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Updated June 23, 2022

Reviewed by Robert Tschudi, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The average cost to install a tile roof is $17,374, with a typical range between $8,416 and $26,493. However, you could pay up to $45,000 or more for a complex roof made from high-quality terracotta tiles. Homeowners can expect to pay $7 to $25 per square foot. This breaks down to $2 to $10 per square foot for materials and $5 to $15 per square foot for installation.

2022 Notice: Material Prices Are Surging

Demand for siding and other building materials has grown over the past year. And as a result, manufacturers are increasing materials prices. Prices have gone up 5% to 10% this year, and many parts of the country are experiencing long delivery times. If you're planning a building project, we recommend starting as early as possible in the season, preparing for potential price fluctuations, and allowing extra time to order materials.

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National Average $17,374
Typical Range $8,416 - $26,493
Low End - High End $1,450 - $47,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 1,344 HomeAdvisor members.

Tile Roof Costs by Square Foot

Roof Square FootageMaterials Per Square FootInstalled Per Square Foot
1,500$3,000 – $15,000$12,000 – $37,500
2,000$4,000 – $20,000$16,000 – $50,000
2,500$5,000 – $25,000$20,000 – $62,500
3,000$6,000 – $30,000$24,000 – $75,000

Tile Roof Costs By Material

Roof tiles cost $2 to $10 per square foot for materials. If you’re looking for a long term investment, tile roofing is a great choice. This classic style features excellent durability and weather protection for almost any kind of climate. You'll pay the least for concrete and the most for terracotta.

TypeMaterials Per Square FootInstalled Per Square Foot
Concrete$2 – $4$7 – $19
Clay$3 – $7$8 – $22
Terracotta$5 – $10$10 – $25
Composite$7 – $11$12 – $26
Metal$6 – $15$11 – $30
Slate$5 – $30$10 – $45


Concrete roof tiles cost $2 to $4 per square foot.  If you’re looking for a roof that’s friendlier to your budget, it’s a reasonable choice.

However, concrete tiles weigh over 900 pounds per square, which is around two thirds as much as some of the other tile options. And, since this material isn’t as water resistant, it can grow mold. It also lasts about 30 to 50 years; much less than terracotta.


Standard clay tiles cost $3 to $7 per square foot.

Clay is the oldest roofing material. Some regions feature buildings with tiles that are thousands of years old. Since it is heavier and more water resistant than concrete, it costs more. In exchange, you may enjoy a surface that lasts longer than your house. However, they are more expensive and difficult to install. 


Terracotta roof tiles cost $5 to $10 per square foot, which is more expensive than standard clay options.

Terracotta is a kind of clay where the manufacturer bakes the unique color into the material during the firing process. This leads to an appearance that is less likely to fade over time. Homeowners prefer it for warmer regions because it reflects solar heat. It’s long-lasting but less resistant to freezing impact, so not a good choice if you live in a region with hard winters.


Composite roof tiles cost an average of $7 to $11 per square foot. Light and eco-friendly, these tiles are growing in popularity, especially because they come in a wide range of finishes. They are typically made from plastic, rubber or fiber cement. While they can be more pricey to buy, their installation is simpler than traditional clay tiles, so you make savings there.


Metal roof tiles cost $6 to $15 per square foot depending on the type of metal and shape. They are low-maintenance and energy efficient, but installing them is a challenge and they are prone to corrosion.


Slate tiles cost $5 to $30 per square foot. How much you spend depends on whether you opt for soft or more durable hard slate. While they’re impressively long-lasting, they’re heavy, costly and installation is not easy. Plus, you might need additional structural support to cope with the extra weight.

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Tile Roof Costs By Style

While roof tile material is the biggest factor when it comes to their cost, it’s worth knowing about the different styles of tiles. Simple designs, like a flat shake, cost less, while a traditional barrel tile runs the most. Because they sometimes require different techniques for installation, it can impact the price.

StyleInstallation Per Square Foot
Interlocking$3 – $5
Spanish$8 – $10
Mission/Double Roman$9 – $11
Flat$8 – $9
Pantile$8 – $10
Barrel Tile$10 – $13
French$9 – $11
Riviera$9 – $11


Interlocking tiles typically cost $3 to $5 per square foot. These tiles overlap and interlock by side joints and this means pros can install them as a single lap. This makes them one of the least expensive and simplest options in terms of installation.


