How Much Does Ipe Wood Decking Cost?

Typical Range:

$3,500 - $9,800

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Updated June 11, 2021

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Ipe Decking Cost

The average Ipe deck costs $4,700 for a 10x15 foot space, including labor and materials. It can range between $3,500 and $9,800 depending on the wood grade quality and the level of difficulty to build. Expect to pay between $4 and $8 per linear foot for the lumber compared to $3 to $7 per foot for pressure-treated wood. Labor adds another $25 to $45 per square foot.

Your budget will vary based on the quality or grade of wood, along with the square footage and whether you decide to hire a decking pro.

Ipe Wood Price

The $4 to $8 price per linear foot is on the high end compared to other lumber types like pressure-treated wood at $3 at $7 per foot, but below average in total decking prices when taking in materials like composite or concrete. Where on that range you fall depends on the exact quality and size of the lumber.

Ipe Per Square Foot vs. Ipe Deck Board Prices

On average, an Ipe board ranges between $4 and $8 per linear foot, or $3.50 to $5 per square foot. Most stores charge finished boards by linear foot, and untreated lumber by square foot. Linear foot tends to be more cost-effective and requires less preparation work.

You might see some lumber quoted by board foot, which is one square foot that is one inch thick. Most decking boards are not exactly one inch thick, making this measure irrelevant. Decking boards are either 5/4 or 2 inches thick, 6 inches wide, and anywhere between 8 feet and 16 feet long.

Iron Woods Decking Cost

Boards from Iron Woods range between $6 and $8 per linear foot. As its name suggests, this brand focuses on high density lumber. Ipe is the most popular but not the only type of ironwood offered by Iron Woods, which has products ranging between $4 and $12 per linear foot.

Ipe Woods Decking Prices

One of the largest producers of this type of lumber, Ipe Woods decking boards range between $4 and $6.50 per linear foot. For an average upcharge of about 25% above that range, the brand also offers grooved planks and deck tiles for easier installation.

Fiberon Ipe Decking Prices

Fiberon offers composite boards that look like Ipe. These boards fall within the average rate for composite decking at $7 to $10 per square foot.

Hardwood Railing Prices

The cost of a hardwood railing averages between $750 and $1,250 and covers about 50 feet. The rate for the lumber will be between $500 and $900, while the rest is labor. A railing is crucial anytime you build an exit from the deck to the property using stairs or a ramp.

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Brazilian Hardwood Ipe Decking Cost Calculator

The labor price of $25 to $45 per square foot typically includes the materials (other than lumber) needed for the installation.

TypePrice Per Linear FootLength of Life (in years)
Ipe$4 - $875+
Pressure-treated$3 - $710 - 15
Redwood$5 -$1015 - 25
Mahogany$8 - $2520 - 30
Pine$4 - $1010 - 20

Cost to Install Ipe Decking Foundation

Your foundation alone will likely range between $4 and $9 per square foot of surface area. This most likely involves pouring concrete but can also include a wooden substructure if the deck is raised above ground.

Installing Ipe Decking Boards Per Square Foot

Installation of the deck planks ranges between $20 and $35 per square foot. The cost includes both labor and materials such as hinges, nails and screws. It's higher than most other lumber because this material is so dense, it requires special equipment to drill holes.

Stairs, Railings & Other Features

Expect to pay between $20 and $25 per linear foot for exterior wooden railings, materials and labor included. Most contractors will add this onto the project as an extra cost, not integrate it into overall materials and labor.


A permit for your deck, if required, will range between $0.50 and $1.50 per square foot or $75 to $225 for a 150 square foot construction. Most states only require a permit for surfaces above 150 square feet and more than 30 feet off the ground.

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Ipe Decking Cost Comparison

Any project has to start with determining which decking materials are right for you. Different types of lumber will vary in cost, durability, and look. Pricing is likely your biggest variable.

