How Much Does It Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, and More?

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$423 - $1,435

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Updated July 18, 2022

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Most homeowners spend between $423 and $1,435 to paint their kitchen cabinets, doors, and other small indoor areas, with an average cost of $913. The bulk of the budget comes from labor at $20 to $50 per hour. Homeowners living in an area with a high cost of living or those requiring finishing removal could spend up to $7,000. Discuss project costs with a painter near you for specific estimates.

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National Average $913
Typical Range $423 - $1,435
Low End - High End $175 - $3,100

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 13,218 HomeAdvisor members.

Cabinet Painting Cost Factors

How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets? It depends. Labor is typically the largest expense, but there are several cost factors to consider. Cabinets that require stripping, repairs, and numerous coats will cost more. 

Type of Paint

A gallon of paint usually costs $15 to $50 for a standard brand or $50 to $100 for a designer brand. Each gallon covers about 350 square feet. There are slight cost differences between the different types of paint:

  • Latex-based paint: $15 to $50 per gallon 

  • Acrylic paint: $15 to $50 per gallon

  • Oil-based paint: $20 to $80 per gallon 

In addition, you’ll spend around $2 per gallon for each gloss level. A paint with a high gloss finish will usually cost more than a matte or eggshell paint. Your contractor will likely pay up to 50% less for paintthan you would at a home improvement store, so consult a pro before buying. 


Painting cabinets costs $3 to $10 per square foot or $30 to $60 per linear foot. This price includes supplies, materials, and labor. Some contractors may charge by the section, in which case, you can expect to spend:

  • Doors: $100 per door

  • Drawers: $25 per drawer

  • Cabinets: $75 to $150 per cabinet


You’ll have to remove the old finish first if your cabinets are already painted. Additionally, damage like peeling paint, cracked wood, and broken laminate or hardware usually incur extra costs. Keep in mind that damaged laminate cabinets must be repaired or replaced before you paint them. Paint will not properly adhere to damaged laminate.

Depending on the condition of your cabinets, you may have to pay:


Professional labor accounts for 85% of the cost to hire a painter. Most professionals charge $20 to $50 per hour, in addition to the cost of materials and supplies. In areas with a high cost of living, you could spend as much as $100 per hour on labor. Sometimes a contractor will charge based on square footage or by the door, drawer, and cabinet.


The cost to paint kitchen cabinets averages $400 to $1,000, whether you’re using spray paint or a brush and roller. The main difference is you’ll use 30% more paint if you spray. You’ll also need to dismantle your cabinets before you can paint them. If you’re doing the paint job on your own, a spray paint gun rent costs between $40 to $120 per day. 


You should only need 2 gallons of paint to paint your kitchen cabinets, assuming two standard coats. The more colors you choose, the more gallons you’ll need—even if you don’t use the whole gallon. 

If you’re repainting cabinets, it takes more work to transition from a darker color to a lighter color. You’ll have to strip old paint or, at the very least, use two coats of primer. This extra work adds to the labor costs. 

Painting vs. Refacing or Refinishing

Painting is one of the most affordable ways to refresh the look of your cabinets, but there are other options. You may want to reface or resurface your cabinets, which costs between $1,800 and $10,000.

Average Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners spend an average of $824 to paint their kitchen cabinets. Repainting, which requires finish removal, is slightly more expensive at an average of $900

The more cabinets you have, the higher the estimated cost of painting them. For example, the standard kitchen is 10x10 feet and has about 12 cabinets, so you could expect to pay between $300 to $1,000 based on square footage. However, larger kitchens that have 720 square feet of space will likely cost $2,160 to $7,200 for a complete kitchen cabinet paint job.

Other Small Painting Project Costs

Aside from painting kitchen cabinets, there are several other small painting projects to tackle around the house. Keep these price ranges in mind when gathering price estimates for your interior or exterior paint projects.

Interior Doors

The cost to paint an interior door is typically around $50 to $200 per door, but that doesn’t include the surface preparation and clean-up costs. This job takes a lot of preparation, so it’s likely cost- and time-efficient to hire a pro.

Most homeowners spend $100 to $500 per door for fresh paint. You can likely get a discount if you group this project with other painting tasks.

