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$428 - $1,396

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Updated September 19, 2022

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The average cost to repair a skylight is $912. Most homeowners pay between $428 and $1,396, depending on the extent of the damage. If you start having trouble with a roof window, it might need repairs. If it's leaking, take a close look at its seal. Check the opening, machinery, frame, seal, and flashing. Broken or severely corroded pieces may need comprehensive repairs.

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National Average $912
Typical Range $428 - $1,396
Low End - High End $150 - $2,861

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 2,672 HomeAdvisor members.

Skylight Repair Cost by Part

How much you'll pay for skylight repair depends on which part needs repairing or replacing. For example, adding new weather stripping costs considerably less than replacing the glass.

Skylight Glass Replacement Cost

It costs between $300 and $800 to replace skylight glass, including parts and labor. If the glass is damaged, the only effective option is to replace it. Repair options are, at best, temporary, and aren't sufficient to repair the problem. If the skylight is leaking, the panes have blown, the glass is cracked, or there's mold between the panes, the only option is replacement.

Repair or Replace Skylight Motor

Replacing the motor costs between $270 and $1,000, all-in. This includes the cost of hiring an electrician if you have a motorized skylight. The mechanism you use to open and close the window will influence replacement prices. A new solar-powered motor could range up to $500.

Repairing the motor or mechanism for opening and closing the window can cost between $10 for new batteries to $300 for multiple replacement parts. Many professionals recommend replacing the motor to ensure it doesn't become a recurring problem.

Repair or Replace a Hand-Operated Mechanism

A new hand crank will cost $110. Labor increases total repair prices to $200 to $400. Consult your window professional to see exactly how much the estimate will be before any work is complete.

Skylight Frame Repair

Repairing the frame of your skylight ranges between $170 and $600. It typically involves patching the wooden or fiberglass frame to make sure no moisture can come through.

Most roof windows last between 20 and 40 years. At the end of that lifespan, the shell becomes corroded enough to need a full replacement.

Skylight Weather Stripping Repair

Professionals will add weatherstripping sealer to the opening for $100 to $300. Weatherstripping is a common way to seal windows that leak between the pane and frame. It's among the more affordable weather-proofing options. A pro installs it with traditional strips or with self-stick foam.

Skylight Flashing Repair

Re-flashing your skylight costs between $300 and $500. It's a more extensive form of weather-proofing and sealing, sealing off the seam between roof and frame. Most flashing uses caulking and tape, but you can find advanced versions that use specialized foam. If your ceiling leaks around the opening, flashing might not work. Ask a professional about the cost to fix a ceiling leak to avoid future problems.

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Skylight Repair Costs by Problem

Leaks and cracks are the main causes of skylight repair. These issues can cause further problems if not addressed immediately, including mold and heat loss. 

Skylight Leak Repair Cost

Leaks are the most common problems homeowners face and cost between $300 and $800 to fix. Two problem areas can lead to leaks:

  • The flashing might fail to seal the gap between the frame and the roof, leading to holes in the window's exterior.

  • The glazing seal between the glass pane and frame may be corroded, causing a leak on the frame's interior.

Installing new flashing and applying a new seal both cost between $300 and $500 to complete individually. Most professionals can "bundle" these services for a total between $500 and $800.

Cracked Skylight Glazing

Fixing skylight cracks costs between $300 and $800 and involves full glass replacement. In some situations, a local handyperson could use caulking and weather tape as a temporary fix to stop the existing crack from leaking and causing water damage to your home, but long term, the glass requires replacement.

Skylight Repair Cost Factors

The price you'll pay to repair your skylight is further influenced by your insurance coverage, as, if covered by your policy, the repair will only cost you the deductible. Height, pitch, and accessibility are also influential factors, as the higher the skylight, the greater the risk involved, so the higher the cost. The type of skylight also plays a part in repair cost, as does having other jobs simultaneously.

