How Much Does a Cocktail Pool Cost?

Typical Range:

$5,500 - $50,000

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Updated April 15, 2024

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  • Incorrect installation of spool pools can lead to costly damages, making professional installation a safer choice.

  • The average cost of installing a spool pool is around $17,000 to $20,000, not including extra features.

  • The cost of spool pools depends on the type, size, materials used, and location (indoor or outdoor).

  • Copper, cedar, and vinyl are common materials for spool pools.

  • Spool pools enhance relaxation, are smaller and more affordable than regular pools, and require less installation time.

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Cocktail Pool Costs

the average cost to build a spool pool is $22,650 or $5,500 to $50,000.

Cocktail pools, or spool pools, cost an average of $22,650 but vary from about $5,500 to $50,000, including labor. Labor for a 300-square-foot pool totals $1,650 or about $5.50 per square foot. Materials alone or a “kit” will average about $20,000.

Cocktail pools go by many names: a spool (“spa pool” or “small pool”), plunge pool, and splash pool. No matter how you name it, these small-sized pools offer the refreshing benefits of a larger pool for about half the cost. Cocktail pools can be used to cool off in the summer, or heated spool pools can give you a place to warm up in the winter.

Spool Pool Cost Factors

Spool pools can vary in cost based on the type of pool, the size, the materials it is made of, and even if it is located indoors or out.


Spool pools are usually around 168 square feet to 300 square feet and no deeper than 4 feet, meaning most spools are about $924 to $1,650 to install, not including the price of materials.


Materials cost an average of $20,000 and make up the most of the spool pool cost. Copper tends to be the most expensive material, while cedar and vinyl are the most affordable material options.

Average Material Prices for a 300-Square-Foot Cocktail Pool
Material Cost
Cedar (round, 6-foot diameter) $5,000
Vinyl $10,000
Fiberglass $15,000
Concrete or gunite $23,000
Steel $25,000
Copper $50,000

In-Ground vs. Above-Ground 

The cost of above-ground pools is generally less expensive, around $17,000, compared to in-ground pools because they require less labor. Smaller above-ground pools may cost as low as $700 to $5,500. An in-ground pool costs about $20,000 on average, but that price increases if the land is more challenging to excavate.


The shape of a cocktail pool can influence the final cost. Rectangular and square pools are usually the easiest to install, making them less expensive compared to round pools with curved perimeters, L-shaped pools, or custom pool designs.


Indoor pool installation averages about $25,000, although prices may range from $5,500 for a single-person plunge pool to over $50,000 to install a spool pool with extra features, like heating, an Endless Pool system, seating, and remote controls, inside an existing structure.

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Additional Spool Pool Costs

Make a splash by turning your spool into a spa with a heater, infinity edge, or even an underwater treadmill. 

Spool Pool Spa

A spool spa will cost roughly $17,000 without labor. These models have a heater, whirlpool, or air pump system, and additional seating. Many kits come with a number of the following features already included, but if not, they will increase costs:

  • Heater

  • Seating

  • Water feature

  • Lighting

  • Steps

  • Ladder

  • Cover

  • Endless “static swim” system

  • Underwater treadmill or bicycle

  • Saltwater system: Only available for certain systems

  • Remote phone control

  • Variable speed pump/filter

  • Infinity edge

By upgrading your setup with all of these features, you can expect the cost of a spool pool to increase upward of $50,000.

Cocktail Pool Installation Cost Factors

For just the pool materials, the cost is around $20,000, but you may want to consider budgeting for professional installation to ensure your pool doesn’t leak or face costly repairs down the line. Installation factors include the location, the cost of labor, permits, excavation, and more.


More challenging locations will increase the cost, but even deciding between an in-ground pool versus an above-ground pool can affect installation costs since above-ground pools take less time to install. Installation of a cocktail pool can take four to 12 weeks, depending on the size, type, and location. A professional can install an above-ground, vinyl-lined swim spa in three to four days.


Labor will make up about 25% to 50% of the final project cost, or you may be charged an average of $5.50 per square foot.


You’ll need to obtain permits before excavating land or building a spool pool. Budget about $200 to $1,000 for permits for this type of project.

Land Preparation 

Excavation costs for spool pools can be an additional $400 to $1,500. The land will need to be excavated for in-ground pools, but you’ll also need to establish a solid foundation for above-ground pools as well.

DIY Spool Cost

No matter what type of spool pool you decide to install, you’ll need to prepare the land and create a foundation. If you go the DIY route, you can save about $5.50 per square foot, but you should be an experienced DIYer to take on this project. 

If you want to save money on materials, consider DIY pool kits, which cost around $5,000, or repurpose objects like stock tanks or shipping containers, which cost $100 to $4,000 plus the cost of sealing and installation.

DIY Spool Installation vs. Hiring a Professional

Hiring pool building contractors near you is the best choice for installing a spool pool. Incorrect installation can lead to costly floods to your home or neighboring properties, and it can be dangerous if you need to work with electrical wiring for lights or jets. You may also need to hire plumbers and electricians for installation.


How long does it take to install a spool?

Installation of a cocktail pool can take four to 12  weeks, depending on the size, type, and location. A professional can install an above-ground, vinyl-lined swim spa in three to four days. Delivery of the unit may take several weeks. If you are installing an in-ground model, complete all excavation work during delivery time.

Can you swim in a cocktail pool?

Cocktail pools aren’t designed for swimming. Instead, they offer a place to cool off. There’s usually enough space to sit or stand, but these pools aren’t large enough to get in your laps.

Are spools less-expensive than pools?

Because they are smaller, spools are typically more affordable than swimming pools. Spools are about half the cost of a regular swimming pool.

How deep can a cocktail pool be?

Most cocktail pools are about 38 to 42 inches deep, and they are typically less than 4 feet deep. These pools are meant for sitting or standing in rather than diving into or swimming around.

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