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Updated April 16, 2024

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  • Hot tub installation requires excavation, electrical wiring, foundation preparation, and potential home remodeling, justifying hiring a professional.

  • The average cost of a hot tub ranges from $4,000 to $15,000, plus $1,000 to $5,000 for installation.

  • Hot tub installation costs are influenced by the type of hot tub, location, delivery method, and necessary permits.

  • Popular materials for hot tubs include vinyl, rotomolded plastic, wood, and acrylic.

  • Hot tub installation benefits include potential for portability, variety of material options, and enhancing outdoor spaces.

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A hot tub installation costs $158 and $547 for most models, or an average of $352. Installation costs between $160 and $1,500 are standard for above-ground pools, and $6,000 to $25,000 is the average for built-in styles. You’ll pay the least for inflatable options. Large prefab tubs or custom designs run the highest.

There’s a big difference in price between a freestanding, soft-sided option and a built-in one. Consider these common cost factors as you make a choice.

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National Average $352
Typical Range $158 - $547
Low End - High End $85 - $1,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 3,067 HomeAdvisor members.

Hot Tub Installation Costs

The type of hot tub you choose plays the biggest role in determining cost. 

Above-Ground vs. In-Ground

Built-in (also known as in-ground) hot tubs cost $4,000 to $15,000, plus $1,000 to $5,000 for installation. They are the most expensive option because installers have to excavate the yard and install the surround. If you’re calculating the cost of an in-ground pool as well, the average price is roughly $55,000, with an additional $5,000 to $8,000 on this base price for the adjoining hot tub.

Installing a hot tub in a deck may cost less than putting one in the ground, though you’ll probably need to place a concrete pad to support it. This is a good option if you’re trying to save your landscaping.

Prices for an above-ground hot tub range from $400 to $18,000, not including installation. The total depends mostly on the size and type, but also where you plan to put it. Above-ground hot tubs are the most common because they’re easy to install and operate. Many options come ready to fill, plug in and enjoy.

Inside or Outside

To install a hot tub outside, you’ll need a strong foundation—either a concrete slab, pavers, or decking. If this kind of stable ground isn’t currently an option, you’ll need to build it out. In addition, you’ll need to wire electricity—at a voltage high enough to handle the needs of a hot tub—outside via a GFCI outlet. Expect to calculate these extra costs:

  • Electrical installation: $800–$1,600; if you need to upgrade an electrical panel, expect to spend $1,200 to $3,000, depending on the size required.

  • A concrete slab foundation runs $5 to $10 per square foot.

To install a hot tub inside, you will likely need to pay for a home ventilation system ($300 to $1,200). This system will remove unwanted heat and steam (which can damage wood) as well as the scent of chlorine.

In addition, you may need to remodel the space and use slip- and water-resistant materials to prevent mold and mildew build-up. Expect to pay $15 to $60 per square foot for this work. If the remodel includes plumbing installation, plan for your new pipes to cost $450 to $1,800, on average.


If you live in a remote area, the delivery company may tack on additional fees for a long-distance drop-off, approximately $0.50 to $3.00 per mile. Choose a location for your hot tub where it will be accessible from the equipment panel, and at least 10 feet away from power lines.


While your hot tub manufacturer might include delivery in the price for the hot tub, it might not include crane delivery. Cranes are necessary if your backyard is difficult to access.

Crane companies will charge between $800 and $1,500 to deliver a hot tub, though depending on the size of the tub and the length of the reach, the price could be as high as $2,500. If delivery isn’t included and does not require a crane, it will likely be in the $200 to $500 range

The delivery team might also need to remove parts of your fence ($100–$200) or operate a Bobcat to better access the space ($200–$300). 


Most municipalities don’t require permits for above-ground hot tubs, but they often do for in-ground types. These permits run from $100 to $250.

Land Preparation 

Your above-ground hot tub will need a solid foundation to sit on, as these relaxation amenities can weigh up to 6,000 pounds when filled with water. The cost to pour a concrete slab ranges from $4 to $8 per square foot, based on average hot tub sizes; you’ll probably need 100 to 120 square feet, at minimum. If you have an existing patio, you can use that as a base, or opt for pavers, a reinforced deck, or gravel.

If you choose to use an existing patio, you might need to complete concrete leveling, in case it slopes to drain away from your home. This costs $3 to $6 per square foot.

Inflatable hot tubs can sit on insulated bases, grass, or ground.


The cost to wire a hot tub is $600 to $2,200. This depends on the model and the amperage of your existing setup. The cost to install a subpanel ranges from $400 to $1,750. You may need to do this if your current panel can’t support the amps for the hot tub. The cost to install an outlet averages $215. You may need this service if you don’t have one within five feet of the hot tub, or if you need to upgrade an existing one. Most models use 50 to 60 amps and need 220 to 240 volts.

If you’d like to add an outside sound system to your hot tub area, expect to pay an electrician $250 to $300 to set it up.


The cost to install plumbing pipes for your hot tub is $400 to $1,900. If you’re building a custom design, you may be able to place water lines that help you refill it without having to use a hose. Most models don’t need additional plumbing. Plug-and-play styles are closed systems that only a hose can fill.

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Cost of Hot Tubs Based on Type

The price for a small, inflatable above-ground hot tub will cost the least, starting at only $400, while prices for in-ground hot tubs will be several thousands more.

