How Much Does It Cost to Install or Replace a Garbage Disposal?

Typical Range:

$150 - $950

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Updated February 8, 2022

Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.

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Garbage Disposal Cost

The average cost to install a garbage disposal ranges between $150 and $950. It can be as low as $75 if you are able to do the project yourself, including the cost of tools. Additional costs include varying unit prices, professional labor and installing a grounded outlet where needed.

Garbage disposals simplify the kitchen cleanup process by grinding solid food waste into small enough pieces to send through your home’s pipes. This cuts back on unpleasant odors created by rotting foods left in the trash can, making meal prepping - and clearing - a whole lot easier.

Average Garbage Disposal Costs

Average Cost$400
High Cost$950
Low Cost$150

Cost to Install a Garbage Disposal

The cost to install a garbage disposal typically ranges between about $75 and $950, depending on whether you DIY or have a professional install it for you. Final costs can vary considerably depending on which unit and accessories you purchase, as well any needed electrical adjustments.

Cost to Install Kitchen Faucet and Garbage Disposal

The national average cost to install a kitchen faucet is around $250, with costs ranging between $160 and $350. Installing a kitchen faucet with your garbage disposal may cost between $240 and $1,070. The cost of the plumber or handyman you hire and the price of the equipment will impact your final expense. The cost to install a sink with it adds about $400 to your total.

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Garbage Disposal Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a garbage disposal is about $400 on average. The price is comparable to that of installing a new disposal, minus the extra wiring which should already be in place.

"If you already have a disposal in place, swapping it out for a new one is fairly simple,” says Andy Kilborn, Angi Expert Review Board member and owner of Andy’s Handyman. “If you need to add electrical, the complexity and price will go up."

Garbage Disposal Prices

BrandAverage Cost
InSinkErator$100 - $340
Waste King$50 - $170
GE$105 - $285
Moen$90 - $240

Garbage Disposal Cost Factors

Your cost to install a garbage disposal will vary based on labor, the type of unit, the potential cost of rewiring, and any accessories you add.

Continuous vs. Batch Feed

Two types of garbage disposals are available: continuous feed and batch feed. Both send waste through your sewer or septic system, but each feeds waste in a different way.

Continuous Feed ($170 average cost)

Continuous feed disposals are the most common and least expensive of the two varieties. This type allows you to feed waste as long as the power switch is on, permitting for disposal of larger amounts of waste without delay.

Batch Feed Garbage Disposals ($220 average cost)

Batch feed disposals grind your kitchen waste in batches. These operate like continuous feed disposals but with a special cover that also keeps items from falling into the grinder.

Cost of Wiring

If you do not have a grounded outlet to power the garbage disposal, you will need to factor in the cost to install an electrical outlet. This may cost as little as $5 when placed near existing electrical wiring, plus an additional $75 for the electrician's labor.

If electrical wiring does not yet exist, it will likely cost around $90, depending on labor and parts. If your project requires the addition of a new switch and wire, you may spend an average of $5 to $10 on materials, plus about 30 additional minutes of labor at an average cost of $75 an hour.

Accessories and Other Considerations

Garbage disposals offer upgrades for enhanced functionality. Consider whether one of these additional accessories may be appropriate for use in your home as well.

Treatment Dispenser:

If you have a septic tank, you may consider a treatment dispenser attachment at an average cost of $40. This dispenser will treat the septic tank and prolong its life. Some garbage disposals also come with scent-release mechanisms for use with septic tanks.

Dishwasher Drain Connectors:

The fitting for drain connectors can cost anywhere from $9 to $15, with $11 being the average. This mechanism will run your dishwasher water through the garbage disposal, preventing possible clogs.

“In order to avoid a clogged dishwasher drain (one of the most common service calls), make sure to remove the plastic knock-out inside the inlet pipe before attaching the dishwasher drain hose. Read the instructions carefully to ensure the waste generated from washing dishes can be ground in the disposal,” says plumber Jeff Botelho.

A Push-Button System:

Push-button kits cost about $40. A push-button is useful for starting the garbage disposal when its switch is in an inconvenient location.

A Baffle:

This $10 tool keeps unwanted items such as silverware from entering the garbage disposal, protecting both your silverware and the disposal itself from unnecessary wear.

DIY Garbage Disposal Installation vs. Hire a Pro

Installing a garbage disposal is relatively straightforward and can save you between $90 and $250 in labor costs. Hiring a professional plumber or handyman eliminates the risk of water and food waste leaking into your home due to improper installation. You can also find a local garbage disposal installer to complete the task.

Additionally, if any electrical rewiring is necessary, then a professional electrician needs to take care of this for you.


How long do garbage disposals last?

The average lifespan for a garbage disposal is around 10 years. The cost of garbage disposal repair is comparable to that of mid-range priced disposals, so replacement often makes the most sense.

How do you know when your garbage disposal needs to be replaced?

Should your disposal suddenly stop working, start by checking its manual overload protection (where applicable). This is the red button on the bottom of the unit that trips when it becomes jammed or overloaded. Unplug the disposal, push the button and remove the jam.

If the garbage disposal still isn’t operating, then check your electrical connection. Ensure that the plug is firmly in the outlet and that the outlet itself is live. If necessary, check your circuit breaker to see if it tripped. If everything is in proper working order, then it could be time to replace your disposal.

In addition, the following signs could also mean that you need a new garbage disposal:

  • Delayed operation usually means blades have dulled and the unit requires replacement

  • Persistent foul odors despite attempts to unclog the disposal usually point to deep clogs, which call for replacement of the unit

  • Leaking from the bottom indicates a compromised seal inside the unit, meaning replacement is usually the best option

Can I replace a garbage disposal myself?

If the proper wiring is intact and ready to go, then you should be able to replace a garbage disposal yourself. But when selecting a new disposal, look for one with a similar size and shape.  Changing to a drastically different style will increase the complexity of the replacement, as you will likely need to modify the drain plumbing.

Does a plumber or electrician install a garbage disposal?

A plumber or handyman will install a garbage disposal for you. However, if any electrical rewiring is necessary, then an electrician will need to do this.

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