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Updated August 4, 2022

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Window cleaning prices generally run between $150 and $302 per job but may be as low as $80 or as high as $430 for larger houses with harder-to-reach windows. The national average window cleaning cost is currently $219, or $10 per window. The cost to wash windows will vary depending on your home size, the number of windows, the window type and size, location accessibility, and the amount of cleaning needed.

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National Average $219
Typical Range $150 - $302
Low End - High End $85 - $450

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 24,874 HomeAdvisor members.

Window Washing Prices per Window

The cost to clean a single windowpane ranges between $4 and $11, with an average of $5 per pane or $10 per window for a two-pane window, each 3 by 6 feet. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average home has 22 windows.

However, not everyone lives in a home with 22 windows. While the number of windows isn't perfectly correlated with the home square footage, it's safe to assume that the larger a home is, the more windows it'll have.

The table below explores various home sizes, their corresponding number of windows (one dual-pane window for every 100 square feet), and the average cleaning cost.

Sq. Ft.Number of Dual-Pane WindowsAverage Price Range to Clean Windows
1,00010$80 – $220
1,50015$120 – $330
1,80018$140 – $400
2,20022$180 – $480
2,50025$200 – $550
3,00030$240 – $660
4,00040$320 – $880
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Window Cleaning Costs per Hour

While most residential window cleaning prices are calculated based on the number and type of windows, you can generally break down the cost to wash windows to an hourly rate. In general, if you hire cleaners for your window, you can expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $70 per hour.

Commercial cleaning rates are similar, from $40 to $60 per hour. More complex cleaning jobs will carry a much higher rate, however. For example, high-rise window cleaning costs around $170 per hour.

Window Cleaning Costs by Type

The type of window can affect the overall cleaning cost. On average, the price is based on the most common window type: the sliding double-pane. The table below will look at other types of windows and the price to clean them.

Window TypeAverage Cost to Clean
Sliding window$5 per pane
Sliding door$7 per door
Storm window$7 per pane
Casement window$7 per pane
Skylight$30 per window
Sunburst$30 per unit
Decorative window$5 per pane
Large single-pane picture window$15 per window

Other Window Cleaning Price Factors

Additional factors can affect the total cost to wash windows, including whether you need to clean shutters and blinds, the sills and tracks, and the inside and outside portion of each window.

Sills and Tracks

Some window cleaning companies will scrub the sills and tracks. They may include this in the per-window cost, which can be an added benefit of having a pro do the work.

If sills and tracks aren’t included in the overall price of window cleaning, window cleaners will typically charge between $0.05 and $5. Sill and track cleaning tends to be on the lower end of that range, unless your house has old wood windows or if the windows are just generally difficult to access and clean.


If you have third- or fourth-story windows, you may pay more than the average price to clean windows, especially if the pro requires special equipment to reach them. Some companies may switch from charging by the window to charging by the hour if there are multiple windows on a third or fourth story.

Height is a major factor when deciding to DIY versus hiring a cleaning service. Professional services have extended ladders, squeegees, and products that clean and dry glass without streaks or spots. They're also more comfortable and experienced working at dangerous heights.

Mineral Deposits

If you need to remove mineral deposits, this will increase the cost to around $20 per pane. Most windows will eventually need this service, and pros have the right formulas and methods to remove them.

Paint and Stain Removal

Paint or stain removal can cost between $3.50 and $6 per window in addition to the base window cleaning cost. Professionals typically don't include paint and stain removal in regular window cleaning charges, especially if there's a considerable amount to remove.

Glass Doors

While glass doors are usually larger than standard-size windows, they’re easy to access and shouldn’t be expensive to clean, usually about $7 per door. They need regular cleaning since hands and pets quickly cover them with prints and dirt, but these are typically easier to clean as a DIY project.

Shutter and Blind Cleaning

Few window cleaning companies include the cost of blind or shutter cleaning, which ranges between $150 and $350 for a home. However, window cleaning services typically include a simple dusting of the interior blinds to prevent the dust from getting on the newly cleaned windows.

Shutter cleaning is more common with an exterior siding power washing job. Speak with your hired pro about whether they provide a power washing service. Professional power washing costs anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour.

One vs. Both Sides

Not all window cleaning companies clean the interior and exterior of the window; some only clean the exterior. Of those companies that clean both sides of the windows, some will do it all for one flat rate, while others might break down the price of each side. If they break out the costs, companies generally charge $6 to $13 for the window's exterior and $2 to $3 for the interior.