Installing Mission tiles costs $9 to $11 per square foot. Also called “Double Roman,” this tile style has distinct ribs that are very pronounced. Popular for a Mediterranean look, it has smaller water courses, but there are more of them. Because of their shape, installation is more complex and costs more than average.


Spanish tiles cost $8 to $10 per square foot to install. These S-shaped tiles look like rows of undulating waves with wide water courses and are sometimes called Mediterranean tiles. They’re the most common roof tile style, and are ideal for regions with heavy rains. They require careful installation to avoid breakages.

Scandia is essentially a Spanish style turned upside down, and costs about the same.


Installing French tiles runs $9 to $11 per square foot on average. Also called “Profile,” this style looks like a reversed version of the Double Roman. Instead of humps, you get generous indents. This greatly increases the speed of water runoff. The use of  special edge and cap pieces and the tight fit required during installation increase the overall costs. 


Flat shakes are one of the most economical types of roofing tiles; you can sometimes find them for less than $2 per square foot. This style resembles granulated asphalt and wood shake. It has no water courses, but the flat surface avoids trapping rainwater (providing there is ample pitch on the roof). The adaptability of the finished look makes it very popular for almost any home.

Flat shakes cost around $8 to $9 per square foot to install, but you may be able to find it in concrete for as little as $1.50 per square foot.

This style resembles granulated asphalt and wood shake. It has no water courses, but the flat surface avoids trapping rainwater. The adaptability of the finished look makes it very popular for almost any home.


Installing pantiles costs $8 to $10 per square foot. These single-lap tiles are significantly lighter than other options. The style resembles a flattened S, which creates a rippling visual effect. It provides a classic “Old World” look with ample runoff for water.


Barrel tiles cost $10 to $13 per square foot to install. This style is usually one of the most expensive  to purchase and install because of the unusual design.

True barrel tiles have a taper that is wider at one end. Traditionally, workers wrapped the clay around a barrel or even their legs. Due to its shape, this style is ideal for a curved roof and helps to prevent mold buildup.


Riviera tiles cost $9 to $11 per square foot to install. Similar to the Mission design, this style has flat instead of rounded bumps. If you’re looking for a dramatic shading pattern, this is a great one to choose, although they aren’t always easy to source and this drives the price up.

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Cost Factors for Replacing Roof Tile

Roofing tile costs vary dramatically depending on the material and style you select. There are several other factors which can also influence the overall price you pay, these include:


Roof tiles typically cost $2 to $10 per square foot. For specialist tiles, it can be more. There are a variety of materials to choose from. When making a decision, balance durability, ease of installation, and the aesthetic you are looking to achieve. For example, composite tiles are more expensive than concrete tiles, but they last longer and are one of the simplest types of install.


The cost to purchase and install most roof tiles ranges from $7 to $25 per square foot. The style of tile you select not only influences the look of your roof, it also impacts water runoff, mold buildup and ease of installation. Spanish tiles are the most common style. If you’re on a budget, you might want to opt for flat tiles, and unusual barrel tiles will set you back the most to purchase and install.


Labor costs for a new tile roof range from $5 to $15 per square foot. You may pay more per square foot if you have a lot of hips and ridges, which require cutting to fit. For an average roof with 17 squares or 1,700 square feet, installation prices run $8,500 to $25,500.

When you request an estimate, keep in mind that most contractors charge by the square, not per square foot. One square equals 100 square feet. For example, if your installer charges $1,200 per square, that translates into $12 per square foot.

Your roofing contractor will evaluate aspects like the tile material and style and the height and pitch of your roof when calculating how much to charge for installation.

Color or Painting

Adding color to the tiles can cost $0.50 to $5 per square foot, depending on the design. Most manufacturers offer products in a variety of styles to suit your home. If you want one with a wavy or swirl pattern, plan to pay more.

Painting a tile roof costs $4 to $10 per square foot. If the material is in good shape but you don’t like the color, this may cost a lot less than replacement.


Replacing a waterproof underlayment costs $0.50 to $2 per square foot. It’s a common part of tile installation, as underlayments typically only last about ten years. Without this step, the tiles can leak or crack over time. The amount you pay relates to the type required for your roof slope.

