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Updated October 20, 2022

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The typical roof repair costs between $391 and $1,896, with most homeowners paying an average of $1,129 for professional roof repair. Simple roof repairs, like replacing broken shingles, may cost as little as $150, while more extensive roof repairs, like fixing structural damage, can go as high as $7,500. The average cost to replace a roof entirely is nearly $9,000.

2022 Notice: Material & Labor Prices are Surging

Demand for roofing has grown over the past year. And, as a result, manufacturers are increasing materials prices. Prices have gone up 10% to 20% this year, and many parts of the country are experiencing long delivery times. If you're planning a roofing project, we recommend starting as early as possible in the season, preparing for potential price fluctuations, and allowing extra time to order materials.

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National Average $1,129
Typical Range $391 - $1,896
Low End - High End $150 - $7,900

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 74,171 HomeAdvisor members.

Most Common Roof Repairs and Costs

Because you can have minor or severe issues, your roof repair cost may range from $150 to $7,500. To better estimate roof repair costs, hire a roofer who can assess the state of your roof and recommend the right course of action.

These are some of the most common problems roofs experience—and how much they cost to fix:

Roof Issue or RepairAverage Roof Repair Cost Range
Leaking roof$150 – $2,000
Missing or damaged shingles$150 – $800
Sagging roof$750 – $3,000
Flashing issues$150 – $1,000
Valley issues$350 – $1,000
Low slope or poor roof pitch$200 – $1,000
Gutters and downspout issues$200 – $625
Fascia and soffit repairs$600 – $6,000
Roof truss repairs$500 – $5,000
Garage roof repairs$200 – $1,000
Full roof replacement$5,700 – $12,250

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can have several causes; thus, the cost to repair a leaky roof can range from $150 to $2,000. Find a leaky roof repair company near you to assess the problem and determine the leak’s cause (and its extent).

Some homeowners can repair minor leaks themselves for as little $10—or nothing at all if it’s just a matter of clearing clogged gutters (though gutter cleaning costs just $160 when you leave it to a professional).

This table breaks down the average DIY leaky roof repair costs, but remember to exercise caution if tackling minor repairs yourself—you could inadvertently cause more damage if you mishandle the repair, and being up on a roof is dangerous.

IssueDIY Roof Repair Cost
Cracked flashing$20 – $25
Broken or missing shingles$30 – $50
Cracked vent booting$10 – $20
Ice dams$50 – $120
Skylight leaks$25 – $80
Clogged gutters$0

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Repairing or replacing roof shingles costs between $150 and $800, depending on the number of shingles that the local roof repair company needs to replace. Roof shingles offer more than a unique aesthetic for your home; they also cover the underlayment and roof deck to protect them from the elements.

Roof shingles can lift up in high winds or crack over time from weathering. The lighter the shingle, the more prone it is to peeling up. While investing in higher-quality shingles upfront can significantly raise the cost of a new roof, such shingles generally pay for themselves over time because you don’t need to replace them as often.

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Sagging Roof

You might pay between $750 and $3,000 to fix a sagging roof. Don’t put off this repair: A sagging roof is unstable and unsafe. Your roof may sag because of weight, rot from snow or water buildup, or general wear and tear over the years. If the roofer must replace structural beams, your roof repair costs will be on the high end.

Flashing Issues

Hiring a local roofing repair company to replace your roof’s flashing can cost between $150 and $1,000, depending on the extent of the repair and the quality of the flashing. Flashing is important in keeping moisture out of your home, but over time it can wear down and will need to be replaced, ideally before it leads to leaks.

Valley Issues

You’ll pay between $350 and $1,000 for a professional to fix valley issues. Valleys are little gutters that run down interior angles on your roof. Because they channel rainwater, any issues can quickly lead to leaking. Common problems with valleys include lifting tiles, fungus build-up, and improper cleaning. Find a roof cleaning company near you to stay on top of roof valley maintenance.

Low Slope or Poor Roof Pitch

Flat roof repair costs between $200 and $500 if the issue is minor (basic leaks and cracks), though you’ll spend up to $1,000 for major repairs to a roof with a low slope. Roofs with low slopes—or completely flat roofs, common on commercial buildings—can more easily allow water to pool on top, so you need to stay on top of maintenance to avoid leaks. Find a flat roof repair company in your area to keep up with fixes before they lead to larger issues.

Gutters and Downspout Issues

Gutter repair costs between $200 and $625, depending on the extent of the problem. If you’ve got a gutter leak in multiple spots, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to repair (or replace) your gutter. Regularly cleaning your gutters—or installing a gutter guard system—can prevent clogs and help avoid the need for repair.

Gutters and downspouts are important because they direct water away from your roof and home. If your gutter is leaking or clogged and you don’t address the issue, you may soon have more expensive repairs to deal with.

It’s easy to DIY gutter cleaning and repair. Cleaning is just a matter of grabbing a ladder and some gloves. Basic repair isn’t much more complicated: It costs only $2 to $4 to patch gutter holes with a tube of roofing cement and a patch. The patch material must be the same material as the gutter to prevent corrosion, which can occur between different metals.

