How Much Does It Cost to Install an Above-Ground Pool?

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$1,007 - $5,913

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Updated August 22, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The typical price range to install an above-ground pool runs between $1,007 and $5,913, with homeowners spending an average of $3,400. Larger, custom, and unusually shaped above-ground pools cost up to $11,200 if you’re adding a new deck built from scratch.

2022 Notice: Material Prices Are Surging

Demand for pool and other building materials has grown over the past year. And as a result, manufacturers are increasing materials prices. Prices have gone up 5% to 10% this year, and many parts of the country are experiencing long delivery times. If you're planning a building project, we recommend starting as early as possible in the season, preparing for potential price fluctuations, and allowing extra time to order materials.

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National Average $3,400
Typical Range $1,007 - $5,913
Low End - High End $150 - $20,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 285 HomeAdvisor members.

Average Cost of Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Perfect for summer recreation, an above-ground swimming pool offers an affordable and easy-to-install alternative to in-ground pools. 

Costs are higher for larger and deeper pools, as well as those that are oval or round rather than rectangular.

3 above-ground pool costs compared by shape, with oval ranging the highest from $1,290 to $4,840

Above-Ground Pool Cost by Size

Round Above Ground Pools
Size 48” Wall 54” Wall
12’ $1,150 – $1,220 $1,075 – $1,650
15’ $1,300 – $1,490 $1,260 – $2,168
18’ $1,420 – $1,650 $1,580 – $2,200
24’ $1,610 – $1,940 $1,840 – $2,500
30’ $2,200 – $2,800 $2,400 – $3,000
Oval Above-Ground Pools
Size 48” Wall 54” Wall
24'x12' $1,290 – $1,550 $1,430 – $2,500
33'x18’ $1,670 – $1,935 $1,960 – $3,530
41'x21' N/A $4,010 - $4,840
Rectangular Above-Ground Pools
Size 52” Wall
9’x18’ $820 – $2,100
12’x24’ $1,200 – $2,800

Above-Ground Pool Cost by Material

Above-ground pools are typically made of steel, resin, aluminum, or a hybrid. Steel is the least expensive but can oxidize or corrode. Resin won’t rust but is more expensive than steel. Aluminum is the most expensive and rust-resistant.

Material Cost
Steel $800 – $3,000
Resin $1,000 – $3,000
Aluminum $1,000 – $4,500

Price of an Above-Ground Pool With a Pool Deck

Adding a deck to your above-ground pool offers both practical benefits—making it easier to get in and out of the pool and to clean it—and aesthetic ones, by more fully integrating the pool with the surrounding landscape. 

Some above-ground pool kits include deck materials, and manufacturers also sell standalone DIY pool deck kits for $800 to $3,000. If you need to add one separately, expect to pay between $15 to $30 per square foot, depending on the materials you choose. Homeowners typically spend between $2,500 and $11,200 altogether. 

Cost of Above-Ground Pool Kits

Many companies sell out-of-the-box ground pool kits for DIY installation. Typical costs fall between $720 and $8,240 depending on the size, shape, and quality of the materials. In general, the more you pay, the higher the ratio of resin to metal in the materials will be (and the longer the pool will last). 

Above-Ground Pool Installation Costs

Many above-ground pool kits are designed for easy DIY installation. More complex models—and uneven yards—may require hiring a professional swimming pool installer in your area. Expect to pay $1,000 to $3,000 altogether. 

The total cost will depend on the size and shape of the pool. Rectangular and oval pools entail more complex work than round ones, so labor costs will be higher. Demand is higher in the summer months, so aim for a winter or autumn installation to cut your labor costs. The job should take one to three days. 

Semi In-Ground Pool Costs

A semi in-ground pool costs $6,800 to $25,000 on average. The price varies based on the size, shape, materials, and prep work required to install it. This option is partially above-ground and partially below. It’s often less expensive than an in-ground model and is ideal for those who live on a slope or hill.

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Overall Cost of Above-Ground Pool Accessories

As with any kind of pool, there are a number of different features and add-ons that you might consider installing with your above-ground pool.

Pool Deck

Hiring professionals to build a deck for your above-ground pool costs an average $15 to $30 per hour.

