How Much Does It Cost To Install Door Or Window Trim?

Typical Range:

$40 - $350

Find out how much your project will cost.

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Updated July 20, 2022

Reviewed by Robert Tschudi, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The average cost to install door or window trim is $150, or between $100 and $250 per unit. Doors cost around $100 to $250 each, while windows cost a little less, between $100 and $170 each. Depending on the window or door size, the type of trim you choose, and the remedial work needed, you could pay as little as $40 per window or as much as $350.

Window Trim Installation Costs

The trim is the decorative and protective border that seals the gaps after fitting a window. The width of your window trim significantly impacts the cost of materials per linear foot. For example, a 1/2-inch trim costs around $0.60 per linear foot, while a 6-inch trim costs as much as $4.25 per linear foot

Then, there's labor, adding another $50 to $150 per window for interior trim to your total. The type of window also plays a role in the project price, with casement windows starting at $60 plus labor and skylights reaching up to $500 plus labor.

Cost to Replace a Windowsill

The sill is the ledge that juts out at the bottom of the window. The total cost to replace a windowsill is between $190 and $300 for parts and labor. You should replace this part when it feels loose or starts to rot. 

A professional can deal with common frame repairs like this one effectively. Trying to tackle this job yourself can lead to an injury or incorrect installation, but a pro can get everything done correctly in a quicker turnaround.

Window Casing

Homeowners often use the word “trim” and “casing” interchangeably, but the casing is specifically the decorative molding or framing around a window used to cover the space between the window frame or jamb and the wall. 

Window casing costs $6 to $20 per linear foot, including materials and labor. Interior casing is more decorative than functional and usually matches the rest of the trim in the room, pulling together different parts of the space to create a more cohesive look.

You can keep costs low by using budget-friendly medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or polystyrene casing or opt for a luxury finish with high-end materials like hardwood.

Window Capping Cost

Window capping is another term for window cladding or wrapping. Capped trim is a wood frame sealed with aluminum or vinyl for added protection. It’s great for exterior doors and windows because unprotected outdoor wood experiences more wear and tear compared to its indoor counterpart, plus capping helps it be less prone to rot, water, and insect damage. This vinyl versus aluminum window guide explains the differences between vinyl and aluminum-clad window frames in more detail.

Capping windows costs around $1 to $2 per linear foot. The total job price includes the materials, tools, specialty equipment, and labor. It's important to note that capping will only mask the issue if your frames are rotting, with a window replacement costing around $500 per unit.

Aluminum Window Wrap 

An aluminum window wrap costs around $1 to $2 per linear foot, plus labor at $70 per hour. For a 5-by-3-foot window, expect to pay around $150 for the unit and work. Aluminum wraps protect aging wood from moisture and harsh outdoor weather. This is an affordable way to beautify existing exterior trim without removing it. In addition, you can paint aluminum capping to maintain its appearance.

Vinyl Window Wrap 

The cost of installing vinyl-clad trim is around $1 per linear foot plus labor and requires removing existing materials. For a 5-by-3-foot window, expect to pay about $180 for a vinyl window wrap, including the unit and labor. Fitting a window with vinyl-clad units safeguards it against moisture and adds a touch of beauty. This is similar to the process and cost to install vinyl crown molding.

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Cost to Install Door Casing

A door casing, also known as a door trim, is a decorative and protective border that seals the gaps after fitting a door. The average cost to install a door casing is $4 per linear foot, or between $100 and $170 per door, including the installation. The price range for each door material is between $35 and $100, depending on the quality, and takes about an hour to install at $70 per hour

"Trim is essential to a good finish," says Bob Tschudi, Angi Expert Review Board member and a general contractor in Raleigh, NC." Not only should it be installed correctly, but good caulking and painting can make a huge difference."

Cost to Install an Interior Door and Trim Together

The cost to install an interior door is approximately $930, with low-end jobs at $100 and high-end ones at $4,500. Installing a door and trim together, including the average door price, ranges between $1,000 to $1,250.

Window and Door Trim Installation Cost Factors

Costs compared for window and door trim installation, with door trim ranging from $100 to $250 each

The price you'll pay for your window or door trim project depends on many elements, including the material you choose for your trim, whether it's for the home interior or exterior, how challenging the job is, and the trim style. 

Interior vs. Exterior

In general, interior trim costs around $6 to $20 per linear foot with installation, while exterior trim costs around $9 to $25 per linear foot with installation. 

