How Much Does a Chimney Inspection Cost?

Typical Range:

$100 - $5,000

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Published December 16, 2020

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Chimney Inspection Cost

A chimney inspection typically costs $300 to $600, or $450 on average. Prices start at $100 for a basic visual inspection of an undamaged chimney with one flue. Costs can reach $5,000 if the chimney has structural damage that’s impossible to see without tearing down walls. Cleaning services are often included in the inspection fee.

Average Cost of a Chimney Inspection

Average Cost$450
High Cost$5,000
Low Cost$100

Chimney Inspection Costs by Level

Chimney inspectors charge between $100 and $5,000 for routine to invasive inspections. The level greatly influences how much you pay for this service. Across all levels, this service can help reduce the risk of fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other fireplace and chimney problems.

Level 1 Inspection

A level one inspection is $100 to $950 depending on your chimney size, number of flues and how often you use it. This service is usually done as a part of your yearly fireplace cleaning routine. It includes a visual examination of the inner surfaces of the chimney after sweeping them clean.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection Cost

A level two inspection costs around $200 for a single flue chimney and up to $1,000 for ones with four flues. This level is reserved for chimneys with damage from fires or storms. This service costs more since inspectors must look from the bottom and the top to gauge the damage. Inspectors include cleaning services to get a clear look at the surface.

Level 3

Expect to pay $500 to $5,000 for a level three inspection. This service is only performed on chimneys with a lot of structural damage. The price depends on how difficult it is to get a good look at the inner surfaces. Inspectors might need to remove walls and other surfaces to get to the damaged part of the chimney.

Chimney Camera Inspection Cost

Chimney camera inspections cost $200 to $400 for ones with a single flue. The price can reach up to $1,000 if there’s four flues. The camera equipment allows inspectors to take a close look at the entire inner surface. This allows them to complete the level two inspection with ease. Expect them to give you a copy of the video alongside their detailed report.

Fireplace & Chimney Inspection Services & Costs

Chimney inspections are up to $5,000 and that doesn’t even include repairs. Fireplace repairs cost $90 to $2,000, while the price of a chimney rebuild could reach $5,000. A full rebuild is not needed if simple $350 to $2,500 repairs can restore the condition of your chimney.

Average Cost of Fireplace and Chimney Upkeep
Cap replacement$300
Crown repair or install$900
Masonry repair$2,000
Liner replacement$2,500

When to Get a Chimney Inspection

Complete chimney inspections once a year even if you don’t use your fireplace often. You should also get one done if the structure might have suffered damage in an earthquake, storm or fire. The inspection can reveal the buildup of creosote, presence of pests and structural damage.

Chimney Opening, Closing & Maintenance Costs

Inspectors tend to bundle the cost to clean a chimney in the $100 to $1,000 level one or two inspection price. Otherwise, it’s typically priced at $130 to $365. Cleaning costs can reach $800 for surfaces with tons of creosote buildup.

Average Cost to Have a Chimney Inspected & Cleaned

Chimney inspection and cleaning services cost $695 on average when paying for both services separately. DIY cleaning kits are around $75. Hiring a chimney inspection pro near you to handle the cleaning offers better results and comes with key insights.


What’s involved in a chimney inspection?

Level one inspections take up to one hour and involves a through visual examination of the inner surfaces of your chimney. Level two inspections are about two hours and go beyond that with a look from the bottom to top to see if there’s any damage. Level three inspections can take days since they require the removal of building materials to assess severe damage.

Is a chimney inspection part of a home inspection?

You get a brief chimney inspection when paying for the cost of a home inspection. The report covers any obvious damage to the inner and outer surfaces of the fireplace and chimney. For more details, you have to hire a chimney inspector to take a look.

How much does it cost to put in a chimney?

Installing a chimney costs $2,500 to $11,000, or $6,750 on average. Most projects fall in the $3,000 to $6,000 range, or $150 per foot, when installing a 30-foot masonry chimney. Expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $300 per foot depending on your material of choice.