How Much Do Window Air Conditioner Repairs Cost?

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$108 - $381

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Published January 10, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Window AC Repair & Recharge Costs

Window air conditioner repair costs $108 and $381, or an average of $245. This includes a range of $2 to $150 for parts and labor at $30 per hour.

Repairing your window AC can make it last a few years longer before you have to replace it. Some tasks are easy to DIY, but others require a pro. Here's a breakdown of the common problems and what you'll pay to fix them.

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National Average $245
Typical Range $108 - $381
Low End - High End $50 - $900

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 584 HomeAdvisor members.

Window Air Conditioner Repair Cost Per Hour

The cost of window air conditioner repair or service average $30 per hour, plus the price of parts. For jobs that take only a few minutes, like filter replacement, you can expect to pay for an hour of service.

Additional Window AC Repair Cost Considerations

In addition to the $100 to $350 to repair your window AC, you may also run into other repairs:

Window AC Recharge Cost

the average cost to repair a window air conditioner is $230 or $50 to $800.

Hiring a pro to recharge your window air conditioner costs $100 to $150. DIY refrigerant replacement kits run $20 to $30, but you’ll probably need to hire a pro to put it in. Many states require you to have a special license to handle refrigerant. This is because it’s a toxic substance.

Most units don’t need this service, unless they have a refrigerant leak. Fixing the leak may run more, depending on how long it takes the technician to locate and repair it.

Freon Recharge Cost Considerations

If you bought your window AC before 2010, you may need to replace it instead of recharging. Most systems made before that date used r-22, commonly called Freon. New units use a different refrigerant, typically r-410a.

It's important to know the type of refrigerant. Manufacturers sell many products as Freon, but they won't all work with your machine.

The U.S. started phasing out Freon production in 2015. This means that if your system uses r-22, you may not be able to buy the refrigerant in stores.

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Window AC Repair Parts Prices

Blower Wheel$15-$50
Curtain Frame$15-$30
Fan Motor$100-$150
Support Bracket$30-$100

The cost of parts for a window AC range from $2 to $150. The total expense depends on a few factors, such as:

  • Type of part

  • Age of the machine

  • Availability of the component

  • Brand name

Third-party products tend to cost less but may not fit with your machine. Some parts, like a filter, will work with most models.

Portable Air Conditioner Repair Cost

The cost to repair a wall-mounted or portable AC runs $100 to $350, similar to a window unit. These systems may take longer to access, since they’re typically enclosed.

Common Window AC Problems & Causes

Here are some common window AC problems:

  • Short Cycling: Turning off before the room is cool

  • No Cool Air: Only room-temperature air comes out

  • System Not Working: Unit doesn’t turn on

  • Circuit Tripping: Breaker keeps shutting off

  • Water Leaks: It drips water or accumulates ice

Most window AC issues start with one of these causes:

  • Dirty filter/components

  • Rodent or insect infestation

  • Clogged condensate drain

  • Refrigerant leak

Homeowners should remove and store window air conditioners inside when they are not in use. Hiring a pro to do this costs $40 to $120. This minimizes dirt accumulation and discourages pests from building nests.

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Window AC Maintenance Costs

Professional air conditioner maintenance costs $100 to $200. Since this is close to the price of a new window AC, you may want to DIY a few troubleshooting tasks:

  • Clean the air filter every month.

  • Wipe out water pan and condenser coils once per season.

  • Cover or remove the unit in winter.

Important Note: Before doing any work, unplug it or turn off the circuit breaker. This helps prevent injury.

Window AC Repair vs. Replacement

Window air conditioner installation costs $150 to $500, compared to $100 to $350 for repair. Since the ranges overlap, you’ll need to decide if you want to fix the unit or replace it.

Repairing a window AC often takes less time and effort. Larger units, which can run up to $1,100, may also cost less to fix than replace.

Replace the unit if it's close to the average lifespan of 10 years. New systems are usually more efficient and may have modern features, such as a remote control. Buying a new one requires:

  • Research into new products

  • Time and labor to remove the old one

  • Disposal

  • Installation

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DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Choosing between DIY and hiring window AC repair contractors near you depends on the job. Some tasks, such as replacing the compressor or recharging refrigerant, need a pro to avoid damaging the equipment. Others, like replacing the air filter or curtain frame, are inexpensive and relatively easy for homeowners to do.


Is it worth it to repair a window air conditioner?

The value of repairing your window AC depends on the severity. If you have to replace the fan motor or compressor, it might be cheaper to get a new one. If you do give up your old unit, be sure to take to a designated appliance recycling facility to properly dispose of it.

How long will a window air conditioner last?

On average, window air conditioners last about 10 years. Older units tend to lose efficiency through wear and tear on the components, even with good upkeep.

Why is my portable AC not cooling?

If your portable AC is not cooling, you may have a refrigerant leak or a problem with the circuit. Call a pro to help you determine the cause.

What kind of Freon do you use in window air conditioners?

Window air conditioners now use r-410a refrigerant. Freon, another name for r-22, phases out in 2020.

How much does it cost to remove a wall-mounted AC?

Removing a wall-mounted AC costs $40 to $120. This does not include the price of disposal, which runs an extra $25 to $50.

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