Exterior trim is protective and decorative, as it bridges the gap between the siding and the window. The cost to install exterior trim is $1,790 for the average home. It costs around $4 per linear foot for low-end materials and $7 per linear foot for high-end ones, including $88 per hour for labor.


The labor fee to install trim averages $70 per hour. This involves the setup, sanding, measuring, cutting, nailing, patching, caulking, painting, and cleanup. A handyperson charges$60 to $65per hour and can usually complete most interior trim installs and simple exterior ones. 

If you choose wood, you may want to hire a local carpenter. Carpenters charge$35 to $150 per hour and can tackle interior and exterior wooden trim jobs. For exterior trim that matches your siding, you may want to hire a siding installer near you, who charges approximately $60 to $65 per hour


Material has a big impact on the project price. Some materials are only suitable for indoor use, while you can use others on the exterior trim. If a trim manufacturer notes that its product is for interior use only, follow its recommendation even if the material is generally considered safe for the outdoors. 

Material Average Cost Range per Linear Foot (Material Only) Average Cost per Linear Foot (Material Only)
Fiber cement $0.70 – $5.50 $3.10
Medium-density fiberboard $0.60 – $6 $3.30
Softwood $0.60 – $7 $3.80
Aluminum $2 – $6 $4
Polyurethane $2 – $6 $4
Hardwood $0.75 – $10 $5.40
Reclaimed wood $1.25 – $12 $6.60
Steel $5 – $20 $12.50
Vinyl $0.80 – $30 $15.40
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Low-cost options include MDF and softwood, both of which start at $0.60 per linear foot. Another solid, budget-friendly exterior option is fiber cement, which costs $0.70 to $5.50 per linear foot. This is a good choice if you also have fiber cement siding, as the two match and blend well.

Reclaimed wood is a popular eco-conscious choice, starting at $1.25 for interior trim and going as high as $12 per linear foot for exterior trim. The wood is strong and durable, has a beautiful, rustic or well-aged look, and is diverted from the landfill.

Steel is the most costly trim option, costing between $5 and $20 per linear foot. But it's also the most durable, can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and weather, and creates a solid, hardwearing barrier.


Window trim is available in many styles, with simple, functional options the least costly and highly ornate, decorative styles the most expensive. 

Style Average Cost Range per Linear Foot (Material Only) Average Cost per Linear Foot (Material Only)
Flat stock $1 – $8 $4.50
Bullnose $1 – $9 $5
J-channel $2 – $8 $5
Colonial $1 – $10 $5.50
Craftsperson $1 – $10 $5.50
Scalloped $2 – $10 $6
Ranch $2 – $10 $6
Provincial $2 – $10 $6
Windsor $2 – $10 $6
Victorian $3 – $15 $9
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For example, flat stock costs the least, between $1 and $8 per linear foot, excluding labor. It's the simplest type of trim and has no decorative filets or embellished or shaped edges. 

A mid-priced option at $1 to $10 per linear foot is a craftsperson trim, which has a widened top, a few more distinctive details, and a mildly decorative look. Scalloped trim is of a similar price and has a scalloped top edge that provides a more decorative and interesting look. 

At the higher end, a Victorian-style trim will set you back between $3 and $15 per linear foot. These trim types are highly ornate and include decorative elements and unique angles that help your home stand out.

DIY vs. Hiring a Trim Installation Pro

Doing a trim installation yourself requires the expertise, tools, and special materials for safety and accuracy. Often, the cost of the tools, equipment, and time you spend are equal to—or even exceed—the price of using a professional. Pros can even buy materials at a discount, whereas individuals rarely get wholesale deals. If you want to get the job done quickly and correctly, hire a local handyperson.


What is window wrapping, and how much does it cost?

Wrapping is another term for capping. In this process, a sturdy material like aluminum fits over a frame. It costs roughly $110 per unit when including both materials and labor.

How do you know when you need a window trim replacement?

The clearest indicator you need a replacement is if it's visibly in disrepair, either being warped or rotten. The average cost to repair windows is $320, with trim replacement being one of the factors in this price.

How much does it cost to paint an exterior window trim?

Part of good window repair and maintenance is maintaining the trim's appearance. Though you shouldn't paint vinyl cladding, you can paint aluminum, fiberglass, or wooden trim. The cost of a small painting project averages $700. However, smaller projects can cost as low as $170. The typical range falls between $390 and $1,000.

How much does window trim repair cost?

The cost to repair window trim averages $630 but typically ranges between $300 and $1,000. This includes both the price of labor and materials.

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