How Much Do Poured And Precast Concrete Walls Cost?

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Updated October 18, 2022

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A poured concrete wall costs $8,488 on average for homeowners across the country, with most people paying between $3,077 and $14,639. On the low end, prices start at $900 for a simple concrete dividing wall and go up to $28,000 on the high end for a structural or retaining concrete wall.

7 types of concrete walls, including poured foundation, board-formed, and retaining

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National Average $8,488
Typical Range $3,077 - $14,639
Low End - High End $900 - $38,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 203 HomeAdvisor members.

Cost of Concrete Wall Per Square Foot

Depending on the size and type of concrete wall, you’ll pay anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot. Small concrete walls built for aesthetic purposes will be much less costly than reinforced concrete walls built for structural purposes.

More complex concrete walls built on slopes or supporting large structures could run upwards of $90 per square foot. Get a rough estimate using our concrete wall calculator, or contact a concrete pro who can provide an inclusive price per square foot based on your unique project.

Concrete Wall Costs by Type

Pros can build walls from different concrete types, including cinder blocks, precast concrete, or poured concrete. A cinder block wall is less expensive than a poured concrete one, while precast falls somewhere in the middle of the price range. Poured, precast, and block walls vary based on the type of concrete, while stamped and board-formed walls vary based on the overall look.

Poured Concrete Foundation and Basement Walls

Concrete foundation walls vary in height but are always structural to support the base of your home. Poured concrete walls for a foundation cost around $2,900 to $10,400, while including the concrete slab and footers drive up the price to around $24,000 to $44,500. Stem foundation walls will be less expensive than crawl space foundation walls. 

If the foundation walls are thick and tall enough for a basement, the cost can be upwards of $25,000. Factors that influence the cost of a poured concrete basement foundation system include:

  • Geographical location

  • Thickness and pounds per square inch (PSI) concrete rating

  • Steel reinforcement quantity (such as rebar)

  • Clearing, land grading, and digging: $1,400–$5,300

  • Wall width and height 

  • Plumbing, electrical, and other utilities

  • Windows and window wells: $300–$1,200 each

  • Waterproofing: $2,300–$7,300

  • Soil and groundwater conditions

Concrete Fence Cost

A concrete fence costs anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot. Poured concrete isn’t the only option for a concrete dividing fence. You can choose concrete masonry units or concrete blocks for around $10 to $20 per square foot, including labor and materials.

The total price of brick or stone fences is between $10 and $45 per square foot. Therefore, pouring a concrete fence is comparable in price to brick or stone, while concrete blocks are less expensive.


Manufacturers pour concrete into a mold that forms a precast panel to create precast concrete. Rather than a truck pouring concrete on-site at your home, specialists lift these already manufactured precast panels into place with equipment.

Precast concrete is estimated to be 23% less expensive than poured concrete. Installing a precast concrete wall costs $4,800 on average. While precast materials cost from $20 to $30 per square foot, precast installation is much less labor-intensive than pouring concrete.


Board-formed concrete mimics the texture of wooden fencing and costs between $30 and $50 per square foot. To create this modern design, manufacturers lay wooden boards onto wet concrete to imprint the wood’s lines and patterns. 

Other Concrete Walls

Different concrete wall types have their advantages and disadvantages for your project. Read below to learn about them and their price points.

  • Retaining walls cost $10–$100 per square foot. They typically hold back soil between elevations to increase available lawn space but can also be used for aesthetics and curb appeal. Structural retaining walls that require engineering calculations will be much more expensive than short landscaping walls.

  • Cinder block walls cost $10–$15 per square foot. Cinder blocks, also known as concrete masonry units or concrete blocks, are stacked and secured with mortar to form a concrete wall.

  • Stamped concrete walls cost $8–$28 per square foot. Adding a stamped pattern to a new concrete wall will cost less than modifying an existing wall. Stamped concrete patterns vary in complexity, with a detailed, custom design costing much more than a simple, repetitive design.