Ipe vs. Cedar Cost

Cedar decking ranges between $4 and $9 per linear foot, which is very similar to Ipe. It's easier to work with thanks to a lighter density, but also less durable. In fact, Ipe is three times stronger than Cedar. Regularly-treated cedar on any exterior surface lasts between 15 and 25 years on average compared to 75 years and more for Ipe.

Brazilian Hardwood Ipe vs. Other Wood Deck Materials

Decking Labor Rates by Task
FactorPrice Per Square Foot
Ipe foundation installation$4 - $9
Deck boards & footing$20 - $35
Stairs & railings$20 - $25 per linear foot (labor + materials)
Permit*$0.50 - $1.50

* not always required

Ipe vs. Composite

Composite decking costs between $7 and $12 per linear foot. Building a deck with composite tends to be more expensive than Brazilian hardwood initially but requires little to no maintenance over time. It's common for this type of surface to last up to 40 years, compared to 75+ years for Ipe wood.

A number of composite options allow for variation. Trex decking costs between $7 and $10 per linear foot and is made almost entirely from recycled materials.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Hardwood Decking Installer

Choosing to DIY your deck is a common decision for many homeowners but should be approached with caution for Ipe decking. The density of the material provides it with superior strength and durability, but also makes working on it difficult. You need special tools to drill a hole through this material.

Whether you DIY or hire a pro for your deck project comes down to a few specific variables:

  • Taking on the job yourself decreases costs by up to 60%.

  • DIY construction projects take significantly longer to complete.

  • The quality of work depends on your experience working with this lumber.

  • Limited tools available may make construction difficult.

If you do choose to trust a pro, prepare yourself with specific questions to ask a deck builder. Only experts in the specific material you use, with plenty of experience in similar projects, are right for the job.

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What is Ipe wood?

Ipe wood is a type of tropical hardwood native to Brazil. Pronounced Eee-pay, it's part of a group of lumber called ironwood because of its density. In fact, this wood is three times stronger than cedar.

What's the best priced Ipe decking?

Ipe decking prices are relatively consistent, but you can expect the best rates during Brazilian dry season between May and August. During rainy season, which typically lasts October through March, the cost for this lumber can rise by up to 25%.

Does it cost more to install metal railings on an Ipe deck?

Labor costs will increase when installing metal railings on an Ipe deck compared to lumber or composite. That's because you will need to drill more holes to keep the metal in place. Because of its high density, any drilling requires specialized tools and more time than other woods.

Can I use Brazilian Hardwood for a fence, home siding, roofing or a roof deck?

Brazilian lumber is a natural fit for fencing, home siding, roofing, and roof decks. The durability of the material allows it to withstand the elements and protect your home and property. Building a rooftop deck is complex, but Ipe can help you make it last.

Does Ipe work for pool decking?

When treated properly, Ipe works well for poolside decks. That's because it naturally repels water. In addition, its high density allows it to soak in less than other lumber types.

How long does Ipe decking last?

With proper maintenance, Ipe can last up to 75 years and longer. Its strength makes it more resistant to the exterior elements than any other type of wood.

Do I need to restain, repaint or refinish Ipe wood?

Ipe needs regular decking maintenance to stay strong and durable, which includes sealing and refinishing.

  • Price to seal your deck: $300-$400 for a 200 square foot surface when done professionally, or $50-$80 for two gallons of sealer if you do it yourself. Aim to seal the lumber once a year.

  • Price to refinish your deck: $300-$1,600. Look to refinish the surface every two to three years to keep it vibrant and weather-resistant.

  • Cost to stain your deck: $540-$1,050. Take a closer look every 5-7 years to check whether it retains its natural color or begins to wear. When it does, you can restain the surface at the same price.

Where can I buy Ipe decking wood near me?

Ipe decking boards are not available at every hardware store, but you can typically buy them at larger building materials outlets like 84 Lumber and Lumber Liquidators. You can also order them online direct from brands like Iron Woods and Ipe Woods. When in doubt, consult a pro to help you get the best possible materials at the best price.

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