How Much Does It Cost to Repair Stained Glass?

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$174 - $422

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Published January 10, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

It costs between $174 and $422 to repair an average 12-by-24-inch stained glass window. Depending on the type of repair, size of the window, and whether it needs repair or full or partial replacement, you can spend as little as $100 or as much as $10,000.

Repair Stained Glass

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National Average $292
Typical Range $174 - $422
Low End - High End $60 - $780

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 384 HomeAdvisor members.

Estimating Stained Glass Repair Prices

Like many projects, stained glass replacement and repair tend to come down to two big factors: labor and materials.

Material Prices

Around 30% of the total project fee is materials. For materials only, on average, you'll pay $100 to $210 for materials to repair a 12-by-24-inch window pane. Of course, the type and extent of the repair impacts which materials and how much of them you'll need.

Labor Costs 

Accounting for around 70% of the total project fee, the labor to repair stained glass costs between $50 and $100 per hour. Stained glass repair or restoration is a highly skilled profession, requiring specialist knowledge. Hiring a local stained glass professional ensures you'll get the best possible finish and reduces the risk of ruining the stained glass you're trying to preserve.

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How Much Does Stained Glass Repair Cost by Solution?

How much you'll pay to repair your stained glass window largely depends on the problem and the solution. A simple repair, such as repainting a small section of damaged glass, may cost as little as $100, while repairing or replacing the lead cames or replacing the reinforcing bars can cost up to $3,000.

Repair Solution Cost Range (All-In) Average Cost (All-In)
Crack repair $100 – $300 $200
Painting damaged and faded glass $100 – $300 $200
Repairing foil $100 – $300 $200
Regrouting $200 – $500 $350
Cement replacement $200 – $500 $350
Repairing window frame $200 – $500 $350
Resealing $200 – $500 $350
Cleaning $300 – $600 $450
Repairing lead cames $400 – $3,000 $1,700
Resoldering joints $500 – 1,500 $1,000
Replacing reinforcing bars $700 – $3,000 $1,850

Crack Repair

Repairing a crack in stained glass costs an average of $200. The exact cost depends on the size of the damage, the age, and the size and depth. Usually, the professional fills the cracks with epoxy or resin, then colors the field area to match the surrounding area. Once the crack has cured, and the retouching has finished, the next step involves resealing the glass.

Painting Damaged and Faded Stained Glass

At a typical cost of $200, painting faded or deteriorated stained glass is necessary when glass fades and loses its beauty and definition. Older paint is also prone to cracking, in which case the paint needs removing before the new material can be applied.

Repairing Foil

Repairing copper foil costs an average of $200. Not all stained glass uses copper foil, but those panels that do have opaque spots and other unique designs when applied along with the paint. Copper foil is usually only replaced when the panel is fully restored rather than just a quick repair job.


Typically, regrouting stained glass costs around $350. It's a time-consuming process that requires special considerations and precautions, unlike grouting tile. 

Depending on the age and condition of the existing grout, it may not be possible to simply fill the gaps. In this instance, expect to pay up to $500 or more to remove and replace all the grout. This job may be more cost-effective as part of a wider restoration project.

Cement Replacement

It costs around $350 to replace or repair the cement in stained glass windows. This cement is essentially glazier's putty and is what adheres the glass to the frame and cames to the window. Over time, even high-end contemporary glazier's putty deteriorates, so it will eventually need repair or replacement.

Repairing Window Frame

Repairing a window frame costs an average of $350, depending on the level of repair required. Because stained glass is so delicate, the frame must remain in tip-top condition to provide stability. 


Expect to pay around $350 to reseal a stained glass window. If the window begins to leak, or you notice that the glass isn't sealed or that the old seals are deteriorating, it's essential for the health of the window to have it resealed as soon as possible.


Professional stained glass cleaning costs approximately $450 and is most commonly done as part of a restoration process, as it's a time-consuming and highly skilled task. The restorer will remove all debris and build-up, including even the smallest particles from the frames and cames, and then reseal the piece when finished.

Repairing Lead Cames

Repairing or replacing lead cames costs $1,700, on average. The cames provide stability and framing and often separate panes of inner design sections. With age, they can come loose or start to sag, in which case they need tightening up. Sometimes they fall off and require replacement, which is a more costly task.

Resoldering Joints

Resoldering joints in stained glass costs roughly $1,000, depending on how much soldering is necessary to restore the panel. When lead caming falls away or sags excessively, it needs to be resoldered to hold it firmly in place.

Replacing Reinforcing Bars

To replace reinforcing bars, expect to pay around $1,850. Reinforcing bars provide extra stability and prevent sagging or bulging, holding the delicate glass securely in place. This costly repair is necessary to ensure the continued good condition of the glass panel.

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What Factors Influence the Cost to Repair Stained Glass?

How much you can expect to pay for stained glass window repair depends on the level of damage, the size of the panel(s), and the intricacy of the design. These repairs can also vary by a few other factors:

Stained Glass Repair Cost by Item

Whether you need to repair a stained glass lampshade, window, or door, you'll need to hire a stained glass repair specialist, but the project cost will vary. Repairing a simple crack on an antique stained glass lampshade costs significantly less than soldering the joints on a stained glass door or refoiling large areas of a window.

Item in need of repair Cost Range (All-In) Average Cost (All-In)
Lampshade $200 – $400 $300
Window $400 – $700 $550
Door $700 – $1,000 $850

Stained Glass Restoration Cost

Stained glass restoration typically costs $1,500 for a 12-by-24-inch panel. In some cases, with multiple large panels or those requiring extreme restoration, you can pay upwards of $10,000 for full restoration.

Restoring stained glass is a form of repair that attempts to fix all obvious damage and restore the glass to its original state. It's an intense, time-consuming process that involves multiple steps, including removing all debris, old and loose cement and sealant and replacing them with new materials, as well as repairing and tightening or replacing the lead cames.

After these steps, the restorer gets to work on the glass, painting, refoiling, and repairing it. This is a good, although costly, option if you have an antique stained glass window that you want to preserve for years to come. 

Stained Glass Replacement Cost

It costs between $700 and $1,200 per 12-by-24-inch panel to replace stained glass. For intricate and bespoke designs and larger panels, you'll pay $2,000 to $3,000 per panel. If you also need a replacement frame, add another $350 to $500 for a window frame and up to $1,000 for a door frame.

Stained Glass Maintenance

It's also important to factor in ongoing maintenance costs. These should be minimal for newer stained glass windows, as newer technologies and materials take many years to degrade. However, older windows and their frames need more regular ongoing repairs and maintenance because of their age and the length of time they're exposed to adverse weather conditions.

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair Stained Glass Yourself?

Stained glass repair is not a job for DIYers. You really need a professional to tackle any work on stained glass, as working with this type of glass is expensive and challenging. If you try it yourself, you risk ruining a very costly panel of glass or wrecking an irreplaceable antique. So instead, hire a trained, vetted pro to repair or restore your stained glass.

FAQs About Repairing Stained Glass

Is the lead in stained glass safe?

Yes, the lead cames used in stained glass and decorative leaded glass windows are considered safe, as they don't release any dust or leave any residue. However, because the cames are still made from lead, they should still be handled with caution.

How do you clean stained glass windows?

The safest way to clean stained glass windows is to use warm distilled water and a damp cloth. Distilled water doesn't leave residue or mineral build-up behind, and it's gentle, so it won't corrode or react with the stained glass. Additionally, cleaning should be infrequent and only when necessary.

How do you repair a chip in stained glass?

Depending on the size and depth of the chip, it's usually repaired with resin or epoxy, allowed to dry, then painted to match the surrounding glass.

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