Pool Covers

Standard winter pool covers run $75 to $200, and come in various materials and sizes. A pool cover is a necessity, protecting the surface throughout the winter months, and shielding the water from algae and debris. Safety-rated covers are designed to prevent drowning. 

Above-Ground Pool Heater

Homeowners typically pay $1,500 to $2,400 to install a gas, propane, electric, or solar heater in above-ground pools. In most cases, the cost of heating a pool also includes an additional $100 to $600 per month in energy bills. Alternatively, you can use sun-absorbing pool mats, costing $300 on average, to bring solar heat to your above-ground pool.

Steps or Ladders

Entering and exiting an above-ground pool requires an exterior ladder and a set of pool steps. They come in a variety of materials, at prices between $20 and $700.

Other Above-Ground Pool Costs

Keep in mind that above-ground pools have ongoing operating and maintenance costs. Here’s a look at what you’ll pay. 


Ask your insurance carrier how installing a pool will affect your rates. Many will require you to put up a protective fence or child-proof gate before they’ll even consider coverage.

Cost of Above-Ground Pool Maintenance

On average, maintaining your pool costs $115 per month. Generally, it’s more affordable to care for an above-ground model than an in-ground one thanks to the smaller average size. 

For maintenance, you’ll need to:

  • Skim regularly

  • Clean pump filter

  • Clean pool regularly

  • Test the water’s chemical balance

  • Add chemicals as necessary

Hiring a professional pool service to keep things in shape will cost $85 to $150 per month on average.

In-Ground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools

To install, in-ground pools are much more expensive than above-ground models, but once in place, it costs about the same to maintain them.

What Is the Difference in Price Between an Above-Ground and In-Ground Pool?

Even the most expensive above-ground pool is an affordable alternative to constructing an in-ground pool. The typical price range for an in-ground pool is $36,750 to $66,500, with custom models often exceeding $100,000

Sizes of In-Ground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools

The average rectangular in-ground pool measures 10-to-20-by-20-to-40 feet. They also typically range in depth, with 8 feet being typical for the deep end—while above-ground pools maintain the same depth for their whole length. 

Maintenance of In-Ground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools

Professional pool cleaners charge the same rate for maintaining a swimming pool, whether above-ground or in-ground: $75 to $100 per hour. You’ll still likely pay a little less to maintain an above-ground pool, since they are typically smaller and it requires less work for the pool cleaner to access the interior. 

In addition to cleanings, both types of pool require other kinds of maintenance, including testing and maintaining water chemistry, cleaning filters, emptying traps, and skimming debris. Pros charge $80 to $150 per month for these services, whether for an above-ground or in-ground pool.

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Above-Ground Pool Installation Prices Near You

Your location is a factor in the cost you’ll pay to install an above-ground pool, with materials and labor commanding different costs in different areas.

City Average Cost
San Francisco, CA $5,300
Austin, TX $1,500
Denver, CO $2,700
Atlanta, GA $1,700
Boston, MA $1,900
Cincinnati, OH $1,600
St. Louis, MO $3,600
Philadelphia, PA $1,100

Hiring a Pro vs. DIY Installing an Above-Ground Pool

Hiring a pro to install your above-ground pool usually costs $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the size and type of pool as well as the conditions of its location. If your yard is fairly level, DIY installation from an above-ground pool kit is certainly within reach. 

If, on the other hand, the area in which you wish to install the pool is sloping or uneven, you may have no choice but to call in the pros.


Can I install an above-ground pool myself?

Many above-ground pool kits are designed for DIY installation and can be easily set up on an even surface. Custom models and those destined for trickier terrain are best handled by professionals. 

What is the best brand of above-ground pool?

Top-rated above-ground pool manufacturers include Intex, Doughboy, Kayak Pools, Bestway, Coleman, and Summer Waves. 

How long do above-ground pools last?

Above-ground pools can last 15 years or more if properly maintained.

How much does it cost to move an above-ground pool?

The cost to hire a moving service to relocate your above-ground pool varies. The size of the pool, its weight, and the distance you’d like to move it all factor into the cost. Be sure to ask your movers ahead of time if they can take on this project, as not all pros offer this service. Professional movers charge $25 to $50 per hour, per mover.

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