How Much Does It Cost to Install a Storm Door?

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$186 - $653

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Updated April 12, 2024

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  • Complex installation and potential for incorrect installation make hiring a pro advisable for storm door projects.

  • The cost of installing a storm door ranges from $100 to $1,000 depending on the type and design.

  • The cost of storm doors depends on type, size, glass type, and installation complexity.

  • Popular storm door materials include single-panel steel, decorative glass, retractable screens, low-E view glass, and beveled glass.

  • Storm doors offer protection, aesthetic upgrades, and options for pet doors, enhancing home value.

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Installing a storm door costs between $186 and $653, with an average price of $414. Estimates vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the storm door, the materials used during construction, accessibility, and more. Materials alone cost $100 to $550, with labor costing $75 to $400, based on project complexity. 

Storm doors protect main entranceways from extreme weather conditions, acting as a barrier against wind, rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Modern storm doors come in a wide variety of styles and types to suit various aesthetic preferences.

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National Average $414
Typical Range $186 - $653
Low End - High End $100 - $1,630

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 1,201 HomeAdvisor members.

Cost by Type

7 types of storm doors compared by costs, with full view ranging $150 to $450

From single-panel steel doors to units with decorative glass and retractable screens, there is a variety of styles available each with differing use case scenarios and price ranges. These options allow homeowners to balance the need for curb appeal with the embedded protective functions, adding to the value of their homes.

Full View

Installing a full-view storm door costs between $150 and $450. This type of storm door features an all-glass panel that allows consumers to see through the entranceway, with options available in divided and full-pane designs. 

The price fluctuates depending on the type of glass used and the type of pane chosen, with full panes coming in at a higher cost than divided panes. A full-view storm door is great for homeowners who want protection from the elements while still receiving natural light from outside. 

Low-E View 

Low-E view storm doors cost $200 to $550 and also offer a view full for homeowners, but are manufactured with enhanced glass for stronger insulation against the elements. These durable glass panes are also fade-resistant, in addition to offering availability in whole-pane and divided designs. 

Beveled Glass

Beveled glass storm doors cost $300 to $400 and offer a full view of the outside world, in addition to availability in divided or one-piece panel designs. This type of storm door offers some aesthetic upgrades, with decorative edging around the circumference of the door. Beveled glass also gives a rainbow effect when light shines through it, which is pleasing to many homeowners. 


Mid-view storm doors cost $150 to $250, making them a common choice for homeowners looking for simple protection from the elements. These no-frills doors feature a divided glass panel for a decent view of the outside world, but also include a solid section at the base. 

This 12- to 18-inch solid section limits visibility but allows for the installation of a cat flap or a dog door. Generally speaking, mid-view doors are great for areas that receive intermittent bouts of extreme weather, but not for locations with regular fierce wind storms.

High View

High-view storm doors range from $100 to $250 and feature a solid door panel, with a smaller glass panel fitted at the top. These doors offer limited visibility, only from the top, but the solid panel provides better protection from the elements. Additionally, the design allows pet owners to outfit the solid panel with a pet door. 

Double Storm Doors

Double storm doors cost $600 to $1,000 and are perfect for entrances featuring two doors. This design is twice the size of a traditional storm door, though ships in a wide variety of styles. 

Elaborate designs cost more than simple bare-bone models and installation costs also increase, due to the increased complexity of installing two doors as opposed to just one. Double storm doors offer a full range of visibility options, from full-view to mid-view and beyond. 

Retractable Screen and Half Screen Storm Doors

Retractable and half-screen storm doors cost $200 to $600, depending on the design and features. Both designs offer adequate, yet basic, protection from the elements while offering the freedom to change up visibility to the outside world. Additionally, retractable screen doors are great for homeowners who enjoy letting in a gentle breeze during a temperate day.

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Cost to Replace a Storm Door 

Replacing an old, damaged storm door with a new one costs $75 to $800. Installing a new door on a solid frame of the same size as the old one falls on the lower end of this spectrum, with doors exceeding the size of the original frame falling on the higher side. Additionally, damaged frames require repairs, which also increases the overall price. 

Labor prices here are fairly standard, though your pro may charge to have the old door removed and hauled away at a cost of $50 to $100. In most instances, contractors prefer to examine the door being replaced before giving a price quote.


Reframing a door costs around $300, which breaks down to $100 for materials and $200 for labor. This is necessary when fitting a different-sized storm door to a pre-existing door frame. The overall condition of the frame also impacts the price, as damaged frames require repairs that increase the complexity of the project and, as such, the required labor.

Glass Replacement 

Replacing glass costs $150 to $350, with an average price of $250. Estimates vary depending on the size of the pane being replaced and the type of glass. Beveled glass and tempered glass increase the cost by $50 to $80 per pane, while Low-E glass adds $25 to $50 per pane. The vast majority of glass storm doors feature just one or two panes.

Screen Replacement 

Storm screens are budget-friendly, as replacements cost an average of $30 to $100, including materials and installation. Replacing the whole storm door, complete with a screen, costs $200 to $500, and installing a screen door without protection from the elements costs $150 to $500. Screens allow homeowners to let fresh air in during the warmer months. 

General Repair

Repairing a door costs $120 to $350, storm doors included. The average price here is $220, though estimates largely depend on the type of repairs required. For instance, replacing a broken lock starts at $80. Laborers charge $30 to $120 per hour, depending on experience.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro 

There is some potential for DIY enthusiasts here, especially when using a pre-hung, standard-size door. This is the simplest storm door project available and takes anywhere from two hours to a full day of work to complete, depending on the existing structure of the door. However, this assumes a standard frame free from any complications or repair issues. 

Going the amateur route saves $75 to $400 on labor costs, but these jobs are often complex, with a variety of unexpected hurdles. Additionally, incorrectly installing a storm door drastically reduces its efficacy, leaving your home open to damage due to extreme weather. Homeowners faced with a complex installation should consider hiring an experienced professional.


How much does it cost to install a 36-inch storm door?

Most storm doors measure 30, 32, 34, or 36 inches. The largest of these options, the 36-inch storm door, costs $250 to $600, which is slightly higher than smaller doors. In general, the bigger the door, the more you’ll pay, due to requiring additional materials.

What are the most affordable storm doors available?

Lower-end models are the most affordable, starting at about $100, and may feature plastic, rather than glass, window panes, a smaller viewing area, and hardware made from less expensive metals.

How do I get the best price on storm doors?

Shopping around is the best way to find a fair price. Check out deals at big box stores as well as local businesses. A door professional can help you find the best price and style for your home; often, pros can receive manufacturer discounted prices.

What are the best storm doors for mobile homes?

A lightweight model is the best choice for a mobile home. Having a removable screen or pane offers more versatility.

What are common patio storm door prices?

Patio models range from $300 to $1,500. The installation will run from $75 to $400.

What are self-storing storm doors and how much do they cost?

Self-storing doors allow you to slide the screen or glass down into the frame, so you can change panels without removing them. They start at about $300.

What kind of lock should I put on my storm door?

Look for locks designed for storm or screen doors. Prices range from $10 for a simple locking latch to more than $220 for a high-end smart lock system.

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