How Much Does Sewer Line Installation Cost?

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$559 - $2,457

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Updated August 1, 2022

Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.

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Sewer Line Installation Cost

average cost to install or connect a sewer main is $3,200 or $250 to $8,600

Installation for a new main sewer line costs $1,484 on average, with a typical range of $559 and $2,457. Once the plumber places the line, you may pay an additional $500 to $20,000 for hookup to the city sewer. Cities set prices depending on local water resources and the current setup on the street.

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National Average $1,484
Typical Range $559 - $2,457
Low End - High End $99 - $10,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 18,021 HomeAdvisor members.

Sewer Line Cost per Linear Foot

The average cost to install a sewer line ranges from $50 to $250 per linear foot. New pipes cost $3 to $20 per foot, with about $30 to $247 per foot for labor expenses. These pipes are typically buried in your yard, running from your house to the main sewer drain. The total price per linear foot may not include trenching.

Sewer Line Installation Cost Breakdown

Installing a main sewer line costs an average of about $1,394. However, several factors may come into play with the cost to install a sewer line.

Sewer Line Cost Considerations
Task Total Cost Including Labor
Sewer Cleanout $2,000
Backflow Preventer $150 – $1,150
Hookup $500 – $20,000
Trenching $800 – $4,000


The cost to dig a trench runs about $800 for 100 linear feet. This is the traditional method of sewer line installation: a plumber digs a trench in which to install the new piping system.

The total expense depends on the length and depth of the trenches needed. This price usually doesn’t include removing landscaping or hardscaping before digging. Cleanup costs for dirt and gravel are also a factor.

Another option for replacing an existing sewer line is trenchless installation. These modern technologies are more expensive than digging a trench, but they come with fewer cleanup costs. Trenchless methods involve either relining an unbroken pipe or using a new pipe to burst the old one from the inside. These methods can cost anywhere from $960 to $1,600 for 100 linear feet.

Backflow Preventer

Installing a backflow preventer costs $125 to $900, plus $25 to $250 for labor. A backflow preventer keeps waste flowing toward the city sewer line, away from your home.

Sewer Cleanout

The price to install a sewer cleanout averages $500 to $2,000. This estimate typically includes pipes and materials, equipment, tools, and labor. Plumbers use this access point to remove clogs in the line.


The type of piping you use for your sewer line impacts your total cost. There is a variety of common sewer piping materials that vary in price.

  • PVC piping: $0.50–$5 per linear foot, durable and affordable

  • Polyethylene: $2–$5 per linear foot, better heat and cold durability than PVC

  • Cast iron: $2–$10 per linear foot, cheaper than cooper, but subject to corrosion

  • Copper: $20–$30 per linear foot, best quality, longest-lasting option


Permits to connect to the city sewer line range from $400 to $1,600, averaging about $1,000. The price depends on the regulations set by the area’s sewer authority. You may also need to pay additional building permit costs for your project, depending on local regulations.

Landscaping and Repairs

A new sewer line installation traditionally involves digging a trench to lay piping. This can leave your yard covered with dirt and in need of repairs. If you’re handy in the garden, you can opt to do the landscaping yourself. Otherwise, you’ll pay a pro for the landscaping installation costs, which can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on your needs.

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Sewer Connection and Hookup Costs

Hookup to your city’s water and sewer line can cost $500 to $20,000, depending on your local regulations. Typically, property owners must pay for improvements on their land.

Your city may subsidize some or all of your sewer hookup cost, with rates varying based on supply and infrastructure problems. In some areas, costs are lower to make new construction more affordable. Contact a local sewer pro to learn the rules and sewer connection costs in your area.

Average Cost to Hook Up to City Water and Sewer

Although the price of $500 to $20,000 to connect to the city usually includes water and sewer hookup, it often doesn’t include installation for either line. Water main installation costs $1,600, on average. In many cases, your plumber can do both projects for you.

Sewer Main Installation Costs by Location

Labor costs and regulations vary by region, which can impact the total cost of a new sewer line. Below are average total costs for new sewer line installation in cities across the country.

City Average Cost
El Paso, TX $870
Birmingham, AL $960
Honolulu, HI $1,190
Chicago, IL $1,240
Kansas City, MO $1,410
Los Angeles, CA $2,250
Scranton, PA $2,400
Salt Lake City, UT $2,540
Burlington, VT $3,880

Factors Impacting the Cost to Install a Sewer Line

Several factors can impact your total cost to install a new sewer line. Your location and property layout impact the total cost. 

