How Much Does Pellet Stove Repair Cost?

Typical Range:

$150 - $800

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Published November 1, 2021

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Pellet stove repair costs between $130 and $800, depending on the complexity of the problem and the cost of any replacement parts. Homeowners typically pay between $300 and $500, with a national average cost of $400.

Average Cost to Repair a Pellet Stove

Low Cost$150
Average Cost$400
High Cost$800

Pellet Stove Repair Prices

Pellet stove repair prices for parts only range from $30 for a simple igniter replacement to $500 for a new circuit board. How much you pay for materials depends on what parts need replacement. Below are the most common pellet stove replacement parts and their costs.

Pellet Stove PartCost of Replacement (Materials Only)
Igniter replacement$30 – $40
Stovepipe repair$70 – $80
Blower replacement$75 – $140
Feed motor replacement$70 – $100
Auger motor replacement$80 – $150
Circuit board repair$300 – $500

Pellet Stove Repair Cost

Pellet stove repair costs between $100 and $150 per hour in labor. However, note that most fireplace technicians charge a minimum of a one-hour callout fee, even if the job only takes 15 minutes. So, account for that when budgeting. And, if the job is a small, quick one, like an igniter replacement, consider having the technician perform a full pellet stove service while they're there to maximize value.

Pellet Stove PartCost of Replacement (Labor Only)
Igniter replacement$100 – $150
Stovepipe repair$100 – $150
Blower replacement$200 – $300
Feed motor replacement$300 – $450
Auger motor replacement$300 – $450
Circuit board repair$200 – $300

Pellet Stove Repair by Part

If you hire a pellet stove specialist who needs to replace or repair specific parts to get your pellet stove back to optimum efficiency, you'll pay anywhere from $130 to $800 all-in.

Pellet Stove PartCost of Replacement (Parts and Labor)
Igniter replacement$130 – $190
Stovepipe repair$170 – $230
Blower replacement$275 – $440
Feed motor replacement$370 – $550
Auger motor replacement$380 – $600
Circuit board repair$500 – $800

Igniter Replacement

Igniter replacement costs $130 to $190 all-in and is a quick and easy job for a skilled fireplace engineer. The igniter itself only costs $30 to $40, and the repair takes roughly 15 minutes. However, the technician will still bill you for an hour to make the job financially viable.

Pellet Stovepipe Repair

Stovepipe repair costs $170 to $230 for materials and labor per section of pipe. Most commonly, only one section of pipe requires replacement at a time, and each section of pipe costs $70 to $80. The repair process takes around one hour per section.

Blower Replacement

Replacing the blower costs $275 to $440, all-in, with the part itself costing $75 to $140. An experienced pro can replace your pellet stove blower in around two hours.

Feed Motor Replacement

The cost to replace a pellet stove motor is $370 to $550 for parts and labor. The motor itself costs between $70 and $100. To remove the old motor and install the new one takes up to three hours.

Auger Motor Replacement

The auger motor is the most common part that requires replacement, and the total cost for this project, including parts and labor, is $380 to $600. The auger motor itself costs $80 to $150 and takes a local fireplace technician up to three hours to replace.

Circuit Board Repair

Replacing a circuit board is the most costly pellet stove repair, with a total job price of $500 to $800. While it only takes two hours to remove the old circuit board and install a new one, the circuit board costs $300 to $500 alone.

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Pellet Stove Repair by Problem

If you don't know which part requires replacement, the local fireplace tech you hire can quickly figure it out. However, it's useful to have some idea of the part that potentially needs replacing so you can budget accordingly. Here are the most common pellet stove repair problems and their associated causes and costs.

Pellet Stove Repair ProblemApproximate Costs (Parts and Labor)
Pellet stove won't turn on$120 – $190
Pellet stove won't ignite$130 – $575
Pellet stove not feeding$115 – $800
Low pellet stove heat output$250 – $440
Pellet stove keeps turning off$120 – $440
Pellet stove is extra noisy$275 – $600

Pellet Stove Won't Turn On

The pellet stove not turning on is a pretty common problem, and it's usually the igniter that's at fault, which costs $130 to $190 to replace. The other less common cause of the stove's failure to turn on could be the temperature switch that costs between $120 and $170 to fix.

Pellet Stove Won't Ignite

If your pellet stove turns on but won't ignite, the igniter is the most likely culprit, in which case the repair will cost you up to $190. If, however, the igniter isn't at fault, then it could be the combustion fan. If it is the fan and not the igniter, the repair will cost between $300 and $575.

Pellet Stove Not Feeding

The two leading causes of a pellet stove not feeding are a broken feed motor or a faulty circuit board. To replace a feed motor, expect to pay $370 to $550. However, if the circuit board requires replacement, you'll pay between $500 and $800. The pressure switch is a less likely (but less costly) cause of a pellet stove's failure to feed, costing only $115 to $175 to replace.

Low Pellet Stove Heat Output

If you find that your pellet stove has a small flame or has noticeably reduced heat output, the blower is most likely to blame. Replacing the blower costs $275 to $440 all-in. If the blower is still working in peak condition, you may have to replace the damper unit, which costs $250 to $400.

Pellet Stove Keeps Turning Off

When a pellet stove starts but keeps cutting out or turning off, it's most often the blower that's at fault. Replacing the pellet stove blower costs $275 to $440 for parts and labor. Alternatively, the temperature switch could cost considerably less than the blower, at $120 to $170.

Pellet Stove Is Extra Noisy

When your pellet stove is excessively noisy, it's most likely to be the blower or the auger motor causing the problem. An extra loud blowing or fan noise or a rattling sound indicates the problem lies with your blower, which costs $270 to $440 to replace. If the unusual noise is a clicking or popping sound, it's more likely to be the auger motor, a more costly replacement at $380 to $600.

Factors That Influence Pellet Stove Repair Cost

One of the most significant factors that influence pellet stove repair cost is the unit’s age. If it's particularly old or is no longer in production, sourcing parts is often expensive and difficult. In these circumstances, it's often more cost-effective to replace the pellet stove rather than trying to repair it.

You may also be able to reduce repair costs by choosing reconditioned or aftermarket parts instead of new on-brand ones.

Keeping a pellet stove clean and well-maintained reduces repair costs and frequency. The cost to clean a pellet stove is around $100 to $300, and the technician will likely also inspect the stove for signs of potential problems. Ideally, also have your pellet stove professionally serviced every year to get ahead of problems before they become costly issues.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pellet Stove Repair Pro

DIY repairs for pellet stoves aren't advisable. Unless you have the right skills and a solid understanding of pellet stoves, you risk disaster. While labor costs are comparatively high, if you attempt the repair yourself to save those dollars and get it wrong, you'll void any existing warranty.

Plus, you risk damaging the stove, resulting in an even more expensive repair. Or, in an extreme case of botched DIY, you may have to buy a new pellet stove and foot the bill for the cost of a new pellet stove.


How long does a pellet stove last?

Generally, a pellet stove lasts up to 10 years, assuming average usage and regular maintenance and cleaning. Higher quality units kept in peak condition often last much longer.

How do you troubleshoot a pellet stove?

To troubleshoot a pellet stove before you call in a pro, do the following:

  • Turn the stove off and allow it to cool completely

  • Clean the auger plate, switches, and hopper

  • Clean and inspect the auger, auger motor, and blower

  • Clean and inspect all seals

  • Remove ashes

  • Clean and inspect the fire chamber

If, after this thorough cleaning and inspection, you can't find any obvious issues, but the stove is still not working or not working efficiently, it's time to hire a local fireplace professional to perform a service and to fix any problems they find.

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