Insurance Coverage

Homeowner's insurance may cover your leaking roof window, but only if you can prove the cause is natural. Most plans cover storm damage or a falling tree branch. Normal wear and tear on the skylight, like old flashing, is more common and must come from your budget. Talk to your insurance agent if you experience a leak.

Height and Accessibility

Difficult interior and exterior accessibility can increase total repair prices by up to 30%. The higher your skylight, the more difficult it is to access and the more you will pay to fix it.

Exact costs depend on how much longer it takes an expert to access it. Your budget will also depend on whether a pro needs to access the outside of the opening on your roof.

Trust a window professional for this type of job, and talk to them about insurance to prevent any potential liabilities. Inside access matters as well. If a tub or other obstruction is in the way, or if the ceiling is higher than one story, the cost to seal or repair the window will increase.

Slope or Pitch

Most skylights are designed for a roof pitch between 15% and 60%. If your roof slopes beyond that range, repairs could cost up to 20% more. You will need custom flashing, or extra scaffolding to keep contractors safe while working on the roof. Calculate your roof pitch to understand your options.


Tubular skylights are cheapest to repair at an average price between $300 and $500. They take up the least space on the roof and will require less flashing and work.

Fixed skylight repairs cost between $400 and $900 because the opening is bigger than typical tunnel models.

Ventilating roof windows cost the most to fix, between $500 and $1,200. That's because they're more complex and include multiple mechanisms.

Bundling the Job

Sometimes you can group your skylight repair with other window sealing jobs around your house. Bundling can save up to 20% of the cost because the same professional can take on each task, and you will have less material left over. Because you pay for the materials upfront, fewer leftovers mean minor cost savings.

DIY vs. Hiring a Skylight Repair Service

While skylight repair is possible on your own, most experts don't recommend it. If you're unfamiliar with the issue, hire a professional skylight installer. Leaking skylights can cause significant water damage in your home. If you're not careful, DIY-ing could compromise the roof's structure. Not purchasing the right unit for your opening can also cause problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my skylight leaking?

Your skylight could leak because it doesn't fit perfectly against the roof, or because the window itself is faulty. The former requires new flashing. The latter means you must reseal the glass to the frame or get a new, un-corroded frame. It could also be that condensation is causing the problem. If you run your air conditioning a lot, the difference in temperature between outside and inside the home could cause condensation.

How do you measure for a replacement skylight?

Measuring for a skylight must be exact. If your current window is deck-mounted, measure the outside glass width and length within the frame as well as the length and width of the frame. For curb-mounted products that sit on top of a custom-mounted curb instead of directly on your roof, you also need to measure the length and width of the curb including any flashing. Finally, measure the interior drywall opening.

Should I replace my skylights when I replace my roof?

You don't have to replace your skylight when you replace your roof, but doing so provides some advantages:

  • Save money on labor costs

  • Lower the risk of seal failure, leaking, or damage

  • Maintenance for both the skylights and the roof will be in sync

  • Warranties will be protected—if you put older skylights in a new roof a roofing contractor may ask that you sign a waiver regarding future leaks

How do you repair a plastic skylight?

Repairing a plastic skylight depends on the problem. If you can't determine the exact cause, your repair will not take care of it. Fixing a scratch in the Plexiglas may be as simple as sanding it down and adding some buffing compound. If the issue is leakage, you're better off working with a pro.

How long does a skylight in a home last?

The average skylight lasts between 20 and 40 years before it needs replacement. Some high-quality options can last longer, up to 55 years, while others only last ten years. Pay close attention to the warranty. Most companies offer 20 to 25 years, which gives you a better idea about the product's expected lifespan.

Can skylights be resealed?

Yes, you can reseal a skylight, as long as the glass and frame are both in good order and there's no sign of mold or condensation between the panes. If the old seal is causing problems or is just showing signs of wear, then removing the old seal and applying a new one is a viable option. However, if there are other issues, then you may have to replace the glass and then reseal.