Installers must determine if you need one or two layers. To install tile, your roof needs a minimum slope of 2.5:12. This means that the structure must rise at least 2.5 inches for every 12 inches of length. You’ll need a two-ply underlay for this slope. Some manufacturers require a slope of 4:12, which may only need one layer.


To get the materials to your home, you’ll probably need to pay an additional $600 to $1,000. Tiles can weigh as much as 6 to 8 pounds each, which makes them very heavy to transport. Most manufacturers and retailers add this charge to the purchase price.


In most cases, you’ll have to pay $0.50 to $1 per square foot to remove the existing materials. This runs $0.50 to $0.80 per square foot for shingles and $0.75 to $1 per square foot for tiles.

Ongoing Tile Maintenance

To maximize your tile roof’s longevity, it pays to keep up a regular maintenance schedule. Below are some of the tasks to consider.


The average cost of roof cleaning is $425. Regular roof cleaning can extend its lifespan by 10 to 20 years by removing problematic debris, moss, mold and algae. It also improves your home’s curb appeal and helps spot problematic roof issues.


On average, a roof inspection costs $220. It’s beneficial if you’ve experienced stormy weather or if you just want peace of mind your roof is in good condition 

Common Tile Roof Repairs

The cost to repair a roof averages about $1,000. You shouldn’t delay in repairing or replacing cracked or missing tiles, as you risk damaging the underlayment or experiencing leaks inside the home.

If you need to fix a small portion of the roof, consider this approach over a full replacement. Tiles in good condition can last longer than your home, so it may save you a lot of money to repair one or two of them.

Cracks and Chips

Replacing a few tiles with cracks or chips is a relatively simple repair job. You might not pay more than $250 per square foot to replace several tiles.


Another straightforward job is to replace or repair slipping tiles. Expect to pay $175 to $225.

Sagging Roof

Poor installation, or a buildup of snow or heavy rainfall can lead to your tile roof sagging. Costs vary depending on the extent of the damage. You could pay anything from $500 to $2,500, or more if there is major rot in the roof timbers.


If your tile roof has a leak, expect to pay between $100 and $1,500 to make it waterproof again. Simple repairs like cracked flashing, broken tiles, or clogged gutters are inexpensive to remedy. Major deterioration of multiple tiles or structural support will be considerably more.


The price to seal a roof runs $1,200 on average, and you’ll need to do it every few years. However, not all homes require this service. There is debate amongst the profession on whether this is beneficial for clay or concrete tiled roofs. Concrete is a porous material, but the pitch of the roof along with the overlay arrangement can be sufficient to keep the water out. Applying sealants requires power washing and walking on the tiles, and these can both cause damage to the tiles.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Given the weight of the materials and the size of the project, you’ll want to hire a professional to install roof tiles. For $5 to $15 per square foot in labor, you can get the assurance that the surface will protect your home for decades. “Because these tiles weigh so much, it’s critical that you make sure that the house can support it,” says Bob Tschudi, a Raleigh, NC-based GC. “A structural engineer can help you be confident that your house’s structure can support a tile roof.”

Even if you just need to replace a few tiles, hiring a pro is usually the best way to go. The materials are heavy and durable but also delicate and very thin at certain points. If you step on them in the wrong spot, they’ll crack.

It’s also critical to make sure that the flashing—the places where the roof intersects with vertical structures, such as chimneys and dormers—is water tight. “The flashings for tile roofing tiles are different and need to be installed by tile roof professionals,” says Bob Tschudi. “Otherwise, you risk leaking and shortening the lifespan of the roofing system.”

When you’re ready to browse tile roofing contractors near you, remember to:

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Are tile roofs more expensive?

The average price to tile a roof is $16,400, which is almost double the cost of installing asphalt shingles, and considerably more than a standard metal roof.  However, clay tile roofs can last longer (upwards of 100 years), and they aren’t as expensive as slate roofs. 

How many years does a tile roof last?

With the right maintenance, concrete tile roofs can last at least 50 years. Clay tile roofs should last at least double that amount. It’s not uncommon to see high-quality terracotta tile roofs that are many centuries old.

How many roof tiles are in a square?

The number of roof tiles in a square ranges from 100 to 350. The total depends on their size and shape.

Can you walk on a tile roof?

You can walk on a tile roof, but you risk breaking the concrete or clay. If you must, be sure to step on the lower third and avoid hopping.

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