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Updated June 8, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The average homeowner spends $2,290 on a pellet stove, with a typical range between $1,019 and $3,590. Pellet stoves are stoves that burn clean pellet fuel but use a thermostat to control the temperature. On the highest and lowest ends, this unique heating appliance can cost anywhere between$1,500 and $7,000 depending on the type of stove and other cost factors.

Average cost for a pellet stove is $4,000, ranging from $1,500 to $7,000

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National Average $2,290
Typical Range $1,019 - $3,590
Low End - High End $200 - $6,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 441 HomeAdvisor members.

Pellet Stove Costs by Type

Though all pellet stoves work via the same method of burning pellets to create heat, there are three different stove types to choose from: freestanding, wall-mounted, and inserts.

Type of Pellet StoveCost
Freestanding$1,000 – $5,000
Window-Mounted$1,000 – $5,000
Pellet Stove Inserts$2,000 – $6,000


Freestanding pellet stoves usually cost between $1,000 and $5,000. As their name indicates, these pellet stoves stand on their own and resemble a wood-burning stove. The benefit of a freestanding pellet stove is that you don’t need a fireplace, so the location is flexible. Freestanding units do need to be installed on a fireproof surface, whether that’s a fireproof pad or non-combustible flooring.


The cost for a wall-mounted, or window-mounted, stove generally runs between $1,000 and $5,000. Window- or wall-mounted stoves are great for heating small spaces around 1,000 square feet or less and do not need to be attached to a chimney because they vent directly outdoors. Window-mounted pellet stoves are unique because they can be styled to look like a fireplace.

Pellet Stove Inserts

Pellet stove inserts average between $2,000 and $6,000. A stove insert is an appliance installed in a regular fireplace. It essentially turns your fireplace into a pellet stove. Traditional fireplaces lose up to 80% of their energy through the chimney. With a fireplace insert, you can lower that loss to about 30%.

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Pellet Stove Cost Factors

A few factors, including extras and size, impact the final cost of a pellet stove. 

Pellet Stove Add-Ons

There are a few items you’ll need to install along with your pellet stove to ensure efficiency and safety. These include:

Pellet Stove Add-OnCostBenefits
Carbon Monoxide Detector$10 – $30A life-saving precaution
Backup Power Supply$150 – $600Lets stove work in power outage
Metal Ash Vaccum$50 – $140Cleans stove’s ash pans
Vent Brush(es)$30 – $80Cleans the stove’s vents


BTUs refer to the size of the pellet stove and impact the cost depending on the BTU number. The higher the BTUs, the more costly the pellet stove unit, generally. However, if you have circumstances in your home such as vaulted ceilings, upper stories, and a non-open floor plan, you may need a larger unit than homes that have unobstructed airflow.

BTUsUnit Cost
9,000 BTUs$800 – $1,200
15,000 BTUs$1,000 – $1,500
20,000 BTUs$1,500 – $3,000
30,000 BTUs$2,000 – $3,500
50,000 BTUs$3,000 – $5,000


Where you live doesn’t significantly impact the cost of your pellet stove. However, the further a pellet stove installer has to travel, the more you’ll likely pay in labor costs.

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Pellet Stove Installation Costs

Labor costs for a freestanding stove installation range from $200 to $850. This range depends on the level of vent work needed but averages out to $35 to $55 per hour. A short horizontal vent might cost $200 to $300, but if a ceiling vent is needed or desired, the cost could increase to $600 to $800. Contact a pellet or wood stove contractor near you for an estimate.

Fireplace insert installation averages $2,000. Because it uses your chimney as a vent, no additional cutting is needed, but a chimney liner will be added. Installing a chimney liner costs between $625 and $7,000.

Cost to Run a Pellet Stove

When considering installing a pellet stove, there are a couple of factors that impact the cost of running the unit.


Wood pellets cost $3 to $7 for a 40-lb bag. They can also be purchased in palettes of 50-pound bags for about $250. The amount of pellets you’ll need to run your stove depends on the size, efficiency, how often you run the unit, and the running temperature.


Electricity use for a pellet stove varies, but the average stove takes 360 to 460 watts to ignite and uses between 80 and 345 watts per hour to burn. To calculate your electricity costs, check your owner’s manual to find out exactly how many watts per hour your stove uses, then multiply that by the cost of a watt of electricity in your geographic area.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pellet Stove Installer

Buying a low-cost model and installing it yourself might seem better budget-wise, but it’s not worth it. If a pellet stove is improperly installed, it could pose a serious safety risk. An improperly installed stove can also mean the system has to work harder, lessening its longevity. Cheaper models break more often. DIY installers should prepare for DIY repairs down the road. Certified installers have the parts and expertise to get your pellet stove back on track.


How long does a pellet stove last?

With proper maintenance and upkeep, pellet stoves should last 15 to 20 years.

Do pellet stoves raise insurance rates?

Pellet and other stoves are a common cause of fires, especially during the winter. Call your homeowner insurance agent before installation for an estimate on policy rate changes.

How much does a stove igniter replacement cost?

Stove igniter replacements range from $15 to $50. Hiring an electrician costs $50 to $100 per hour. It will likely take less than an hour to complete the replacement, but most electricians charge a minimum fee.

When is the best time to buy a pellet stove?

Purchase a stove in early fall for maximum heating benefits in the winter.

How do I get the best price for a pellet stove?

Do your research on which model (and the model’s capacity) will best meet your needs. It’s better to buy a more durable (albeit expensive) model than a cheaper model that breaks frequently. Additionally, pellet stove dealers often offer coupons throughout the year to lower prices. Keep your eye out in late summer to fall for the best deals.

How much are used pellet stove prices?

You could save at least $1,000 on a used pellet stove, but it’s not usually worth the discount. A stove that’s of good quality could continue for another decade; others might break down faster. Keep in mind that for discontinued models, finding replacement parts for used stoves is challenging.

How do pellet stoves work?

Pellet stoves burn biomass (such as sawdust, wood, and food waste) for heat. By turning a thermostat to your desired temperature, pellets release accordingly into the firebox. Two fans work to maintain a steady temperature and vent exhaust outside.

Are pellet stoves efficient?

Pellet stoves are more efficient than traditional fireplaces or wood stoves. EPA-certified pellet stoves are 70% to 83% efficient. Adding a pellet insert to an existing fireplace can prevent warm air from escaping. A well-sealed home saves money on energy bills.

What are the benefits of a pellet stove?

There are several pros to installing a pellet stove, including ease of use. Unlike other types of stoves, pellet stoves have electric igniters that make it simple to light them. Many models also have conveniences like remote and smartphone control options. Another benefit of a pellet stove is that you don’t need a chimney; rather, smoke is removed by forced ventilation through a tube. One big pro to these stoves is that they emit fewer particulates compared to other types. 

What are some pellet stove safety tips?

Always be mindful when you are near a pellet stove, to avoid burns. You can install a guard or gate around the stove to keep pets and kids from accidentally touching the stove’s hot surface. When disposing of hot ashes, place them in a metal container, cover them with a lid, and store it away from your home. Never put hot ashes from your pellet stove straight into the garbage. Make sure you’re using the correct pellets by double-checking the manufacturer's recommended pellets. Finally, you should also install carbon monoxide detectors if you own a pellet stove to alert you of dangerous CO2 levels.

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