How Much Does It Cost to Repair or Rescreen a Porch, Patio Enclosure or Sunroom?

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$879 - $7,011

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Updated April 16, 2024

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  • Rescreening and repairing enclosures can be complex, requiring knowledge of different materials, making professional help beneficial.

  • The average cost to rescreen a porch ranges from $700 to $4,000, and patio rescreening costs $4.50 per square foot.

  • The cost of rescreening a porch depends on labor costs, extent of damage, type of mesh used, and additional materials needed.

  • Popular materials for porch and patio rescreening include mesh and vinyl, while repair materials include shims, insulation, and caulking.

  • Signs to repair or replace your porch enclosure include tears, water damage, and bug intrusion.

  • Repairing or rescreening a porch can prevent further damage and extend its life span.

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Porch or Patio Enclosure Repair Costs

The cost to repair a porch or patio enclosure average $3,931, or between $879 and $7,011. Price on the lower end are for minimal repairs compared to the high-end price for repairs that include leaking windows, torn screens, or damaged frames. Average sunroom repair costs range between $700 to $3,000 total, but it's not uncommon to see repair prices between $2,000 and $11,000.

Labor averages are around $300 to rescreen a porch. Materials only make up between $4 and $15 per square foot depending on the type - wood, vinyl, mesh. Labor to replace glass windows in a sunroom ranges from $500 for basic inserts to $2,000 for replacements with extensive repair work.

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National Average $3,931
Typical Range $879 - $7,011
Low End - High End $200 - $21,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 635 HomeAdvisor members.

Cost to Rescreen a Porch

On average, the cost to rescreen a porch is between $700 and $4,000 total. The average labor costs are $110 for the first 32 square feet, then $2 to $3 per square foot afterwards. Some contractors charge a base installation price of $300, excluding materials. A screened-in porch consisting of regular mesh materials costs roughly $4.50 per square foot, excluding labor. The severity of damage dictates the final price.

Porch Screen Enclosure Repair Costs

With consideration to labor costs around $100 to $300 per job, porch screen enclosure repair costs depend on the extent of the damage and the type of mesh outfitting the space. Other cost factors include:

  • Fixing window and seals: $160-$500

  • Repairing door and window frames: $250-$400

  • Fixing torn screens: $4.50 per square foot with regular materials like mesh or vinyl.

After repairing the frame, doors and mesh screens are put in, but the initial cost of labor covers this reinstallation process. you're responsible for the cost of additional materials:

  • Shims, insulation and caulking: $20-$25

  • Replacement mesh screens (stainless steel, vinyl-coated polyester): $0.50 to $1 per square foot.

Porch Screen Replacement

the cost to repair or rescreen a porch or patio is $2,500 or $150 to $12,000

The average cost to install a porch screen by a handyman is $68 per hour, including labor and materials. Replacing a single screen on your porch may be costly since many contractors charge a base price regardless of project size. It's best to undergo an entire porch screen replacement if you have multiple screens in need of repair.

For DIYers, screen replacement kits cost between $5 to $20 depending on the size of the opening.

Lanai Screen Repair Costs

Lanai screen repair costs are $35 per hour for labor only. Mesh screens cost an average of $4.50 per square foot. Glass enclosures range from $45 to $65 per square foot in materials, and $85 per hour total in labor to replace the glass.

A lanai is an extension of your home's existing roof that you can outfit with screens, glass windows or leave open as a patio cover. The price to repair an existing roof overhanging a space is $35 per hour in labor only.

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Average Cost to Rescreen a Patio

The cost to rescreen a patio is subject to the same same $4.50 per square foot price for materials as porch enclosures. Depending on your contractor, labor costs may consist of a base price of $110 for the first 38 square feet, then $2 to $3 for each additional square foot. Pros may charge you a flat $300 rate for the entire job.

Keep in mind, patios are often designed with an open concept, which means there are no walls to enclose the space. Options for freestanding alternatives that offer a screened-in effect include:

  • Roll shades or privacy screens for 36 by 48-inch windows: $13 and $35 each

  • Custom-fit roll shades: $62+

  • Wide roll shades (96 by 132 inches): $92 and $825 each

Patio Screen Replacement Cost

Replacing patio screens costs the same as initial installation prices at $4.50 per square foot for materials only. For labor, a contractor may charge $1 to $3 per square foot rather than tacking on a base fee. If they have extensive damage, a contractor may suggest replacing all the screens, which brings your labor costs between $250 and $300 plus materials.

Porch & Patio Enclosure Repair Costs

Here are some additional enclosure repair costs for you to consider:

Ceiling Repair

Water damage ceiling repair costs between $45 to $55 per square foot, including labor and materials. The cost of materials to repair ceilings on porch and patio enclosures range between $1 and $4.50 per square foot.

  • Sheets of beadboard: $2.50-$4.50 per square foot

  • Metal tiles in brass or copper, or steel: $4-$9 per square foot

  • Decorative plaster: $1-$2.50 per square foot

  • Wood planks: $2.50-$4.50 per square foot

Floor Repair

A brand new concrete foundation costs anywhere from $2 to $7 per square foot for materials only. Floating tile or hardwood floor repair options cost around $5 per square foot for materials. Labor costs for a new patio installation are around $21 per square foot.

