, or about $150,000 to $600,000 to build. Most of these homes have a single-story design, which makes them easy to navigate for people of all ages. However, larger ranch-style homes may require additional foundation support since they have a bigger on-the-ground footprint.

Florida House Costs by Square Footage

The average cost per square foot to build a new house in Florida ranges between $60 and $150. The exact cost depends on the architectural layout and materials. Most newly constructed houses in Florida are between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet in size on average.

Florida House Cost Factors

Other than square footage, house type, and house style, other factors will also affect how much it costs to build your house in Florida. These include location, hurricane proofing, permits, land, number of bedrooms, and number of stories. Below is a look at how each of these factors might affect how much you pay to build a new house in Florida.


Building homes in areas with a higher cost of living is more expensive. For example, if you’re planning on building a home in a more populated city like Miami, Tampa, or Orlando, you can expect to pay more than if you were building a home in a more rural location with a lower cost of living.

Hurricane Proofing

Depending on the location, some houses require stronger building materials like concrete to protect against hurricanes. Areas including Southeast Florida, the Key West, and the Florida Keys tend to be especially hurricane-prone. Other hurricane-proofing costs you might incur when building a new house in Florida include:


Construction permits cost between $10 and $500 in Florida. How much you’ll pay depends on the exact county where you live, the type of work, and the square footage of the working area. You’ll need to secure a permit before starting any home construction work in Florida.


Land prices vary depending on location and lot size. The average yard size for a new home in Florida is about 11,043 square feet or about 0.25 acres. On average, buying land can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $150,000. Land tends to come at a premium in high-density areas like cities, while rural sites tend to be more affordable.

Number of Bedrooms

The typical new home in Florida has two to four bedrooms. More bedrooms imply more square footage, which can translate to higher total project costs. Here’s a breakdown of the average costs of building a house in Florida based on the number of bedrooms.

Number of BedroomsAverage Cost Range to Build a House from Ground Up
1 bedroom$90,000 – $200,000
2 Bedroom$110,000 – $270,000
3 bedroom$220,000 – $365,000
4 bedrooms$275,000 – $540,000

Number of Stories

Houses with two or more stories cost more to build overall than one-story houses. However, multi-story houses are more cost-efficient since, for the same lot size, you can get more house space without additional foundational or roofing costs. This translates to a lower cost per square foot.

But because of Florida’s warm climate, most houses are single-level. These types of houses are easier and cheaper to keep cool. Hot air rises, so if your house has two or more stories, your air conditioner will have to work harder, especially during the summer, to keep all levels of the house cool.

Number of StoriesAverage Cost Range to Build a House from Ground Up
One$60,000 – $250,000
Two$102,000 – $300,000
Three$330,000 – $540,000


After you complete the basics of your home, you may want to pay extra for additional internal and external finishing. These can include things like custom paint jobs, fireplaces, countertops, appliances, siding, windows, and so on. The cost to paint the interior of a house, for example, ranges between $950 and $3,000, while appliance installation costs between $120 and $280.

For interior finishes, budget for a total of between $50,000 and $175,000 while for exterior finishes, expect to pay between $50,000 and $175,000.

Special Materials or Features

Part of the appeal of building your own home is that you can design it from scratch with an eye to special details and custom features that meet your needs. You can, for example, decide to build a swimming pool or equip your new home with solar panels. These customizations can add to the total cost of your home.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Florida Home Builder

You can build your own house if you’re seriously handy and experienced with construction. This can save you between 25% and 40% of the estimated total project costs. That said, building a home from scratch is a huge undertaking, and there’s a lot that could go wrong. It’s generally safer and more efficient to let professionals handle the construction process. This can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Get in touch with a home builder near you to discuss your options when you’re ready to build a house. Make sure to interview and get quotes from several of them to make the best possible choice for your circumstances and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to buy or build a home in Florida?

Generally, it’s more affordable to buy a home than to build one from scratch, but this depends on the house’s size and location. In a competitive housing market like the current one, building a home can sometimes be a better deal. If you buy in a market where there aren't enough choices, you might have to settle for a less-than-ideal home. You may then need to spend more money to renovate it to meet your needs.

How much does it cost to build a concrete house?

The cost to build a concrete house ranges from $204,000 to $416,000. While concrete houses tend to be more expensive than homes built with other materials, they’re more energy-efficient, have increased strength and stability (which is hugely important in hurricane-prone areas like Florida), are more sound-dampening, and offer more design options.

How much does it cost to build a metal house?

The cost to build a metal house costs between $73,000 and $228,000. This comes to about $94 to $120 per square foot. Metal homes are generally more affordable to build than wooden-frame homes, which cost between $200 and $250 per square foot. Furthermore, metal homes are more fire-resistant than wooden-frame homes, making them safer.

How do you finance building a house in Florida?

The most common financing option for building a fully custom home in Florida is a construction loan, also known as a construction-to-permanent loan. You can get one from a bank, a mortgage company, or a credit union. The loan will cover the costs of permits, materials, and labor. It may also pay for the land on which you’ll construct your home. A construction loan is typically paid to a contractor in installments or upon the achievement of specific building milestones. Once the construction process is complete, the lender will assess it and then convert the construction loan to a standard mortgage.

What’s the minimum size for a house in Florida?

The minimum size for a house in Florida varies from county to county, with the lowest allowed size being 375 square feet in St. Petersburg. Other counties that have a relatively low minimum size requirement for a house are Dixie and Pasco (both at 450 square feet). Some counties have a minimum size requirement of as high as 1,500 square feet. To be safe, find out the size requirements for your county before you start building.