Portable Hot Tub Cost

Portable hot tubs cost $500 to $10,000. You can set up a spa on your deck. During the winter, you can store the piece in your basement or shed.

Any above-ground model can be portable, but the weight affects your ability to move it. Most non-inflatable options weigh 400 to 1,000 pounds, compared to 200 to 300 pounds for an average refrigerator.

Saltwater Hot Tub Cost

Installing a saltwater chlorine generator system costs $500 to $2,000, depending on the option you choose and the type of hot tub. Built-in models require more expensive generators that range from $1,000 to $2,000. Standalone styles for above-ground units are closer to $500.

Many homeowners choose saltwater because it’s less expensive than chlorine and cuts down on cleaning. Since salt can corrode materials like wood, it’s better to buy something like acrylic. Before committing, compare the pros and cons of saltwater vs. chlorine to decide which is right for you.

In-Ground Hot Tub Cost

To add a hot tub to your existing in-ground swimming pool, expect to spend $8,000 to $25,000. If you are building a brand-new pool and want a hot tub to pair with it, you’ll spend $6,000 to $15,000 on top of the base price for the pool.

Swim Spa Installation Cost

Swim spa installation costs $300 to $7,000, plus $15,000 to $35,000 for the tub. This style is typically much larger than average, built for swimming or occupancy ranging from 15 to 20 people. As with other hot tubs, above-ground options run less than built-in.

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Hot Tub Costs Based on Size and Materials

Hot tub costs range from $400 to $20,000 or more, depending on the size and material.


Materials range from very lightweight and portable vinyl to wood, with prices differing between shell materials.

Materials Costs
Inflatable Vinyl $400 – $1,500
Vinyl-Lined $4,000 – $12,000
Rotomolded Plastic $2,000 – $6,000
Wooden $3,000 – $10,000
Acrylic $4,000 – $18,000

Soft-Side Inflatable Vinyl Hot Tub

A soft-side inflatable hot tub costs $400 to $1,500. This is the least expensive option, made of vinyl and delivered deflated. Then you just have to inflate it, add the motor, and fill it with a hose. Once it's plugged in, it's ready to go.

Inflatable styles are popular because they’re lightweight and relatively simple to DIY. Since the material is soft and flexible, they’re more likely to puncture and need repair or replacement.

Vinyl-Lined Hot Tub

Vinyl-lined hot tubs are typically in-ground ones (though sometimes used with wooden tubs), with the vinyl acting as a layer between concrete and water. In-ground hot tubs cost $8,000 to $25,000 to build new or add to your existing pool. Expect to spend between $6,000 and $15,000 to build a hot tub in tandem with a new pool excavation (on top of the cost for the pool itself).

Rotomolded Plastic

These “plug-and-play” models can plug into any 110V outlet to operate. Rotomolded plastic hot tubs typically cost between $2,000 and $6,000.

Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden hot tubs cost $3,000 to $10,000. They have a round design with redwood and cedar (or teak) with seating. It comes in pieces so you can easily get it to the room or space of your choice. Wood is a traditional choice, but it’s not as widely available now. Most options run on electricity, but you’ll find a few with a wood-fired heater.

Acrylic Hot Tub

Acrylic hot tubs are the most common choice, ranging from $4,000 to $18,000. This type usually has a prefabricated shell with a wood, acrylic, or stainless steel surround. Homeowners prefer acrylic because it has the greatest variety and handles cold weather the best. It’s harder to transport but often easier to install than wood.

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Additional Hot Tub Installation Costs 

Beyond the main factors already described, these additional considerations contribute to the final hot tub installation costs.


Modern hot tubs usually have cartridges for filters, making them easy to remove and replace once every year. Filters cost between $20 and $60.


The cost to build a new deck is $7,732, on average, running about $30 and $60 per square foot. To have a hot tub installed inside an existing deck, you’ll need to add a concrete slab underneath the deck for support. All-in, expect to pay $5,000 to $20,000


To add elegant lighting to your deck and hot tub area, you’ll spend $8 to $30 per light. Post lighting runs from $30 to over $100 each, and lighting installation by a professional costs $2,000 to $3,000, with higher-end installation of motion and designer lights running as high as $6,000.


Landscaping runs an average of $4 to $12 per square foot. If you want formal landscaping design, the cost jumps to $40 per square foot

DIY vs. Professional Hot Tub Installation 

Given the weight of most models, it’s best to hire hot tub installers near you. Before you schedule the work, remember to request quotes from at least three pros and ask for references.


Are hot tubs expensive to maintain? 

The maintenance costs depend on the model of hot tub you purchase, as well as the cost of utilities in your area. On average, you’ll spend $500 to $1,000 per year to clean and replace filters or add cleaning chemicals.

The tub should be drained and cleaned every other month; you can hire a professional to do this for about $50 to $300. Don’t forget to clean and air out the cover as well.

Repairs average $600 to $4,000.

Does a hot tub need foundation?

Yes, hot tubs are very heavy items that require solid foundations and proper site preparation. They should never be installed directly on a lawn. Foundations can be concrete, crushed rock, pavers, or reinforced decking.

How long do hot tubs last?

Inexpensive hot tubs made from less-sturdy materials might only have a five-year lifespan. More substantial, higher-quality models can last as long as 20 years—or more. Mid-level models have an average lifespan of about a decade.

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