How Much Does It Cost to Build a Trellis?

Typical Range:

$60 - $350

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Updated January 24, 2022

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A trellis costs between $60 and $350 per linear foot, with most people paying around $200 per linear foot, including installation. The price per foot varies a lot based on the height of the trellis panel, the material, shape, and design you choose, and whether you choose prefabricated or custom models.

Average Cost to Build a Trellis

Average Cost $200 per linear foot
Low Cost $60 per linear foot
High Cost $350 per linear foot

The cost of materials makes up about 75% of the total project cost, assuming you're using prefabricated trellis panels. The cost of materials varies significantly, from $45 to $260 per linear foot. Metal trellises usually fall at the lower end of the cost range, with high-quality vinyl and wooden models being at the upper end.

Trellis Installation Costs

Labor accounts for around 25% of a trellis installation project. If you hire a local handyperson to install your trellis, you'll pay around $60 to $125 per hour. If you hire a nearby landscaper, expect to pay $50 to $150 per hour for landscaping costs. Typically, it takes up to 2 hours per 8-foot trellis section, although this will vary based on trellis material, accessibility, and ease of installation.

Trellis Cost by Size

The price you pay for trellis installation is significantly impacted by the size of trellis you choose. Although generally measured in linear feet, like in the table below, trellises also vary in price based on their height, hence the extensive cost range for each panel size listed below.

Trellis Size Cost Range (All-in) Average Cost (All-in)
4 linear feet $250 – $550 $400
6 linear feet $350 – $700 $525
8 linear feet $800 – $2,000 $1,400
10 linear feet $1,200 – $3,500 $2,350
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Cost to Build a Trellis by Material

The price of materials ranges from $44 to $144 per linear foot and determines your trellis project price. Metals, like stainless steel and iron tend to be the least expensive. At the upper end of the range, you'll find vinyl and wood trellises. Take a look at some common trellis materials and their typical costs.

Trellis Material Cost Range per linear foot (All-in) Average Cost per linear foot (All-in)
Stainless Steel $45 – $55 $50
Iron $50 – $75 $62
Metal $60 – $80 $70
Plastic $60 – $85 $74
Composite $60 – $90 $75
PVC $90 – $100 $95
Vinyl $100 – $130 $110
Wood $125 – $145 $135

Trellis Cost by Shape

With costs ranging from $150 to $950, the shape of your trellis plays a role in how much you'll pay based on the complexity of the shape and the amount of material used to create it. Simpler shapes with straight lines tend to be less expensive than complex, curved, and arched designs. The table below shows you some popular trellis shapes and their typical costs.

Trellis Shape Cost Range (All-in) Average Cost (All-in)
Cone $150 – $200 $175
Fan $175 – $275 $225
V $180 – $285 $230
Triangular $200 – $380 $290
Diamond $340 – $400 $370
Heart $375 – $475 $425
Tree $400 – $520 $460
T $500 – $675 $590
Leaf $525 – $680 $600
Oval $600 – $850 $725
Arch $700 – $950 $825

Factors That Impact the Cost of Trellis Installation

Aside from the type of trellis, what it's made from, and where you're installing it, there are a number of other factors that influence the final project price. 


Most homeowners use a trellis to support plant growth, regardless of other functions. And many people like to have the area planted at the same time as the trellis is installed. Alternatively, you can hire a local gardener to plant up the trellis for you after installation. Remember to budget for planting when planning your project. Common plants for trellises include:

  • Honeysuckle:  $10–$15

  • Mandevilla: $10–$18

  • Bittersweet: $10–$20

  • Climbing rose: $15–$30

  • Bougainvillea: $15–$30

  • Morning glory: $15–$30

  • Boston ivy: $25–$40

  • Dutchman's pipe: $30–$60

Painting or Sealing

Painting or sealing a trellis costs between $40 and $100, including tools, equipment, and paint. Over time, constant exposure to the weather can cause fading, rot, rust, and other damage to your trellis if you don't provide some regular maintenance. Painting or sealing it is the best way to keep it in tip-top condition. 

Trellis Upgrades

Trellis upgrades enhance the appearance of your outdoor space but will cost you extra. Installing a water feature, for example, enhances the aesthetic of your garden and attracts birds and small animals. To combine a trellis and a water feature, you'll also need to carefully consider what plants will thrive in the wetter conditions.

Other enhancements can include adding stained glass to the spaces between the trellis lattice and adding accent lighting.

Adding an Arbor

If you want to add a cover or roof to your trellis, an arbor is the way to go. Remember to budget $300 to $1,000 to cover the cost to build an arbor. Arbors provide shade, shelter, and an interesting design aesthetic. It also creates a beautiful green and floral canopy as your plants grow and mature. 

DIY vs. Professional Trellis Installation

If you're investing a significant amount of money in a high-quality trellis that requires anchoring securely, it makes sense to hire a professional. However, if you have all the necessary tools and the right skillset, installing a trellis is something you can do yourself. 

However, for the sake of safety and longevity, it's often better to leave it to the pros.

FAQs About Trellis Installation 

What is a trellis roof?

Another name for a trellis roof is an arbor. A trellis roof is supported by four posts that are usually made from wood.  

Does climbing hydrangea need a trellis?

Yes, it is advisable to grow a climbing hydrangea on a trellis. Growing climbing hydrangeas up the side of a house can lead to mold problems.

How do you secure a wooden trellis in the ground?

The legs of a wooden trellis need to be dug about 12 inches into the ground if they are supporting lightweight plants. For heavier plants, the legs of the trellis should be dug 24 inches into the ground.

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