Facia and Soffit Repairs

The cost to repair fascia and soffits ranges between $600 and $6,000. Fascia is available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, or PVC and costs between $1 and $20 per linear foot. Soffit panels cost around $1 to $3 per linear foot.

Fascia and soffit are more than just decorative edging and an enclosed overhang. They protect the roof structure from the elements. Fascia is vertical trim that protects your trusses. Soffit runs horizontally and is an attractive place for insects and small animals. Deterioration is fairly easy to see and can cause problems with your gutters.

Roof Truss Repairs

Roof trusses cost $1.50 to $4.50 per square foot. Trusses are the main structures that support your roof. Leaks often run along the trusses before dripping down onto your ceiling, so be sure to inspect this area for damage.

If your truss is sagging or moldy or if you have any doubts, call a local roofer for an inspection. Some molds are dangerous, if not lethal, to inhale. The repair cost for trusses is difficult to estimate as damage varies quite a bit, but it can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000. If you have irreparable truss damage, replacement is the only option—and replacing them can cost thousands of dollars. Be sure to check them out thoroughly.

Garage Roof Repairs

The cost to repair a garage roof runs between $200 and $1,000 but varies with the size of the garage and type of problem. In general, you can expect to pay a bit less for garage roof fixes than for regular roof repairs due to the smaller square footage.

Full Roof Replacement

The cost to replace a roof ranges between $5,700 and $12,250. If you have an old, severely damaged roof, it may be more cost-effective just to replace it.

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Roof Repair Cost Factors

Several factors can impact your total roof repair cost, including local labor rates, the severity of the issue, and the type of roof you have.

Severity of Repair

Minor leaks or missing shingles are easy fixes; roofers may only charge you $150 to $300 for these small jobs. More serious issues, like a sagging roof or major soffit and fascia repairs, can reach as high as $7,500.


In general, roofers charge between $45 and $75 per hour, but labor rates can vary based on the type of work, where you live, and the season.

Roof Material

The type of roof you have can greatly impact the average cost of roof repair simply because some materials are easier to work with and have more affordable replacement parts.

MaterialAverage Roof Repair Cost
Flat, foam, or single-ply$400
Wood shake$750
Asphalt shingles$975

Slate roof repair costs the most at $1,800 on average, but the cost of metal roof repair is close behind at $1,700. However, these are two of the highest-quality roofs. With regular maintenance, these roofs should last significantly longer than other roof types and will require fewer repairs over the years, making them worth the investment.

Asphalt shingle repair costs $975 on average, but costs can be significantly lower if you only replace a few missing or broken shingles. Typically, flat roofs have the lowest repair costs (an average of $400), but these costs can vary greatly.

Roof Size

Your roofer may estimate your roof repair cost in price per square foot. In general, the larger the area that requires repair, the more time and materials the roofing company will charge.

Skylights and Other Special Roof Features

Skylights are prone to leaking and may add more to your overall repair costs. In fact, you may need to hire a skylight company in addition to the roofer to complete repairs. Other roof features, like steep slopes, dormers, or decorative shingle patterns, can also add to the overall roof repair cost.

Permits and Inspections

Your roof repairs or replacement might call for a special permit. Roofing permits cost between $255 and $500.

When buying a new house, it’s a good idea to hire a local roof inspector to catch potential issues before you sign on the dotted line. Expect a roof inspection cost between $125 and $325 depending on your location and the size of the roof.


Homeowners insurance typically covers some roof repairs. Most insurance policies cover things like hail, high wind, and fallen tree damage. But insurance usually doesn’t cover leaks caused by age, wear and tear, or a lack of maintenance. Each insurance policy is different, so read yours carefully or ask your agent when in doubt.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency roof repairs outside of business hours may cost more. Further, if you live in an area with harsh winters, roofing companies may charge more when it’s cold out. After big storms and natural disasters, roof repair companies might be in higher demand, which could increase hourly labor rates.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Basic gutter cleaning and repair are possible for savvy homeowners, but professionals should handle the bulk of roof repair. Roof repair is dangerous and complex work, and some insurance policies and warranties may require professional, licensed roofers to do it. Get quotes from several roof repair companies near you; prioritize pricing when you can, but if the work is urgent, you may want to go with whichever roofer can start the soonest.

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When should I repair a roof instead of replacing it?

If the damage to your roof is minor or contained to one spot, it may make more sense to repair the roof than replace it, especially if the roof is relatively new. Consider your warranty, homeowners insurance, and roof age. If the roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan anyway, it may be more cost-effective to replace it.

How long does a roof typically last before repairs are needed?

How long a roof lasts before needing repairs depends on the type of roof and how good you are with regular roof and gutter maintenance. Copper, tile, and slate roofs can last more than 50 years, and metal roofs can last even longer. Asphalt shingles and wood shake roofs last between 20 and 30 years and are more likely to need repairs during that time.

What are some signs my roof is leaking?

Water dripping into your home through the ceiling is the most obvious sign of a leaky roof, but there are other warning signs to watch for before it gets to that. Common signs of a roof leak include water spots on your ceiling or even your walls inside but also missing shingles outside. You can also check your metal flashing and boot covers; if they’re in bad shape, they may be allowing for a leak.