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$1,013 - $1,624

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Published January 10, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Invisible Dog Fence Cost

Installing an electric fence costs around $1,293, depending on the type you buy. Most homeowners pay between $1,013 and $1,624. A low-end electric fence costs $400, while a high-end electric fence costs up to $1,900.

The cost includes a transmitter, receiver and wires that conduct power. Because people typically use electric fences to keep their dogs on their property, the price also includes a collar, charger, voltage meter and batteries.

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National Average $1,293
Typical Range $1,013 - $1,624
Low End - High End $400 - $2,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 1,064 HomeAdvisor members.

Invisible Dog Fence Pricing

Invisible dog fence pricing is usually lower than the cost of a physical fence at an average between $1,013 and $1,624. For example, an electric fence with six strands costs between 10%-15% less than a barbed wire fence with five strands. Plus, you save in the long term because there are fewer repair or maintenance costs.

Most invisible electric fences and collars come in packages, and you can buy them at pet stores or online. You can also buy the components separately if you need to replace any. You’ll likely have to change the batteries every three to four months.

Electric Fence Cost Per Acre

The length of the perimeter depends on both the acreage and shape of the site. A square, one-acre invisible dog fence costs around $2,005 if it’s a straightforward installation. If the site is rocky or otherwise challenging, the cost will increase accordingly.


Invisible Fence Cost Per Foot

An invisible fence costs $2.40 per linear foot to install. Irregular shapes or difficult terrain may increase the final costs.

Linear FeetCost
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Electric Dog Fence Cost

Invisible dog fences, including installation, can be under $1,000 or over $1,900, depending on factors like yard size and type. Prices for electric dog fences also vary per brand. Some of the major dealer-installed brands include:

  • DogWatch

  • Invisible Fence® Brand

To learn more, request a quote from one of their dealerships.

Retail brands have a lower sticker price, but they don’t include installation, training or ongoing support. Some of the most popular retail brands include:

  • PetSafe

  • High Tech

  • Motorola

  • Havahart

Invisible Fence Collar Cost

Generic invisible fence collars cost around $150. You can pair them with an existing fence by selecting the right frequency.

GPS Dog Fence Cost

A GPS dog fence costs $450, with most people spending between $100 and $800. It comes with a built-in GPS so you can always see exactly where your dog is. Instead of using radio, telephone or the internet to track your pet’s movements, it uses satellites to send location information to the handheld base unit.

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Invisible Electric Fence Installation Cost

Invisible electric fence installation costs average about $1,810 for 500 linear feet. Most homeowners pay between $1,055 and $2,565, depending on where they live. Note that you still have to add the cost of materials and equipment to these amounts.

Every professional has a different rate for installation, so get a few estimates before deciding which pro to hire.

Installation of an electric fence is reasonably straightforward but may be influenced by the type of ground around your property. If the contractor has to shape the boundaries of your fence, it can also result in higher costs.

Above Ground Electric Fence Cost

An above ground electric fence costs about $2,100. Most people spend between $1,675 and $2,500. Homeowners often use this type of fence as a security measure or as fencing for horses and cattle.

If you decide to build a real electric fence, the size of your property is a major cost factor. The larger the property’s perimeter, the more the materials and installation cost.

It’s also important to consider how many and what type of electric fence strands to use. Physical fences commonly have between one and 11 strands that can feature a wide range of materials such as steel and high-tensile wire. The average cost to fence in an acre of land is between $200 and $2,500.

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Other Electric Fencing Cost Considerations

Solar Charger

If you don’t want or can’t have power running out to the electric fence, use a solar charger to power it. Make sure the charger faces to the southeast to get the most sunlight during the day.

If this isn’t an option, you can run underground wires from your home to the electric fence to power it — although it will increase your costs. Talk with your installation professional about the best solution for your situation.

Optional Accessories

The following optional accessories could add extra costs to your final price:

  • Lightning protection to prevent power surges

  • Higher-quality wire to ensure longer life

  • A backup system in case of power outages

Your installation pro can advise you about which extras you might find useful and how much they’ll add to the total price.


Electric fences sometimes generate radio noise that interferes with other electronics on the premises. A professional can troubleshoot the issue for you.


You can hire a professional dog trainer to help your pet get accustomed to the invisible fence. The cost of a trainer depends on your location, the trainer’s level of expertise and experience, and your pet’s disposition.

Livestock Considerations

An electric fence isn’t ideal for larger animals like cattle or deer because the voltage level is typically too low to be effective. It’s also costly to buy a collar for each animal. If you own a ranch, you might want to consider an above ground electric or barbed wire fence to contain your livestock.

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DIY Electric Fence Installation vs. Hire a Pro

DIY electric fence installation is more affordable than hiring a pro. However, installation can be difficult and it will cost you time and energy. In addition, you’ll have to train your pet yourself.

It’s quicker to hire a professional invisible fence installer near you — plus, you’ll have ongoing support. You’ll also have a good warranty on the labor and materials.

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How much electricity does an electric fence use?

An invisible fence uses the same amount of power as a 5-watt night light.

How much does Invisible Fence® Brand cost?

The cost of Invisible Fence® Brand depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Lot size

  • Installation requirements

  • Number of pets

  • Pet characteristics

How does an invisible fence work?

An invisible fence has three main components:

  • A control panel that broadcasts a radio signal

  • An underground cable that runs around the perimeter of your property and creates a protective boundary

  • A collar that receives the radio signal

When your pet comes close to the protective boundary, the collar emits a warning tone. If he or she doesn’t turn back, the collar produces a gentle static correction. You can customize the level of correction to your pet’s unique needs.

Is an electrical fence safe for pets?

Yes, an electrical fence is safe for pets. It produces low-voltage static corrections that don’t harm them. The primary goal of an invisible fence is to encourage a behavioral change in your dog — not to cause him or her physical pain.

Note that many veterinarians and animal trainer recommend invisible fences to prevent pets from running away or getting into dangerous situations.

Where can you place an electric fence?

You can place an invisible fence virtually anywhere around your property, so long as it’s not in close proximity to water. However, it’s recommended to place it underground to protect the cable from damage and save you any pet fence repair costs.

Note that you can even place an electric fence on a rocky hillside or other type of rough terrain, although the installation costs may be higher due to increased labor expenses and specialty tools.

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