How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

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$106 - $243

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Updated March 30, 2022

Reviewed by Robert Tschudi, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

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On average, you can expect to pay around $174 for appliance repair. While the average range is $106 and $243, the price to fix your appliance can be as little as $70 or as much as $500. Cost is determined by the type of appliance and what's wrong with it.

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National Average $174
Typical Range $106 - $243
Low End - High End $50 - $360

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 64,415 HomeAdvisor members.

Estimating Appliance Repair Costs

Appliance repairs range from $50 to $450 for most models. If you have a particularly old or expensive unit, you may pay more.

Labor costs tend to make up the bulk of appliance repair prices. Sometimes you'll pay by the hour, or your technician may charge a flat fee for the time. Remember to also account for any service or travel fees. Before you hire a local appliance repair technician, ask them exactly what their fee covers so you don't get any unpleasant surprises when it's time to pay the bill.

Cost to Repair Appliances by the Hour

Labor for appliance repair generally costs $50 to $150 per hour. However, for solar appliances, you may pay up to $200 per hour for a repair pro.

On top of the hourly fee, you'll likely have to pay a service charge, which typically falls between $50 and $100. This fee also usually covers travel time and cost. Therefore, to minimize extra fees, it's a good move to hire a nearby appliance repair company

Flat Fee Appliance Repair Cost

Flat fee appliance repair generally costs $50 to $200. This type of pricing is usually only available for specific, smaller tasks, like changing filters, repairing a washing machine door catch, or installing new oven door glass. 

Emergency Fees for Appliance Repair

If an appliance breaks down and you need it repaired right away, an emergency callout fee will apply, which varies between $50 and $200, depending on the time and the day. For example, out of hours or on holidays, you'll likely pay towards the top end of this range.

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Cost to Repair Appliances by Type

The average cost of appliance repair is $70 to $500. Every appliance is different, so the final price varies based on the type of appliance, how challenging the task is, how accessible the appliance is, and which part needs fixing. Take a look at the typical cost ranges and the average repair cost for common household appliances.

Type of Appliance Cost to Repair (Including Labor) Average Repair Cost (Including Labor)
Garbage Disposal $70 – $200 $130
Dryer $100 – $200 $150
Microwave $100 – $200 $150
Dishwasher $100 – $300 $200
Freezer $100 – $300 $200
Ice Maker $150 – $250 $200
Washing Machine $150 – $300 $220
Stove $100 – $400 $250
Oven $150 – $400 $270
Refrigerator $200 – $500 $350

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal repair costs $130, on average, with a potential range of $70 to $200. One of the most common and least expensive repairs for this type of appliance is a jam. At the other end of the scale, leaks are the most costly as they are time-consuming to fix. 


Dryer repairs cost around $150 to fix. You'll pay anywhere from $100 to $200 to fix this appliance. At the lower end of the range, repairs like getting a drum back on its track, replacing a broken belt, or fixing a door or replacing bearings are common. The more expensive repairs include replacing a heating element or a damaged motor.


Microwave repair costs around $150, with a range of $100 to $200. Countertop microwaves cost the least to repair, while built-in models located above the range are the most expensive. Low-cost repairs include fuses and new turntables while replacing or repairing doors and motors cost the most.


Repairing a dishwasher costs about $200, with a range of $100 to $300. Repairs at the lower end of the range include replacing seals and springs and getting rid of a blockage. More costly repairs include replacing a heating element or repairing a failed motor.


The average cost to fix a freezer is $200, but you could pay as little as $100 or as much as $300. At the lower end of the range are simpler problems like needing a new thermostat or fixing a ding in the door, while the upper end includes complex repairs like installing a new control panel. 

Ice Maker

To repair an ice maker costs around $200. Simple fixes like damaged sensors, broken arms, or clogged lines start at $150. More costly repairs, such as leaks and damaged thermostats can cost up to $250.

Washing Machine

Washing machine repair costs an average of $220, or between $150 and $300. Door closure problems, replacing seals or bearings, and rebalancing the drum cost the least to fix while clutch, pump, transmission, and motor repair cost the most.


The typical cost to repair a stove is $250. Depending on the repair and the energy type, you can pay anywhere from $100 to $400. Replacing a stove burner coil or a faulty switch or dial are among the least expensive repairs, while replacing or repairing a glass stovetop or replacing broken gas burners are the most expensive.


Repairing an oven generally costs $270. Simple repairs, like replacing the door, the door glass, or an oven sensor can cost as little as $150. More complex repairs, like replacing the control board, can cost $400


Refrigerator repair costs an average of $350. Dents, door seals, and thermostat repair can cost $200 or less while repairing or replacing the control board can cost $500 or more. 

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Cost of Appliance Repair by Energy Source

Electric appliances tend to cost the least to repair. Gas appliances sit in the middle, and solar appliances are the most costly.

Gas appliances cost up to 20% more to repair than their electric counterparts because the parts are more expensive and working with gas carries a higher degree of risk and danger.

Solar appliances are the most expensive to repair because, while gaining in popularity with those who live off-grid or who want to minimize their home's carbon footprint, they're still something of a rarity. The appliances themselves are more complex, so are more expensive, as are the parts to repair them. Additionally, appliance repair pros trained in solar appliance repair are few and far between, so they can charge a premium for their services.

Source of Energy Cost to Repair (Including Labor) Average Repair Cost (Including Labor)
Electricity $100 – $375 $240
Gas $150 – $450 $330
Solar $250 – $600 $420

Appliance Repair vs. Replacement Costs

While repairing an appliance is often the most cost-efficient solution, you need to judge when that's not the case. Continually patching up an old appliance to keep it limping along for a few more months won’t cut it. An appliance in this state is often inefficient, so costs more to run. Plus, the frequent maintenance and repair bills quickly mount up to be considerably more expensive than the cost of a new high-end appliance.

Similarly, sometimes the cost of the repair itself, such as a complex fix on a garbage disposal, is more expensive than just replacing the old disposal with a new one. 

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Factors That Influence the Cost to Repair Appliances

There are a number of factors that help you minimize the cost of appliance repair and that can help maximize the lifespan of your appliances. 


Regular maintenance and servicing can help keep your appliances operating at peak efficiency for longer and reduce the likelihood of breakdown. An annual appliance servicing plan costs between $100 and $300 and often covers laundry and kitchen appliances. These service plans include thorough cleaning, inspection, and tuneup of your appliances and may also include the cost of labor for repairs. 


Appliance refinishing costs from $150 to $1,300. It's a great way of giving old appliances a facelift. While it's not a smart option for appliances that are approaching the end of their life, it's a great choice for shabby-looking appliances that still work well. 

Extended Warranty

When you purchase expensive appliances, consider buying an extended warranty to go along with them. That way, you minimize costs if the appliances do break down during that period. Those appliances that are the workhorses of your kitchen and laundry, such as refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines can fail at any time, and commonly do break down within their first three to five years, so it makes sense to purchase a warranty that covers both parts and labor for at least 5 years.

FAQs About Appliance Repair Costs

Do appliance warranties transfer to new owners?

Unfortunately, no, appliance warranties do not transfer to new owners in most cases. However, some warranties are designated as transferable, so always check the terms of the warranty before you purchase.

How much does it cost to fix a dishwasher that won't drain?

It costs between $50 and $400 to fix a dishwasher that won't drain. The price depends on the cause of the drainage issue and how accessible the appliance is. 

What causes an oven to stop heating?

For gas ovens, a faulty igniter is usually responsible for the appliance not heating. With electric ovens, the heating element is usually at fault. In either case, an appliance repair pro needs to replace the components to get your oven heating again.

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