Housing Type

Determining who will pay the sewer line installation costs depends on the home you have. Property owners can usually expect these arrangements:

  • Single-family: Covered by homeowner

  • Twin home: Negotiated by owners

  • Duplex: Covered by property owner

  • Townhome or Condo: Covered by HOA, possibly including an increase in fees

Check with your city to find out more information concerning your neighborhood or housing development.

Distance to Connector Line

Laying a new line costs $50 to $250 per foot. The distance between your home and the connector line affects this price. The further away it is, the more pipe it needs, which increases material and labor costs.

City Permits and Regulations

You’ll need to pay for permits to connect your new sewer line to the city sewer line. Regulations set by your area’s sewer authority will determine the price. You must get these permits in advance of the project. If your city isn't in control of your installation, ask a plumber what you need to do. Some pros can obtain the permits for you, but you may need to do it yourself.


Anything that might get in the way of digging will increase the total expense. Consider these jobs commonly related to sewer line installation:

Before you commit to these property repairs, ask your plumber if there’s a way they can avoid it. If it’s unavoidable, you may need to hire a landscaping or hardscaping professional to complete these tasks.

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Cost to Switch From a Septic System to Sewer

Converting your home from a septic system to the city sewer could cost $6,000 or more. In addition to the price of laying and connecting the line, you must also pay to decommission your septic tank. If your project calls for trenching under the foundation or installing new pipes inside the home, you can expect a higher total.

Price for Septic-to-Sewer Conversion



Decommission Septic Tank

$500 – $1,000

Install New Sewer Line


Trench Under Foundation

$150 – $200 per foot

New Pipes Inside Home


Decommissioning a Septic Tank

Ending the use of your septic tank costs $500 to $1,000. It’s essential a professional properly ends its use to avoid property damage. Most pros recommend flushing out the tank and filling it with a stable material like sand. You can remove the tank, but most homeowners prefer to minimize landscaping disruption.

Under-Slab Trenching

Trenching under your foundation ranges from $150 to $200 per foot. If your existing pipes are under the house, you may need to follow this step. Unlike digging a simple trench elsewhere on your property, this task requires extra care to avoid damaging your foundation.

Install New Plumbing Lines

The price to install new plumbing lines averages $1,100. Switching from septic to sewer may force you to reroute or place new pipes to connect to the street.

DIY Installation vs. Hiring a Pro

In almost all cases, you’ll need to hire a professional plumber for sewer line installation. It’s a complicated project that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Done wrong, it could have disastrous consequences for you and your neighbors, such as backed-up drains.

In some cases, homeowners may not be able to get permits for the work without proof that they are working with a licensed professional. To request a quote, find a plumber near you. Look for a licensed and insured plumber with good reviews from local customers.

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Do I hire a plumber for sanitary sewer construction and hookup?

In most cases, you’ll need to hire a plumber to construct and hook up your new sanitary sewer line. If the work also involves landscaping or excavation, the plumber may offer these services or recommend you hire an additional pro to handle those aspects.

How do I calculate sewer piping needed to run from house to street?

To calculate how many feet of sewer piping you’ll need to run from your house to the street, add the depth of the city main to the distance between the home and the main. This does not include extra length needed to bypass obstacles such as tree roots or utility lines.

City sewer lines tend to run lower than other plumbing or utility lines to minimize the likelihood of backflow, so this number may be higher than you expect.

What’s the estimated cost for a sewer RV hookup installation?

The estimated cost for a sewer hookup installation for an RV depends on the project’s complications. If you are connecting to an existing line on the property, you’ll pay less than if you must install a new line. The cost to hire a plumber runs from $45 to $200 per hour plus materials.

What’s the average cost of an overhead sewer?

The average cost of an overhead sewer ranges from $8,000 to $10,000. This type uses pipes installed above ground to minimize backflow into a basement.

How much does sewer line replacement cost?

The cost to replace or repair a sewer line varies depending on the method used:

  • $50–$250 per foot for trenching

  • $60–$200 per foot for a trenchless line replacement

The total cost can be as little as $1,000 or as much as $25,000, with an average cost of about $3,500. This doesn’t include the cost of a sewer inspection, which may also be necessary before starting any work depending on your situation.

Digging out old piping and replacing it can increase expenses. The existing sewer line might be below your gas line, which is often more expensive to redo. With trenchless methods, a plumber inserts a smaller pipe within the existing plumbing. Many homeowners choose this method to avoid a full excavation, but it’s not appropriate for all homes. Ask a pro about your options.