Keep in mind, for hardwood and tile options, it's best to use a sealant to keep moisture out and preserve the foundation of your enclosure. The cost to apply a deck sealant is between $300 and $400 total. The cost to stain a hardwood floor along with sealant is between $400 and $600 total.

Roof Repair

Roof fixes for a patio or porch costs an average of $35 per square foot for labor only. Material costs depend on the type of structure (wood, steel, aluminum). If repairs involve shingles on an extension of the home's existing roof, the average cost for minor roof repairs is between $200 and $300. Larger jobs can fall in the $1,000 to $3,000 range.

Once finished with your repairs, it may be a good to powerwash your enclosure to remove any debris or blemishes. The cost to powerwash an exterior surface averages between $180 and $380.

Sunroom Repair Costs

Average sunroom repair costs may fall anywhere from $700 to $3,000 total, but it's not uncommon to see repair prices between $2,000 and $11,000. Most sunroom repairs consist of a broken window. Depending on the quality of glass, costs range between $150 to $800 each. Installation and labor for repairs span from $500 to $2,000 depending on the severity of the damage.

A sunroom is a delightful addition to many homes, but they have to be fixed and maintained frequently to keep them looking their best. There are common problems associated with having one, but routine and frequent maintenance can be enough to prolong the life of this beautiful space.

Sunroom Window Replacement Costs

Window replacement costs are broken down into three categories:

  • Entry Level: $150 to $300 per window

  • Mid-Range: $300 to $450 per window

  • High-End: $450 to $800 per window

Don't forget to include labor costs between $500 and $2,000 on top of these price points.

Cost to Remove a Sunroom

Since a sunroom is an addition to a home, the cost to demo a sunroom is $50 to $100 per hour. Budget $130 to $350 for the cleanup cost to remove waste afterward.

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Sunroom Maintenance and Repairs

Routine maintenance keeps your sunroom in prime condition. It also serves as a way to stay on top of potential problems or repairs that should be done immediately before it turns into a larger issue.

Here are several maintenance and repair factors to keep in mind:

Trim Branches

Tree trimming costs range from $75 to $1,000 total depending on tree size, health, and proximity to the home. The branches outside of the sunroom should be trimmed and bushes should be carefully maintained. Storms can whip branches into the space, shattering windows and causing other exterior damage.

Clean Windows

The average cost to clean windows is between $150 and $300 total. Every few months, go outside and wash the outer part of the window. The joints and frames need to be free of grime. Hire a pro at least once a year to do a through scrubbing inside and out.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning costs between $120 and $220 depending on how many stories your home has. When cleaning your gutters, make sure the ladder doesn't lean against the gutters to ensure they don't dent. The doors and windows should be lubricated at this time, too. If the gutter is in need of repair, a handyman or general contractor can help for $11 per hour in labor and $7 to $10 per linear foot in materials.

Seal Windows

When weather seals start to fail, you can install weather-stripping that costs between $130 and $400 total. The total price depends on how many windows need sealing, but the national average is around $250 total.

Condensation can build between the double panes of glass when the seals wear out and moisture creeps into the space. It's also easy to repair the seal with silicone from a local hardware store. It will cost less than $10 for one tube of caulking.

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Sunroom or Enclosed Porch & Patio Upgrades

Upgrading your outdoor space can bring it to life and add value to your home. If you're having trouble coming up with some ideas, here are a few popular upgrades to include:

Screened in Porch and Patio Renovation Costs

The cost to install a new screen around your porch or patio is between $600 and $3,500 total depending on materials. The national average that most homeowners pay is around $1,200 total. This works out to a square foot pricing model of $4.50 per square foot. For additional renovations, consider renovating some of the following options:

Decorating a sunroom with indoor plants that do well in direct sunlight are a great way to bring vibrancy to a space. You can purchase plantar boxes for roughly $120 a piece and various indoor plants between $20 and above depending on their size and kind. You can also install an HVAC system into your space for a price between $650 and $4,500 total depending on the square footage. Since sunrooms are more than 40% glass, privacy shades are also a great item to include. They cost between $90 and $180 total for a 6-window set.

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Can I DIY rescreening or repairing screen enclosures on my porch?

You can certainly DIY your rescreening projects for your enclosure with screen kits that cost about $1 per square foot. Certain mesh screen materials like copper, brass, steel, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass range from $0.15 to $6 per square foot.

How do I know if I need to repair or replace my screen, enclosure or roof on my sunroom or patio?

You'll know if you need to repair or replace screens on an enclosure if you see tears or rips in the material that water or bugs may come through. For sunrooms, any cracks in the glass require repair, as well as leaks in the seals along the frames. This also pertains to the roof since it is most likely made from glass. Patio or porch roofs with visible water damage or cracks should also undergo repairs.

How often should I seal or clean my sunroom windows?

You should clean your sunroom windows whenever they look grimy or or cloudy. During your cleaning, if you notice that the seals are moldy or have mildew built up, hiring a professional window repairman in your area is a good idea to ensure protection. They can assess the damage and make any repairs needed.