Safety & Security Cost Guides

You can't put a price tag on the safety of your home and family. Security solutions range from quick affordable projects to new builds. For instance, hiring a locksmith only costs about $150 while building a storm shelter costs almost $5,900. Check out the Cost Guides below for more security project costs.

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Updated February 11, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.


One of the simplest, but most effective things you can do to your home is to guarantee that the locks on your doors and windows are working properly and replace them if they are not. Consult a locksmith about which types of locks make the most sense for your home. The most expensive may not always be the most effective for you. One thing to consider when looking to upgrade or replace you locks is the quality of the doors and windows themselves. Make sure to inspect them for old , splintering or rotting wood. You an outfit your home with the newest and strongest locks, but if they are placed in old rotting doors an intruder could simply push them in. although replacing doors and windows will add to your costs, it may be the only way to assure your safety and security.

Gates and Fencing

Adding fencing and gates to your home is often an effective security measure . It does as much to discourage would-be intruders as it does to actually block their access. The price of fencing depends almost entirely on the size of the fence that you need. Both the length and the height influence the cost of the materials and the labor to install it. But the gate that you choose will have a much wider range in price. If you choose to have an electronic gate that can only be opened with a code or remote control you will have a very effective security measure, but a much higher price tag as well.

Select your Safety & Security project

Locksmith working on door
Hire a Locksmith
(14,996 projects)
$162 Average National Cost
surveillance camera installed on house for security
Install a Surveillance Camera
(3,758 projects)
$1,308 Average National Cost
white vinyl fence in backyard
Install a Fence
(2,968 projects)
$2,647 Average National Cost
handyman repairing a wooden fence outside home
Repair a Fence
(1,968 projects)
$477 Average National Cost
Hand pushing buttons on alarm system
Repair an Alarm or Security System
(1,732 projects)
$183 Average National Cost
Homeowners purchasing home warranty online
Purchase a Home Warranty
(1,664 projects)
$1,060 Average National Cost
digital home alarm system on wall
Install an Alarm System
(1,545 projects)
$701 Average National Cost
dog wearing a collar inside an invisible electric fence
Install an Electric Fence
(1,140 projects)
$1,323 Average National Cost
iron security gate at the end of driveway of home
Install a Security Gate
(467 projects)
$2,314 Average National Cost
luxury home elevator in entryway
Install an Elevator
(433 projects)
$4,123 Average National Cost
woman setting alarm before leaving
Hire an Alarm Monitoring Service
(241 projects)
$420 Average National Cost
window with wrought iron security bars and shutters
Install Security Bars
(222 projects)
$938 Average National Cost
technician repairing an electric fence in backyard
Repair an Electric Fence
(193 projects)
$239 Average National Cost
fire protection sprinkler system installed in new house
Install Fire Protection
(170 projects)
$672 Average National Cost
Red storm shelter door in front of a brick house
Build a Storm Shelter
(93 projects)
$6,955 Average National Cost
A security safe installed on a wall behind framed artwork
Install a Security Safe
(47 projects)
$518 Average National Cost
neon sign installed on storefront
Make and Install Signs
(32 projects)
$462 Average National Cost

Security and Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are effective at scaring off intruders, as they cause an alarm to sound when they are set off. However, an alarm system does nothing more than trip the alarm, unlike a full security system, which notifies the security company and the police if you have an intruder. Security systems , are often expensive because they involve both an installation fee and a monthly fee to the security company. However they are a very effective weapon against intruders.