Doors Trim or Frame

The cost to paint doors with the trim and frame is typically $100 to $350 per door. The trim and frame alone cost $50 to $150 to paint, depending on the size, level of detail, and whether or not you have to strip the finish. As with most interior paint jobs, you should budget $1 to $3 per linear foot for the cost to paint trim. The standard interior door has 32 feet of trim and 16 feet of frame.

Door Jamb

It costs $1 to $3 per linear foot to paint a door jamb, but most professionals include this job as part of a larger project. Instead of only painting the jamb, expect to paint the rest of the frame. If the door jamb is the only painting task, a contractor will charge a minimum that is likely much more than the actual cost of the job.

French Doors

Painting French doors typically costs $500 to $1,500. This type of door is larger than average and requires extensive preparation. The more windows and details on the door, the higher the cost. You’ll either pay a project rate or an hourly rate plus materials. 

Here’s what you can expect to spend:

  • Time and materials: $25 to $80 per hour, taking 8 to 25 hours to complete

  • Project rate: $200 to $2,000, depending on your home location and door design

Exterior or Front Door

Painting an exterior or front door costs $100 to $500. Ornate entries with sidelights can quickly double that price. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need to use specific exterior paint to prevent premature cracking, drying, UV damage, and peeling. The best type to use is 100 percent acrylic latex paint because it’s flexible and able to handle harsh climate conditions. It won't allow for dirt, grease, or rust, so your door will be easy to clean. Choose a color that commands attention and suits your house's design.

Garage Door

Most homeowners pay $200 to $500 to paint their garage door. Since garage doors are highly visible, faded or damaged paint can significantly impact curb appeal. Repaint the door as soon as it shows noticeable signs of wear or when it no longer matches the style of your house.

Keep in mind that garage door painting costs often include necessary repairs, which could raise the price significantly. For example, if your wood garage door has cracks, bubbling, or peeling, it’ll need a new covering. If the wood is rotted or significantly damaged, you may need to replace it entirely. The cost of installing a new garage door is $800 to $1,600. Hire a garage door professional to tackle the installation.

Walls and Ceilings

The cost to paint a home interior is usually between $950 and $2,950, depending on the scale of the project. For example, the cost to paint a ceiling in a single room is $200 to $600, while the cost to paint a single wall is usually $100 to $200. Most often, homeowners end up painting an entire room. Here’s what you can expect to spend.

Type of Room Square Feet Average Price Range
Bathroom 70 $150 – $350
Bedroom 120 $300 – $750
Kitchen 160 $300 – $750
Living Room 330 $900 – $2,000
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DIY vs. Hiring a Painter

Achieving a perfect paint job with even coats and no visible brush strokes is trickier than it looks. Different materials require different types of paint and different methods of painting. You might need to make repairs, and painting cabinets can get particularly complicated once you start taking doors off their hinges and stripping old paint. 

Rather than risk damaging your cabinets, hire a cabinet painter or interior house painter near you. If you want to tackle a small paint job on your own, expect to spend $200 to $600 for supplies like paint, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, and tape.


How much paint do I need for my cabinets?

Most homeowners need 2 gallons of paint to paint their kitchen cabinets, though you may be able to use 1 gallon if you have a small kitchen or don’t plan on painting two coats (as is typically recommended). Each gallon covers about 350 square feet, but you can use our paint calculator to determine exactly how much you’ll need.

Keep in mind that higher-priced paints are usually worth the investment because it lasts longer, resists stains better, and covers cabinets evenly.

How much paint do I need for a door?

It depends on the type of door. Interior and exterior door sizes vary from 40 to 70 square feet. Each door will need two coats, so double the square footage. Expect to use 1 to 2 quarts of paint for a door, trim, and jamb. Most two-car garage doors require 1 gallon of paint, assuming you paint two or three coats. For a single car garage, you’ll need about ½ gallon.

What type of paint is best for kitchen cabinets?

Most professionals paint kitchen cabinets with latex paint, though acrylic paint adheres particularly well to wood. Though oil-based paint is highly durable, it’s generally avoided in residential applications because it emits VOCs.

Painting cabinets isn’t only about the type of paint. It’s also about the finish. The best paint finish for kitchen cabinets is eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss, or satin. Matte is less durable and more difficult to clean.

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