How Much Is a Composite Deck?

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$3,600 - $7,700

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Updated August 22, 2022

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Composite deck prices range from $25 to $54 per square foot installed, or $3,600 to $7,200 for a 144-square-foot deck. The average composite deck costs about $5,200. By comparison, a wood deck ranges from $10 to $20 per square foot for pressure-treated lumber up to $30 to $55 per square foot for a high-quality wood deck, like mahogany.

Composite material prices run $15 to $36 per square foot, including $4 to $15 per square foot for the deck boards alone. Labor costs from $10 to $14 per square foot—much cheaper than wood deck installation.

The cost of your composite deck installation will vary depending on the square footage, composite material, labor costs, and additional factors like landscaping, permits, and old deck removal. You can use our cost of composite decking calculator for a basic estimate, but you’ll need to get quotes from multiple deck companies near you for a more detailed cost breakdown.

Average cost for composite decking is $25 to $54 per square foot

2022 Notice: Material Prices Are Surging

Demand for siding and other building materials has grown over the past year. And as a result, manufacturers are increasing materials prices. Prices have gone up 5% to 10% this year, and many parts of the country are experiencing long delivery times. If you're planning a building project, we recommend starting as early as possible in the season, preparing for potential price fluctuations, and allowing extra time to order materials.

Cost per Square Foot Composite Deck

The size of your composite deck greatly impacts the final price, from $2,000 to $20,000. The table below shows typical deck dimensions, their resulting square footage, and the average cost to install, including deck boards, additional materials, and labor.

Deck Dimensions Total Square Footage Average Deck Cost, Installed
8’x10’ 80 square feet $2,000 – $4,000
12’x12’ 144 square feet $3,600 – $7,200
10’x16’ 160 square feet $4,000 – $8,000
10’x20’ 200 square feet $5,000 – $10,000
12’x20’ 240 square feet $6,000 – $12,000
16’x20’ 320 square feet $8,000 – $16,000
20’x20’ 400 square feet $10,000 – $20,000

PVC Decking Prices or Vinyl Decking

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking costs $5 to $13 per square foot for the boards. Composite boards typically cost $4 to $12 per square foot.

Composite is a broad term for decking materials that includes wood plastic composite and mineral-based composite, but PVC and vinyl decking are also considered composite deck materials. While other composites contain plastic mixed with wood or minerals, PVC is entirely made of plastic.

Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC is built to look and feel much like wood. This means that pros can cut these boards without the risk of splintering or cracking, a common problem with other vinyl materials like siding.

Recycled Plastic Decking

Most PVC and composite decking products use recycled plastic. Some do not use any new materials, making them highly sustainable. If you’re looking for a green alternative that still looks like wood, recycled plastic decking is a great choice.

Other Synthetic Decking Costs

When you think about the cost of a PVC deck, remember that you’ll need to pay for:

  • Railing

  • Substructure

  • Posts

  • Hardware

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Composite Decking Installation Cost Factors

While the average 144-square-foot composite deck costs $5,200, composite decking prices vary greatly depending on the following factors:

Deck Size

Deck size plays a big factor in the installation cost of your composite deck. An 80-square-foot deck might cost as little as $2,000 to install, while a 400-square-foot deck can cost 10x as much, or $20,000.


Material costs for composite decking can range from $4 per square foot for a wood composite deck to $15 or more per square foot for mineral composite.

Costs compared for 3 composite deck board materials, including wood plastic, PVC vinyl, and mineral-based
Photo: oneillbro / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images
  • Wood plastic composite decking ($4 to $12 per square foot for the deck boards) uses mostly recycled plastic with wood fibers. This composite material is designed to last for decades and is more resistant to cracking and splintering. It is more expensive than pressure-treated lumber but still might be more affordable than the cost of a redwood deck or an exotic wood deck.

  • The price of PVC decking ranges from $5 to $13 per square foot for the deck boards. Also known as vinyl decking, PVC is made entirely of plastic but capped like other composite decking. Because there is no organic material that can rot or swell over time, PVC decking often lasts for decades. It does, however, expand and contract more than composite wood decking.

  • Mineral-based composite decking ($6 to $15 per square foot), also called polypropylene, is newer than the other types of composite decking. Though it costs more, it is highly resistant to moisture and can last for several decades.


