How Much Does a Bay Window Cost?

Typical Range:

$900 - $7,100

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Updated August 8, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

A bay window costs an average of $2,350. Prices range from $900 for a smaller bay window with single-pane glass to $7,100 for a larger, energy-efficient window with custom features, like a built-in bench or customized colors. Labor costs add about $300 to $1,000 to the total per window.

Bay windows are an attractive home feature. On the outside, they increase curb appeal. On the interior, they add space, increase warmth and lighting, and can be as functional as they are decorative with the addition of shelves or seating.

Average Bay Window Cost

Low Cost National Average High Cost
$900 $2,350 $7,100

Bay Window Prices 

The average bay window costs about $2,350 for the materials only, plus an average of $300 to $400 per window for installation. Higher quality materials, larger windows, or popular brands may raise the cost, as will add-ons like a reading nook or energy-efficient glass.

Bay vs. Bow Windows

Bow windows are 1.5 to 2.5 times as expensive as bay windows, and the average cost of a bow window is around $3,600.

Bow windows are made up of four to six glass panels that are the same size, and bow windows do not protrude as far past the exterior walls of the home as bay windows do. A bay window is a window with three glass panels that extend beyond the walls of the house, and the center glass panel is typically larger than the flanking panels.  

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Bay Window Cost Factors

The size, type, material, and additional features can influence the cost of bay windows. Also be mindful of any delivery fees to have these large items sent to your door from a home improvement store or window manufacturer.


Although the average price for a bay window is $2,350, this number fluctuates based on the type of framing material you choose.

Framing MaterialAverage Price RangeNotes
Vinyl$570 - $2,950Usually the most affordable type of frame.
Wood$880 - $4,000Requires regular maintenance, such as staining and sealing, and will expand and contract with temperature and humidity swings.
Aluminum$360 - $2,050Deterioration resistant. Costs about the same as wood.
Fiberglass$400 – $2,500Very durable and won’t contract with humidity. Does not need special support for large panes of glass.


Bay windows are available in a variety of sizes to suit your style and needs. Most bay windows range from 4 to 10 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Wider and/or taller bay windows can cost up to $7,100 for just the window materials, and labor costs may increase for larger windows.

Size Cost (materials only)
4 feet by 3 feet $300 – $800
6 feet by 3 feet $400 – $1,800
8 feet by 3 feet $460 – $2,200
10 feet by 3 feet $850 – $3,850


Bay window materials cost $500 to $3,000 depending on the type of window. Small box windows fall in the lower end of this range, while circle bay windows tend to be more expensive.

  • Box bay: This type of window costs around $700. Box bay windows are small and popular in kitchens for growing herbs.

  • Full: Full bay windows cost $800–$2,100 each. Full, or canted, bay windows feature a large, flat center glass panel and two smaller, angled glass panels.

  • Circle bay: Circle bay windows cost around $2,500 and feature curved glass panels.

  • Oriel: An oriel bay window costs $900–$2,500. Dating back to the English Renaissance, oriel windows have a decorative, structural support and add a classic look to a home.

4 bay window type costs compared, with circles ranging the highest at $2,000 to $3,000
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You may opt for add-ons to make your windows more energy-efficient or functional with features like specialized coatings and window benches. The more features you include, the higher the cost of each bay window will be.

  • Energy-efficient glass: Triple-pane glass, gas-filled glass, or other energy-efficient glass panels increase the window cost by up to 25%.

  • Coating: Adding coatings to help block UV rays and improve insulation brings the cost of materials to $800–$3,700.

  • Trim: Interior trim finishes or repairs can add $300–$1,100 to the cost of each window.

  • Window seat: Adding a window seat for a reading nook costs an average of $1,800.

Delivery Fees

You may incur additional fees to have the windows delivered to your home. Professional window installers may also charge fees if your home is far from their business location.

Cost to Install Bay Windows

While many factors, like materials and customizations, can increase the cost of the window itself, installation costs can also vary based on the size of the window and the project difficulty.

New or Replacement

Installing a new bay window costs about $2,650 to $2,750, including labor. If you need to create a new opening in a wall, add $500 to $3,000 to the cost. 

Replacing a bay window costs around $800 to $2,000, including the cost to remove the old window, which is about $450.


The average cost of labor to install one bay window is around $300 to $500, but costs can increase up to $1,000 per window for larger windows.


Some windows, like oriel or circle bay windows, are larger and more difficult to install, which means the cost of labor is higher. Box bay windows, which tend to be small, are usually easy and less expensive to install.

Bay Window Type Labor Cost
Box $50 – $500
Full $400 – $1,400
Circle $800 – $3,000
Oriel $400 – $1,300


Hiring professional window installers costs about $300 to $400 per window, although prices may range from $100 to $1,000 depending on the size and weight of the window and complexity of the project. You may pay more if you need to create a new opening for the window compared to placing a bay window in an existing opening.


Obtaining building permits costs about $50 to $200 for window projects, but the final cost depends on your location.

DIY vs. Hiring Window Installers

You can save about 10 to 15% of the total cost to install bay windows by going the DIY route, but mistakes or improper installation can be costly. Because bay windows extend past the walls of the home, they need to be properly supported.

No matter if you’re replacing an existing window or putting in a new bay window entirely, it’s important to call a pro. They will set you up with the right size, and properly install and seal the window so that it’s built to last. Contact a local window replacement company for a project quote.


Do bay windows add value to a home?

Bay windows can add a small amount of additional interior square footage that increases the value of a home. Not only that, but these large, three-panel windows also bring in more natural light and offer neighborhood views, which can also add value.

Can any window become a bay window?

Bay windows can accommodate a variety of different window types, including double-hung windows, fixed windows, casement windows, and awning windows.

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