How Much Does It Cost to Install a Fireplace or Wood Stove?

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$877 - $3,909

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Updated January 19, 2021

Reviewed by Robert Tschudi, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

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Fireplace Installation Cost

Installing a fireplace or wood stove costs about $2,391, or between $877 and $3,909. Cost factors include labor, customization and the type of fireplace. Building a fireplace can also increase home value and keep your family comfortable all winter long.

This guide breaks down costs and considerations to make before getting your new fireplace. Note that the cost to install a chimney liner and the cost to remove a fireplace or chimney can significantly increase the overall price of the project.

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National Average $2,391
Typical Range $877 - $3,909
Low End - High End $150 - $8,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 1,376 HomeAdvisor members.

Cost to Add a New Fireplace

It costs about $2,391 to install a fireplace or woodstove. This number can go up or down. Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you’re shopping for a unit.

ConsiderationAverage Cost
Gas Line Installation$120 - $1,350
Assembly & Customization$100 - varies
Ventilation$400 - $2,000
Wiring$140 - $200 and up

Assembly & Customization

You’ll need to have most units put together, which pushes up cost. For example, a freestanding fireplace for $500 still needs a pro to install it, which costs extra. If you want or need custom upgrades, that will also drive the cost up more


the cost to install a fireplace or a wood stove is $2,300 on average

Installing ventilation costs between $10 and $20 per linear foot. You’ll need to talk to a pro about how much your new vents will cost. A pro knows local ventilation regulations or can talk to you about ventless fireplaces, including the safety of vent-free fireplaces. It is highly recommended that you install carbon monoxide detectors in the room where the fireplace is located,, as well as other areas recommended by your fireplace pro.


Wiring for electric units generally costs between $150 to $300. The price goes up if there are problems with an outlet, for example. A local fireplace contractor can determine if you’ll need to call an electrician.

Electric Fireplace Installation Cost

It typically costs between $150 and $300 to install an electric fireplace. People like this type of fireplace because it’s:

  • Affordable

  • Simple to use

  • Little maintenance

A few drawbacks: You might have to pay more for wiring installation. Also, your electricity bill might go up.

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Fireplace Insert Cost

Wood-burning fireplace insert costs vary, typically ranging between $700 and $6,500.

Curious about what ‘fireplace insert’ really means? Fireplace inserts are essentially either wood or gas stoves. They’re designed to fit into an existing masonry fireplace. People opt for inserts because traditional wood-burning fireplaces lose a lot of heat.

Research brands like Napoleon, Vogelzang and Timberwolf and see which you find most appealing. A fireplace insert installer near you can help you decide which brand and size makes the most sense for you. He or she can also help weigh the pros and cons of different brands as well.

Fireplace Insert Installation Cost

Labor cost to install a fireplace insert depends on what it’s powered by: wood, propane, pellets or electricity. Here’s a look at the labor cost to install each type of fireplace insert:


You may need a chimney inspection service near you to take a look at things. They’ll let you know if there are any repairs you should make before installing your new insert.

Wood Stove Installation Cost

Woodstove installation costs between $3,000 and $4,000. Cost factors include:

  • Assembly

  • Cost of stovepipe

  • Basic installation expenses

Material type and customization will add to the cost of installation. Additional considerations include:

  • Cost of wood stove chimney installation

  • Need for non-combustible wall covering

  • Need for heat-resistant, non-combustible base

Wood-burning Stove Price

Wood-burning stoves run about $325 to $4,000 and above, before the cost of installation. There are three main types of wood-burning stoves:

  • Circulating

  • Radiant heater

  • Combustion

If you want to know what kind of stove to buy, a pro can help. Interested in a pellet stove? Pellet stoves typically cost between $1,040 and $3,090.

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Cost of Converting Gas Fireplace to Wood-Burning Stove

Homeowners typically pay between $100 and $300 to convert a gas fireplace to wood. It’s not possible to convert if you don’t have a flue.

This can cost just a few hundred dollars, but the price truly depends on extra work that’s needed. Cost factors include:

  • Masonry

  • Necessary parts

  • Chimney construction or replacement

Also: Check with a wood stove installer near you about whether or not this type of conversion is possible. It’s dangerous to burn wood in a flue made for gas flames.

Pros & Cons of Fireplace Types

Here are some of the pros and cons of each type of fireplace

Fireplace TypeProsCons
Wood-burningLower utility expenseNeeds frequent maintenance
GasLess maintenanceGas line installation, higher utility bill
ElectricEasy to operate and maintainWiring installation, higher utility bill

Cost of Building a Wood-burning Fireplace

It can cost up to $30,000 to build a wood-burning fireplace from scratch. Cost factors include:

  • Chimney height

  • Masonry

  • Labor rates in your city

Chimneys can weigh up to 1.5 tons. If your foundation can’t hold that weight, a pro might recommend foundation work before building your fireplace.

Benefits of Installing a Fireplace

A crackling fireplace is wonderful. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s impossible to replicate. Here are more benefits:

  • Add resale value to your home

  • Savings on your electric bill

  • Rebates for energy-saving fireplaces or wood stoves

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DIY vs. Hiring a Fireplace Installer

You can buy a fireplace unit yourself for a few hundred dollars, but this is a job for a pro. You’ll pay an average of $2,180 for professional help, and the extra cost is worth it. It’s not just about safety and insurance. Pros know about local laws, building codes and regulations. Use your DIY skills to make the area around the fireplace better, but leave the installation to a professional.


Are wood-burning fireplaces permitted in your area?

Check out these local offices before installing a fireplace:

  • Local HOA

  • Fire department

  • Building code office

Fireplace contractors near you can help you avoid serious fines or penalties down the road.

Can you add a fireplace to an existing house?

Yes, you can add a fireplace to your house! The type of fireplace you can add depends on where you live. Here’s what to think about as you’re doing research:

  • Local ordinances, if you want to build a wood-burning fireplace

  • Any extra work you might need, like chimney, duct, or electrical construction

  • Price limitations

Does a fireplace add value to a home?

Yes, a fireplace can add value to a home. Although new homes have fewer fireplaces than they used to, 55% of homebuyer’s rate gas fireplaces as desirable and 48% rate wood-burning fireplaces as desirable according to ‘What Home Buyers Really Want’ by the National Association of Home Builders.

Does a fireplace increase home insurance?

Yes, a fireplace can increase your home insurance premium. In fact, some standard policies don’t have fireplace coverage. Talk with your insurance agent about:

  • If you have fireplace coverage

  • How much extra fireplace coverage costs

  • If there are maintenance records you must provide in the case of a claim

How does a fireplace insert work?

Old-school fireplaces lose a lot of heat. People install fireplace inserts because they do a better job of heating the room. To get the most of your fireplace, find fireplace contractors near you to install an insert into your existing fireplace.

Are outdoor fireplaces expensive?

Outdoor fireplaces cost about $3,000. A good fireplace contractor can tell you exactly what you’ll pay.

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