How Much Does It Cost to Replace Awning Fabric?

Typical Range:

$100 - $1,600

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Updated December 13, 2022

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On average, awning fabric replacement costs $600. Prices typically range from $400 to $800, though some homeowners will pay as little as $100 to repair a small portion of awning fabric or as much as $1,600 to install new high-quality fabric on a large awning. Awning fabrics can vary in quality and size and may require varying degrees of repair, so the relative cost depends entirely on what requires fixing or replacing.

Potential problems can range from tears and small rips to extensive fraying and large holes. Fixing a simple snag in your RV awning fabric is easier than replacing the entire fabric awning on your patio. If not properly repaired, your awning could leak, become water damaged (including growing mold or mildew), or fail to provide protection from the elements. For difficult repairs and full fabric replacements, it’s usually best to hire an awning professional to ensure a lasting fix.

Average Cost to Repair or Replace Awning Fabric

Average CostHigh CostLow Cost

Awning Fabric Replacement Prices

The cost to replace awning fabric for your RV or patio canopy typically ranges from $300 to $600 for the materials only, depending on the size and type of fabric. Some fabrics are heavy-duty, mildew-resistant, and cost more (up to $1,200 for a large awning), while others are thin and don’t offer as much protection (as little as $100 for a small awning).

You’ll need to replace the awning fabric if it’s severely ripped and doesn’t protect the area underneath from the elements. Some RV owners and homeowners replace their awning fabric if it’s outdated or faded by the sun or if they want a fresh look for their outdoor space.

If you only need to replace parts of the fabric, expect lower awning fabric costs. But if your fabric has large tears or is fraying at the edges, it makes sense to replace the fabric completely. It may cost more money now, but it’s a better investment in the long run.

If you can, wait until the fall or winter to look for replacement fabric and repair quotes. Prices tend to decrease in the off-season.

Awning Fabric Installation Cost

Fabric replacement installation ranges from $100 to $400 per project, based on the awning size and its location complexity. For example, you might pay $100 for an RV awning fabric replacement but $400 for a patio awning fabric replacement above a deck.

Awning fabric replacement labor costs may be higher if the awning is in a hard-to-reach, more dangerous location or if you live in an area with a higher cost of living.

Cost to Repair Awning Fabric

If you have a small hole or tear in your awning, it often makes sense to repair it instead of replacing the entire fabric. When hiring a local awning repair company to fix your awning fabric, you’ll spend between $100 and $400, depending on the severity of the issue and the type of awning fabric.

  • Cotton Canvas: Repairs usually cost from $100–$200.

  • Acrylic Coated Polyester: Expect to pay from $150–$250.

  • Polyester: Repairs cost $150–$300 on average.

  • Vinyl: Repairs range from $200–$400 on average.

Removing and Discarding Old Fabric

If you replace your awning yourself, you can discard your fabric awning parts at your local transfer station. The fee is usually less than $20. If you hire a professional to replace your awning fabric, the contractor’s price usually includes removal and disposal.

Repairing the Valance

You can typically repair the valance (the small, decorative curtain portion forming the bottom edge of an awning) for between $100 and $150 if it’s a rip, snag, leak, or fraying issue. Larger patch repairs are often more expensive.

Because valances are exposed to the elements more than the rest of the awning, they often grow dirty before the remaining fabric. Rather than replace the entire awning fabric, see if you can replace the valance portion separately to save money—as long as the rest of the awning fabric is still in good condition.

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Awning Fabric Replacement Cost by Size

Replacing awning fabric largely depends on the size and the type of fabric. Awning fabrics come in hundreds of colors and materials, from cotton canvas to vinyl. In general, awning replacement costs between $4 and $8 per square foot, though you can pay much more (or less) depending on the color and quality. On the low end, you’ll find basic colors and thin fabrics; on the high end, you can get detailed patterns and heavy fabrics.

While costs can vary, the table below breaks down common awning sizes and the typical cost of awning replacement fabric.

Awning Surface Area (in Square Feet)Typical Cost Range
40$160 – $320
80$320 – $640
120$480 – $960
160$640 – $1,280
200$800 – $1,600

Other Awning Repairs

When considering the cost to replace awning fabric, it might make sense to bundle other repairs you’ve been putting off while you already have a contractor out. Awning repair costs range from $275 to $1,125. Components that may require repair include:

  • Aluminum strips: $200–$550

  • Retractable arm: $80–$300

  • Manual worm gear: $100–$300

  • Automatic retractable motor: $200–$600

  • Brackets: $120–$200

  • Springs: $100–$300

DIY vs. Hire an Awning Pro

Repairing awning fabric yourself can save you $100 to $200, as your only cost will be materials. That said, you’ll need a few specific tools to replace the awning fabric yourself and at least two people to help you.

For most people, spending the extra $100 to $200 on professional labor is worth it due to the risks associated with DIY fabric replacement:

  • Improper repairs can lead to breaks and leaks in the canopy.

  • Possible damage to your awning can occur due to a lack of experience.

  • Shoddy repair work is often more expensive long term than hiring a professional the first time.

  • An improperly applied fabric repair kit can cause additional or exacerbated rips and tears.

  • An obvious patching job can reduce your canopy’s aesthetic.

  • There’s a chance of injury to you or others nearby.

To avoid damage, incorrect installation, and injury, find an awning company near you to handle the fabric replacement.

DIY Repair Kits and Tape

A basic awning repair kit costs between $20 and $100. You can find them online or at home improvement stores. Kits work best for small patches, such as those 6 inches in diameter or smaller, not larger repair projects. You can also find fabric tape for $10 to $20 to repair punctures and tears, but not holes. Fabric tape isn’t strong enough to hold two pieces of vinyl or polyester together.

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Can you replace the fabric on a retractable awning?

Yes, you can replace the fabric on a retractable awning. You’ll want to measure carefully to get an exact replacement fit and hire an awning professional to install it for you so no other parts get damaged in the process. On average, patio and RV awning fabric replacement costs range between $400 and $800.

How long does a fabric awning last?

Awning fabric usually lasts eight to 10 years but can last up to 15 years if well-maintained. Choosing high-quality fabric, such as vinyl, can increase the lifespan of your awning. Protecting it from severe weather, like thunderstorms and high winds, saves your awning from damage and wear and tear. Always retract your awning before a storm or strong winds. You can also apply UV protection to slow the effects of sun fading.

Which awning fabric is best?

Acrylic and vinyl fabrics are the best for awnings, as they are the most durable and resistant to the elements. These high-quality fabric materials can last more than a decade when well cared for. They are also more resistant to sun fading and do a better job of resisting water, keeping the space beneath them dryer. Vinyl and acrylic fabric awnings are also easy to clean. Avoid polyester and canvas awnings, if possible.