How Much Does It Cost to Install Closet Organizers?

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$715 - $2,559

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Updated March 25, 2022

Reviewed by Andy Kilborn, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Installing closet organizers can cost anywhere between $715 and $2,559. The typical range falls between $1,000 and $3,000, with a national average cost of $1,635. 

Closet organizers help you maximize storage space, add value to your home and keep your belongings tidy and organized. Costs vary significantly, from budget-friendly prefab closet organizers that you install yourself to high-end custom units with lighting and lots of extras that require the expertise of a professional handyperson.

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National Average $1,635
Typical Range $715 - $2,559
Low End - High End $160 - $5,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 1,549 HomeAdvisor members.

Closet Organizer Prices

When it comes to closet organizers, there's a huge amount of choice. Complete prefabricated systems are the most affordable whole closet organizers, but if you're working on a tight budget or you only want to organize part of your space, you can set up your own organization system with individual parts starting at $10.

To add real value to your home, you can choose custom wooden closet organizers that cost from $700 to $6,500, depending on size, complexity, and type of wood.

Closet Organizer UnitMaterials Cost
Prefab closet system$200 – $700
Custom closet system$700 – $6,500
Electric closet system$900 – $1,800
Shelving$10 – $1,100
Miscellaneous inserts$5 – $100
Drawers$15 – $150
Cabinets$65 – $800
Wire closet organizer$100 – $300
Metal closet organizer$100 – $300
Plastic closet organizer$100 – $350
Wooden closet organizer$200 – $6,500

Closet Organizer Installation Costs

A professional handyperson with the skills to install a quality closet organizer charges anywhere from $60 to $90 per hour. Full custom closet organizer installations take up to eight hours, which costs $480 to $720.

Smaller installations, such as inserting a few shelves or drawers, take only an hour or less, but many pros have a minimum fee, so if a job only takes 20 minutes, you'll still likely pay for at least an hour of their time. So if you hire a local handyperson, make the most of their time by giving them several small jobs to take care of.

“There’s a wide range of styles and designs for closet organizers available, which comes with a wide range of installation complexity,” says Andy Kilborn, Angi Expert Review Board member and owner of Andy's Handyman Service in Des Moines, IA. “Determine your budget, then identify the best fit for you. Many pros will give you free quotes of several styles if you need some direction.”

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Closet Organizer Cost by Type

The biggest cost, quality, and value factor for closet organizers is the type of product you choose. Prefabricated organizers are affordable, simple, and convenient, while custom and electric systems cost more but add more resale value to your property and provide a high-end look.

Prefab Closet Systems

Prefab closet systems cost between $200 and $700 for the materials, plus labor at $60 to $90 per hour. These types of organizers take up to four hours to install, so the total cost for parts and labor can be $440 to $1,060.

While costs are lower and two people with basic DIY skills can tackle prefab organizers, they tend to be of lower quality—typically MDF with a laminate coating—and are less durable than other options and aren't customizable.

Custom Closet Systems

Custom closet systems cost anywhere from $700 for a basic custom unit using wire or plastic inserts, to $6,500 for high-end wood for materials. What features you want and how big the closet is also impact how much you'll pay. On top of that, expect to pay at least eight hours for labor. This puts your total cost between $1,180 and $7,220.

Electric Closet Systems

Electric closet systems cost $900 to $1,800 plus up to eight hours of labor for installation, wiring, and set up. This puts the total cost between $1,380 and $2,520. These systems connect to your smartphone or work by remote control and let you choose your clothes without having to dig through your closet.

Closet Organizer Cost by Part

If you don't need a whole organizer or you want to create something customized but readymade, you can purchase and install individual parts. There are endless options for products to use in your closet organizer, but below you'll find costs associated with the most common items.

Most of these you can easily install yourself or, if you choose to hire a pro, add at least an hour's labor to the cost of each item. The most economical way of having individual items installed professionally is to have multiple items fitted at the same time. That way, you may get six or more separate parts installed for just one hour's labor.

Closet Shelving Cost

Budget-friendly closet shelving starts at around $6 to $10 for single wire or plastic shelves. As quality and size increase, so does price. Wooden shelves cost up to $80 depending on size and quality. You will, of course, need to add labor costs to this base price. So, if you have six individual prefab shelves installed in your closet, expect to pay $70 to $170.

If you're going for built-in shelving, you'll pay more than prefab ones in labor costs because the installation process is more involved and requires some remodeling. MDF built-in shelves cost around $300 while high-end glass ones typically cost $1,100, plus labor. You'll likely pay for at least four hours of labor, so the total cost for built-in shelves ranges from $540 to $1,460.

Closet Insert Cost

Closet inserts include any small storage system that helps to organize and optimize your closet space. They include:

  • Tie rack: $10–$30

  • Jewelry organizers: $10–$55

  • Hanger rods: $5–$15

  • Hooks: $5–$35

  • Laundry hamper: $15–$90

  • Storage bins: $10–$50

These require minimal, if any, installation, so you shouldn't need to hire a pro for these pieces. However, if you do require help, it's a good idea to have these installed at the same time as more complex items to minimize cost.