Residential vs. Commercial

Residential window cleaning is generally a one-off project, but many companies pay monthly for regular commercial cleaning services, depending on the frequency of the service and the building size. Commercial cleaning prices generally go from $5 to $15 per window or $35 to $60 per hour.

Window Size

Because windows can vary in size—especially when it comes to custom windows—some companies use an algorithm that considers the square footage of your home and the number of windows. This makes it easier to price a house with a few untraditional (and usually more oversized) windows.

Benefits of Window Cleaning

6 reasons to clean your windows, including curb appeal, more natural light, improved efficiency, bug deterrent, and increased window longevity

Why clean your windows? It’s more than just a better view of what’s outside. In fact, there are several benefits of cleaning your windows (and just as many benefits of hiring professional window cleaners too). Here are some of the pros of window cleaning:

  • Curb appeal: If you’re trying to sell your home or just hiring an appraiser to refinance your mortgage, it never hurts to have sparkling windows. Having clean windows instantly ups the curb appeal of your home.

  • More natural light: Smudged and dirty windows can block sunlight from entering your home—and natural light is important. According to the National Library of Medicine, multiple studies have shown that natural light can improve depression, agitation, and seasonal affective disorder.

  • Improved efficiency: More natural light in the winter means lower heating costs. With clear windows, sunlight can more easily penetrate your home and naturally warm up your space. And with natural light during the day, you won’t need to keep lights on in the house, thus cutting back on electricity costs. Finally, regular window cleaning can even prevent oxidation from damaging your window seals; faulty window seals permit drafts, which can have major ramifications on heating and cooling bills.

  • Bug deterrent: Bugs thrive in dirty screens, shutters, and windowpanes. Regular cleaning keeps these unwanted pests out of your home.

  • Improved health: Air quality can suffer in a house without regularly cleaned windows. That's because smoke from the kitchen and fireplace and pet dander can cling to the window interior over time. When you have a pro clean your windows, they remove these allergens from your home and improve the overall air quality.

  • Increased window longevity: It stands to reason that if you take care of your home and its components, they’ll both last longer. Regularly cleaning windows ensures that hinges continue to operate smoothly, glass panes are safe from corrosion, and the seal is more immune to cracking.

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DIY Window Cleaning vs. Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Service

You can successfully clean your windows yourself if you own a one-story home with easy-to-access windows and easily removable screens. If you have two stories or simply want a thorough spring cleaning, a professional can provide sparkling clean windows, screens, and tracks for a reasonable price. And if your home is taller than two stories, local window cleaning services are the safest way to go for your cleaning project.

Reputable pros will have the proper ladders, cleaning solutions, and squeegees that will make your windows spotless. While DIY is possible, buying the right supplies alone can cost as much as hiring a pro. Cleaning may require standing on a ladder while using multiple tools, which is a dangerous prospect for some homeowners.


What is the hourly rate for a high-rise window cleaning?

High-rise window cleaning is a minimum of $85 per serviceperson per hour. Most high-rise crews work with a minimum of two people for safety reasons, which makes the rate $170 per hour. Taller buildings result in more fees, and some companies increase “per floor” rates past a certain number of floors.

How much does it cost to clean commercial windows?

Commercial window cleaning costs between $5 and $15 per window, or $35 and $60 per hour. This often costs more than standard residential cleaning because the windows and buildings are usually larger.

How often should you get your windows cleaned?

Cleaning your windows twice a year is a good rule of thumb. How often you should clean your windows can depend on environmental factors, such as dust and storms; interior factors, like whether you smoke indoors or have a pet; and how often the windows or glass doors are used.

Should you clean windows on a sunny day?

The ideal window-cleaning weather is a cloudy day. The intense sun can cause the cleaning solution to dry quickly and leave streaks.

Should I tip window cleaners?

Window cleaners don’t require tips, but if they did an exceptional job, a tip is always a nice gesture. Average tip amounts range from $5 to $20.

What is included in window cleaning?

Included services vary by the window cleaning company. Some companies, for example, only clean the exterior side of windows, while others clean outside, inside, and even the screens. Some companies also include the sills and tracks as part of their services.

Typically, you’ll have to pay extra for paint or stain removal and the removal of mineral deposit buildup. Some companies may offer a separate power washing service for your shutters. You’ll typically need to hire a local maid service to clean blinds or curtains, with the cost of a regular cleaning service running from $130 to $230.

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