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Labor Cost to Build Concrete Walls

To build a concrete wall, the labor cost is between $35 and $40 per hour. Installing concrete is labor-intensive, with as much as 85% of the total cost going into labor fees alone. A lot of effort is required to prepare the site, build the formwork, install the rebar, pour the concrete, follow curing procedures, and more.

Concrete Wall Cost Factors

The cost of a concrete wall project will vary based on the following factors below.


Concrete walls can be constructed from different forms of concrete, including cinder blocks, precast concrete, or poured concrete. A cinder block wall is less expensive than a poured concrete wall, with the cost of precast falling in the middle.


The depth, height, and length of your concrete wall will determine the total cost. Tall poured concrete walls require the contractor to reset formwork—the temporary mold used to hold the concrete in place while it cures—multiple times during the project. This process adds more time and labor to your project, reflecting the price.

Delivery Method

Small batches of concrete can be mixed at the project site, but concrete wall projects usually require a sizable amount of concrete. Ready-mix concrete is delivered to the project by a mix truck that can store around 10 cubic yards. If you order less than 10 cubic yards, this is known as a short load, and the concrete delivery costs include an additional $40 to $60 per cubic yard cost, or a flat short load fee of $60 to $110.


If you’re installing concrete basement or foundation walls, your project will require excavating to dig down to the basement or foundation elevation. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 per cubic yard for the cost of land excavation.

Concrete Finish

Concrete walls typically have a smooth finish, but you could choose a different finish—like stamped, paneling, plastering, and more—to add visual interest. Concrete finishes cost from $4 to $18 per square foot, depending on the difficulty of the installation.

Engineering Fees

Many concrete walls are structural, meaning the wall supports a house or section of land. Structural concrete walls must be designed and signed off by a local structural engineer. This seal of approval from a structural engineer costs between $350 and $720

Permit Fees

Concrete wall construction projects are usually significant enough to require a building permit. Obtaining a building permit ensures your project complies with building code safety. Expect the cost of a building permit to be between $410 and $2,230, depending on the city you live in.

Concrete Reinforcement

Concrete reinforcement is typically steel bars, known as rebar, or wire mesh added to a concrete wall for additional strength and stability. More often than not, the rebar price will be included in your base estimate for a structural wall because it's integral to the design. If you decide to add reinforcement to your concrete wall project, expect to pay from $0.90 to $1.60 per square foot.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Working with concrete takes a lot of skill and expertise. When building a structural component of your home like a concrete foundation wall, it’s essential to work with experts. If you’re considering installing a small, aesthetic concrete wall yourself, you’ll still need to hire a concrete delivery service near you and obtain all the necessary tools and supplies.

Find a concrete contractor near you for the job to ensure your concrete wall is built correctly and won't crack or crumble in the future. Building a concrete wall is a complex process involving design, land grading, and structural reinforcement, and they all need to be done correctly.


How much does a concrete home cost?

A concrete home costs $160 per square foot on average to build. You can expect the cost of a concrete house that’s 2,000 square feet to be between $210,000 and $416,000.

How do you pour a concrete wall?

To pour a concrete wall, pros first prepare the ground by excavating and grading the soil. Then, they install formwork—temporary molds typically made of plastic, timber, or steel—to hold the concrete in place while it cures. If the concrete requires reinforcement, the contractor will also install a steel rebar or wire mesh at this time.

Once the pro installs the formwork and reinforcement, they’ll request a concrete delivery to the project location. The crew will place the concrete in the forms and cover it with a plastic tarp while it cures. After the concrete cures for a few days, the crew will remove the tarp and formwork to reveal a smooth poured concrete wall.

How expensive is a concrete home?

Concrete homes are between 3% and 5% more expensive than traditional timber-built homes, ranging from $210,000 to $416,000 for a 2,000-square-foot concrete home. Concrete houses cost less to maintain, offer better insulation, and are stronger than traditional houses with wood frames.

How expensive are rough concrete walls?

Rough concrete walls are less expensive than smooth concrete walls, costing anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot. After a concrete wall has been poured, it may require some sanding to achieve a smooth finish. A rough finish doesn't need this extra step, so it's less expensive.

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