How Much Does It Cost to Replace or Repair Fascia Boards and Soffits?

Typical Range:

$600 - $6,000

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Updated April 12, 2024

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  • Hiring a professional for fascia and soffit repairs ensures correct installation, protection from pests, and prevents structural damage.

  • The average cost for installing or repairing fascia and soffits is about $2,500 for a one-story home with 250 linear feet.

  • The cost of fascia and soffit projects depends on material type, labor costs, equipment rates, and project complexity.

  • Popular materials for fascia boards include wood, vinyl, aluminum, PVC, cement, and composite.

  • Warning signs for fascia and soffit repair include water damage, insect infestation, and dry rot.

  • Fascia and soffits protect your home from pests, structural damage, and moisture, and help vent the attic.

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The average cost to replace or repair fascia boards and soffits sits at $10 per linear foot, or $2,500 for the total cost of 250 linear feet. At the low end of the spectrum, expect costs to be $6 per linear foot, or $1,500 for the total. At the high end, costs are $20 per linear foot, or $5,000 total.

What Are Fascia Boards and Soffits?

Fascia are the trim that covers the boards that run horizontally across your rafter tails. These create a finished look to the eaves area, prevent moisture from getting to the substructure of your roof, and help support your gutters. An exterior soffit is the exposed siding beneath your roof’s overhang. Soffits help keep moisture outside, vent the attic, and prevent animals like birds and bats from nesting overhead. Fascias and soffits are more than mere roof design elements—they help protect the exterior of your home from pests and structural damage.

Common Repair and Installation Costs

Professionally installing or repairing fascia and soffits generally runs from $6 to $20 per linear foot, depending on the type of material used and the complexities of the installation. For an average one-story home with about 250 linear feet, expect installation to run anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 (with an average cost of about $2,500). Listed below are some of the most common types of repair and replacement costs:

When it comes to replacing a fascia board or soffit, you’ll have to factor in the cost of materials, labor costs (which can vary greatly between companies and locations), and equipment rates. In addition, complex configurations, the height of the eaves, accessibility, and even the number of corners and angles may also increase the final price tag. On average, fascia materials cost between $1 to $20 per linear foot and labor costs between $6 and $20 per linear foot.

Water Damage

Soffit and fascia can succumb to water damage due to overflowing gutters or water flowing off the roof. For a 12-foot section of water-damaged vinyl soffit, you can expect to pay between $70 and $150 in repairs. 

Insect Damage

Bees, hornets, and wasps love to make their nests in soffit and fascia boards. Beehive removal averages about $75 to $1,000.

Dry Rot

Repairing rotted wood costs anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more. The total cost largely depends on the extent of the rot.

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Cost Factors

Your home’s layout, eave configuration, and other factors will determine the final cost of repairs and replacement. Since each situation can be vastly different, the best thing to do is get a free estimate from local roofing and siding contractors. And, don’t stop with just one estimate—it’s important to research multiple contractors and, ideally, get three to five estimates before agreeing to any work.

Linear Feet

Fascia boards are typically sold by the linear foot, for a cost between $1 and $20 per linear foot, depending on the material.


Your material choice (from wood to vinyl to composite) will vary the cost.


The labor cost to install fascia runs from $6 to $20 per linear foot, but this figure varies.


Location and accessibility are major cost considerations, adding between 7 to 15% for hard-to-reach areas.


The total cost for painting a fascia board runs between $500 and $1,000 on average. 

Gutter Placement

If you need new gutters, the price to replace them with fascia averages about $1,100.

Eave Configuration

You’ll need to budget a little extra in cases where the eave is configured with nailed-in drip edges and weather sheathing. Sometimes, soffits are attached directly to the back edge of fascia boards, which requires more time.

Drip Edges

You should inspect and replace drip edges as necessary. Drip edges are added to the roof to direct water into the gutters. Expect to pay around $1 to $2 per linear foot for these.

Extent of Damage

Have a professional roof inspector check your eaves for damage before repairing your fascia and soffits. Hiring a roof inspector costs around $125 to $135.

Removal of Old Fascia and Soffit

Expect to pay about $300 or less for isolated removal and replacement of soffit. It will cost about $3 to $7 per linear foot for removal and an additional $3 to $5.50 per linear foot for labor and materials.

Fascia Board Cost by Material

Wood is the most common choice for fascia board material, at $1 to $3 per linear foot. This is because it’s easy to install, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing. Fiber cement is sold by the square foot, between $1 and $5. Vinyl, composite, and aluminum require less maintenance, though the latter two tend to be more expensive and trickier to install.

MaterialCost Per Linear Foot
Vinyl$5 – $9
Aluminum$8 – $20
UPVC/PVC/Plastics$3 – $7
Wood/Cedar Board$1 – $3
Cement/Hardie Board$1 – $5
Composite$1 – $8


Vinyl is a popular choice because it requires minimal maintenance. It’s also not as susceptible to dry rot and water damage as wood boards. Vinyl fascia boards cost between $5 and $9 per linear foot


Aluminum boards last longer with less maintenance, though they are on the pricier side and are trickier to install. Aluminum fascia boards cost from $8 and $20 per linear foot. 


PVC (or plastic/UPVC) fascia boards cost from $3 to $7 per linear foot.


Wood is the most popular choice because it’s cost-effective and easy to install. Wood fascia boards cost from $1 to $3 per linear foot


Fascia boards made from cement tend to cost from $1 to $5 per linear foot.


Just like aluminum, composite is pricey and difficult to install, although it does tend to last longer with little maintenance. Composite fascia boards cost anywhere from $1 to $8 per linear foot.


Do you need to install new fascia and soffit when you install new gutters?

Yes, you’ll usually want to replace your fascia when you replace or repair gutters. Most licensed contractors charge by the project at $1,500 to $5,000 for repairing or installing the fascia, soffit, and gutters. That said, it’s a good idea to contact roof repair services near you for an exact quote. 

How do you maintain your fascia board and soffits?

Maintaining your fascia board and soffits can save thousands in potential home repairs. Otherwise, your gutters, eaves, and even the entire roof may be at risk. Here are some helpful tips for how to do so:

  • Inspect and clean your gutters every year. Congested gutters can lead to water getting behind the fascia and weighing down gutter supports. This can in turn lead to costly leaks and damages. The average cost to clean gutters runs most homeowners about $150.

  • Paint wooden fascia regularly. Sealed wood repels moisture, so it’s important to paint your fascia boards every few years. Otherwise, the wood will start to rot and deteriorate.  

  • Install or upgrade drip edges. For less than $1 per linear foot, you can direct water from your roof into your gutters. This helps keep water out as much as possible. 

  • Upgrade soffit venting. Soffits also help keep your attic adequately vented, keeping humidity low to inhibit mold growth. It may be necessary to upgrade venting for older homes.

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