Closet Drawer Cost

Closet drawers are useful and let you keep items tidy and out of sight. Wire, plastic, and MDF are the most affordable, starting at $15 per drawer. Wood, glass, and metal are the most expensive, costing up to $120 per drawer. Allow at least an hour for installation of one to three drawers. This puts your total cost to install three drawers between $110 to $450.

Closet Cabinet Cost

Closet cabinets split up large areas of unused space into smaller, practical storage areas. Open-faced cube cabinets are among the most common and are often used for shoe storage or for adding storage bins. You can also choose cabinets with doors to keep things extra neat and tidy. Prices vary significantly, from $65 for a small plastic prefab cube cabinet to $800 for a large, real wood 15-cabinet unit.

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Closet Organizer Cost by Material

Closet organizers are available in a range of different materials that impact their look, durability, functionality, and cost.

Wire Closet Organizer Cost

Wire closet organizers are one of the most affordable options and the easiest to install yourself. They are highly customizable with many different individual inserts and setups available. They are utilitarian and practical, but not overly visually appealing or durable. As you won't need DIY installation, expect to pay $100 to $300 for a prefab wire closet organizer that you install yourself.

Metal Closet Organizer Cost

Metal closet organizers are somewhat more durable than wire, but they're equally visually unappealing. While it won't add as much value to your home or make as much of an impact as higher-value materials, metal is a good middle-of-the-road option. You'll pay between $160 and $480 for a metal closet organizer and installation with two hours of labor.

Plastic Closet Organizer Cost

Plastic closet organizers aren't the most durable option, but they're lightweight, easy to install yourself, and available in a wider choice of colors and styles than wire or metal. A plastic prefab system costs around $100. A more complete system or a basic unit to which you add lots of individual inserts, shelves, and cabinets costs around $350. You shouldn't need any installation for this type of closet organizer.

Wooden Closet Organizer Cost

Wood closet systems are elegant and luxurious, so they're naturally more expensive than other options. They're long-lasting and durable and you can add drawer fronts and cabinet doors to keep your apparel and accessories tidied away. These organizers also require more labor, particularly if you're going with a custom wood system. In which case, you can pay for up to a full eight hours of labor. This puts the total cost of a wooden closet organizer between $680 and $7220.

If wooden closet systems are too pricey for your budget, “there’s a new style that’s becoming more popular. It's a combination of wire and wood. The cost for a typical wire and wood closet ranges from $800 to $3,000, depending on the brand and accessories,” says Kilborn.

Closet Organizer Cost Factors

Closet organizer cost factors include the type of material you choose, whether you choose a prefab or custom organizer, if you want to build your own system from individual inserts, and more. You'll also need to think about repairs, upgrades, and extras.

Closet Lighting

Adding lighting to your closet really enhances the space both for practicality and aesthetics. Choose from automatic, sensor, or manual lighting. Simple sensor lights start at around $10 each while recessed lights require some remodeling and start at $130 each.

Closet Door Replacement

If, once your organizer system is complete, you decide you need to replace the closet door to give it a fresh look that matches its new interior, expect to pay anywhere from $80 for a plain, white MDF door to $2,000 for a rare reclaimed wood door.

Closet Flooring

Closet flooring further enhances the space, making it a cohesive part of the wider room and helping to complete the whole project. There are many closet flooring options and costs vary significantly. Here are the most popular:

Vinyl flooring installation costs: $3–$7 per sq. ft.

Ceramic tile installation costs: $15–$20 per sq. ft.

Carpet installation costs: $3.50–$11 per sq. ft.

Closet Painting

Hiring a professional painter costs $20 to $50 per hour or $2 to $6 per square foot. But, like handypeople, pro painters generally have a minimum fee, so you may want to get several small paint jobs done at the same time or forgo hiring a professional and doing the paint job yourself instead.

Hiring a Closet Organizer

Hiring a professional organizer costs $55 to $65 per hour on average. Professional organizers help you optimize your storage space, declutter and create a relaxing, ordered closet space.

Cost to Install a Closet Organizer Yourself

You can install basic closet organizers yourself without many skills or special tools, so you'll save up to $90 per hour in labor costs. Installing the organizing system yourself lets you create a truly custom space. Wire, plastic, and metal models are usually pretty simple to install and don't require professional intervention.

DIY vs. Hire a Pro Closet Installer

Installing a basic wire, metal, or plastic organization system in your closet is relatively simple and you'll only need a few common tools like a screwdriver and maybe a drill. However, if the installation goes wrong, you can cause significant damage to your closet that's costly to put right.

If you're confident in your DIY skills and have the tools and the time, it's definitely possible for you to install your organizer system yourself. However, if you want a custom-built wooden closet organizer, it's advisable to hire a professional.


Do closet organizers increase home value?

Yes, potentially, installing a closet system enhances the look of your room and gives more storage space, therefore making your home more attractive to buyers who may then be willing to pay a little more. High-end installations with lights, flooring and electrical, or automatic components add greater resale value to your property.

Are closet organizers worth it?

Yes, closet organizers are worth it, and there are prefab and custom models suitable for any budget. These storage solutions help to keep your room ordered and tidy and let you find your clothes and jewelry easily.

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