How Much Does It Cost to Install a Stone Veneer Fireplace?

Typical Range:

$1,880 - $2,630

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Updated June 7, 2022

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A stone fireplace veneer costs anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or more. Most range from $3,000 to $7,500 but a custom, real stone design built by a mason is pricier. Outdoor fireplaces cost $3,000 on average (though again, custom work will raise the price).

Stone veneer is also known as "faux stone." It’s made of cement and other materials that make it a lot lighter than actual stone. Since natural stone is more difficult to manufacture, transport, and install, a veneer fireplace costs less. Below, we’ll discuss all of the factors that play into the overall cost of a stone veneer fireplace so you can choose the best option for your home.

Stone Fireplace Costs by Type

Stone fireplace exteriors come in many shapes and sizes, with standard veneers being just one option. The materials used in the construction and design contribute to the project’s overall cost. 


Standard stone fireplace veneers cost $1,900 to $9,000, with an average price of $2,250 or $10 to $100 per square foot. This price range fluctuates according to size, design, and quality. Costs rise dramatically if the veneer spans the height of a wall or covers an area over 50 square feet. It’s worth noting that a veneer is not the fireplace itself but rather a decorative add-on applied to a pre-existing structure.

There are plenty of reputable manufacturers in the stone veneer space. Cultured Stone is a type of veneer that costs between $10 and $20 per square foot, depending on the design. Other popular brands include Eldorado Stone and Coronado. 

Stacked Stone

Stacked stone is a trendy choice for fireplaces, as it offers an elegant and rustic look and excellent durability. You’ll pay between $1,420 and $2,000 for the cost of a stacked stone fireplace of around 100 square feet. As the name suggests, stones stack on top of one another in the fireplace design, and the grout is hidden from view. 

Stone Surround

A stone fireplace surround costs between $3,000 and $7,500 but increases to $10,000 or higher with the use of rarer and more expensive types of stone. The surround refers to the area around the firebox, and going with a surround made from real stone turns the fireplace into a real focal point for the room. Surrounds also include some shelving space for personal belongings, adding to their value for homeowners.

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Refacing a Fireplace Cost Factors

The cost to reface your fireplace varies according to several factors beyond the type of materials used in construction.

4 types of stone veneer fireplaces compared by costs, including manufactured stone and real stone
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The size of your fireplace, or the size of the area you’re refacing, is a primary cost factor. As previously mentioned, installing a veneer costs $10 to $100per square foot, with some designs and patterns coming in at a higher rate per square foot. Stacked stone costs $25 to $32per square foot, and installing a surround costs $9 to $70per square foot. All of these cost ranges have one thing in common—the bigger your fireplace, the more it costs. 


When it comes to labor, you’ll pay competent fireplace contractors anywhere from $40 to $150 per hour. Many contractors charge by the project and not by the hour, but this hourly rate is a crucial part of how they come up with estimates. Your labor costs increase with more complex jobs requiring more contractors. Additionally, you’ll pay extra if your fireplace resides in a part of your home that is not easily accessible. 

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Indoor fireplace refacing or installations are less costly than outdoor fireplace projects by 10% or so. Not every material is appropriate for outdoor use, and pros must weatherproof any remaining materials. However, many outdoor fireplaces are available as prefab models or kits, simplifying the installation process. Prefab outdoor fireplace kits cost $200 to $3,500 or more, while outdoor-facing veneers cost $11 to $23per square foot

Real vs. Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is less expensive than real stone and boasts a lighter weight and similar durability in some cases. Real stone costs an average of $40 per square foot, while manufactured stone costs an average of $5 to $20 per square foot. The lighter weight of manufactured stone makes it easier to install, reducing your labor costs. Manufactured stone is also easier to acquire than real stone, as material delays with the latter often occur. 

New Fireplace or Fireplace Insert

Installing a new stone fireplace along with the veneer costs $2,500 to $10,000 or more, leading many homeowners to opt for a more wallet-friendly fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are fireproof boxes that offer much of the appeal of dedicated fireplaces but with fewer incidents of heat loss and an easier operation process. 

Many inserts, particularly electric models, are turned on with just the push of a button. Putting in a fireplace insert costs $700 to $6,500, depending on the size, materials, and features. Additionally, installing a gas fireplace costs $4,300 to $12,000, laying down a wood-burning fireplace costs $1,200 to $4,500, and putting in an electric fireplace costs $250 to $6,200.

Mantel and Design Choices

Design choices and mantel improvements both impact the cost here. Fireplaces are not one-size-fits-all affairs, and many homeowners choose custom builds to suit their space. 

Mantels, which provide an visual flourish and increased shelf space, cost anywhere from $700 to $5,000, depending on the size, design, and materials. 

Stone Chimney Cost

A stone fireplace or chimney costs between $10,000 and $20,000. However, if you need to take down an existing one, the cost to remove a fireplace and chimney could add $500 to $6,000 to your project. Contact a fireplace contractor near you for a complete estimate.

DIY Fireplace vs. Hire a Professional

Stone veneer requires a professional touch as an improper installation shows flaws and looks "cheap," defeating the purpose of getting a stone look-alike material or using actual stones. 

Installing a fireplace can also require gas hookups, venting, or chimney installation. These are all jobs for a fireplace installation company. When it comes to fire, it pays to play it safe and hire a pro. 

The process of installing these fixtures is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Pros cut the pieces accordingly and prepare the surface before spreading veneer mortar. Finally, they add grout, clean up the space, and contact subtractors for gas hookups and the like. 


Is stone veneer cheaper than brick?

When it comes to materials, stone is more expensive than brick, with some types of stone being slightly more expensive and others exorbitantly so. However, it’s quicker and easier to install stone for fireplace installations and veneer placement than using brick. In other words, you’ll see a slight decrease in labor costs when choosing stone. 

How long does it take to update my fireplace with stone veneer?

Installing stone veneer to a fireplace is not an especially time-consuming task, requiring around two to three days of labor, with some of this time spent allowing materials to dry. However, some larger projects necessitate more labor, taking anywhere from three to six days to complete.

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