Labor costs $10 to $14 per square foot of installation, though when you hire a deck company, they often charge $25 per square foot for any stairs. For a 144-square-foot deck installation, expect to pay $1,500 to $2,000, depending on the amount of stair work required.


A deck permit costs between $225 and $500, depending on where you live. Not every state requires a permit for decks, but most do. If you work with a professional contractor, they can typically take care of the permit work or at least advise on what permits you may need.

Removal of Old Decking

The cost to demolish and remove an old deck ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot. If the deck is a net-new addition to your home, you won’t need to worry about this cost.

Deck Accessories

A wood plastic composite deck costs $4 to $12 per square foot for the deck boards ($5 to $13 for PVC deck boards), but you have to factor in the cost of other materials as well, including railing, substructure, posts, and hardware.

The total cost of decking materials ranges from $15 to $36 per square foot. This does not include labor.

The table below shows the material cost for a 144-square-foot composite deck:

Boards$600 - $1,900
Railing$350 – $1,100
Substructure$750 – $1,250
Posts$300 – $750
Hardware$100 – $200
Total$2,100 – $5,200


Post lighting can cost $30 to $100 per post; light fixture installation costs can add another $150 or more.

You will need to factor in the hourly cost of an electrician ($50 to $100 an hour) if you add lighting features to your new composite deck.

Additional Landscaping

If your new composite deck is part of a larger landscaping project, you will need to factor in additional landscaping costs. On average, a total backyard remodel costs $15,000 to $50,000.


The brand you choose can affect overall composite deck prices, from $5 to $12.50 per square foot. The table below shows some of the most common brands, including Trex, and their cost per square foot.

BrandCost Per Square Foot
Trex$5 – $10
TimberTech/AZEK$7.50 – $12
Fiberon$5 – $10
Cali Bamboo/Bamdeck$8.50 – $12.50
Veranda$4 – $5

Other popular brands include:

  • Wolf

  • Duxxbak

  • Duradek

  • Zuri

  • Lumberock

  • Tufdek

  • VEKAdeck

  • EverGrain

  • Rhino

For detailed pricing information and availability in your area, contact the manufacturers or a professional contractor.

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Ongoing Composite Maintenance Cost

Composite decks are popular because they are low maintenance, especially compared to natural wood decks. Just make sure to sweep it and hose it down as needed. Otherwise, you won’t need to worry about any composite deck maintenance costs.

DIY vs. Hire a Decking Pro

DIYCosts lessHigher likelihood of error
ProfessionalMore options, better jobCosts more

Since materials make up the bulk of a deck installation cost, most homeowners conclude that it’s easier to go with a professional installer. Deciding whether to build a deck or hire a pro depends on your skills. Many composite and PVC manufacturers sell only to authorized dealers, so DIY may limit your choices. If you make a mistake, repairing a deck averages about $1,900.

If going the professional deck installation route, be sure to get quotes from at least three contractors. Interview your deck builder before making a decision.


Is composite decking worth the cost?

Many homeowners find that composite decking is worth the cost, especially compared to wood. This material runs less than some low- to moderate-quality wood deck materials but can last even longer, with low maintenance needs.

What are the disadvantages of composite decking?

Composite decks can cost more than wood decks, especially pressure-treated wood decks. Composite decks also are not natural; if you're looking for that natural wood feel, you won’t get that with composite decking.

What are the advantages of composite decking?

Though they can cost more than most wood decks, composite decks last longer and are mostly maintenance-free. You can even get composite decking made from recycled materials, like plastic grocery bags, to make your deck more environmentally friendly. And because composite decks come in a range of color, you won’t have to pay to paint and stain the deck as you would with a wood deck.

What’s the best, most affordable composite decking?

The most affordable composite will cost about $3,600 for a 144-square-foot deck. Veranda has some of the lowest material costs. Other popular brands, such as Trex or TimberTech, also sell quality products on the lower end of the price range.

What’s the best place to buy composite or PVC decking?

Most composite or PVC manufacturers prefer that you order products through a professional deck builder. You can also find several popular brands through major home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

How much does it cost to install a deck railing?

The cost to install a deck railing depends on the size and products. The average deck railing costs $93 per linear foot, installed.

Can I install composite for my roof deck?

In many cases, pros can install composite boards on a roof deck. This depends on the slope and the type of material. For example, tiles require a very slight grade.

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