How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Home Radiator?

Typical Range:

$150 - $550

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Updated April 13, 2022

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On average, home radiator repair costs $300, with a typical range of $150 to $550 per unit. Labor costs $100 to $500, with parts and materials making up only $50 on average. When a radiator repair fails or isn't possible, replacing a unit costs $550 to $3,500 on average.

Estimating Home Radiator Repair Costs

Most of your home radiator repair cost of $150 to $550 come from time and labor. Only about 10% to $30% of the price comes from the materials. This makes this job excellent for DIY repairs if you have some experience and working plumbing knowledge. 


Each electric, water, or steam radiator costs $350 to $2,000 to replace, but a valve, cleaner, or gasket repair is much more affordable at just $10 to $50. Radiator repair costs come mainly from labor.

Labor Costs 

Labor for radiator repair can run anywhere from $100 to $800 for a normal job. A plumber's hourly rates run from $45 to $200, but you’ll pay an extra $100 to $300 if you have a catastrophic failure after normal business hours or on the weekend. 

Additional or Unexpected Costs

Most of the time, your home radiator repair cost is straightforward with no additional fees, so long as you get it done promptly and properly. However, waiting to fix that leaky valve or upgrading to a different heat type can add additional costs. 

Common Home Radiator Repair Costs
Project Type Cost Range
Plumbing replacement $173 – $450
Boiler repairs $300 – $650
Boiler replacement $3,700 – $8,300
Drywall repairs $300 – $900
Flooring repairs $200 – $600
Electrical wiring $550 – $2,300
Thermostats $100 – $250
  • Replacing plumbing costs between $175 and $450. Occasionally, you’ll need to replace some plumbing to fix issues with a radiator. 

  • Boiler repairs cost $300 to $650. Repairing a boiler can help maximize the effects of your radiator repairs and maintenance. 

  • Boiler replacement costs range from $3,700 to $8,300. Although less likely, a faulty boiler could be the culprit of a cold home, not your radiator.

  • Drywall repairs cost an average of $300 to $900. Leaking water or steam pipes can cause drywall and floor damage. 

  • Flooring repairs cost between $200 and $600. Standing water, burst pipes, and radiator cracks can damage floors. 

  • Water or steam radiator covers cost $100 to $700. Damaged radiators can also damage the covers. 

  • Electrical wiring installs cost from $550 to $2,300. If you upgrade from water to electric heat, you’ll need to install new circuits. 

  • Thermostats cost $100 to $250 to install, replace, or move.

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Home Radiator?

Home radiator repair costs $100 to $550. Typical repairs include fixing a pipe fitting or valve. With steam and water, you may only need the radiator bled, which releases built-up air in the system, which impedes water flow. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Residential Radiator Yourself?

Repairing a water or steam radiator yourself costs up to $50. The simplicity of the radiator makes it both unlikely to break in the first place and easy to fix if it does. 

A cracked radiator might only need an epoxy repair, although severe breaks require you to replace the unit. A leaky valve or pipe fitting often only needs thread sealer or replacement, which usually costs $25 or less.

  • Valve repairs: For valve repairs or replacements, you’ll need pipe dope or tape, an adjustable wrench, and a pipe wrench. These repairs are often simple and inexpensive. 

  • Valve bleeding: Consider learning how to bleed your valves, as it’s simple and free, but can cause serious burns if done improperly. 

Call a boiler repair service if you find the problem persists, becomes worse, or you’re uncomfortable working on the radiator yourself.

Cost to DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor 

Most professional pricing comes from their hourly fees, which cover overhead, insurance, and time. You’ll save almost all of the $300 radiator repair fees by doing this job yourself. 

However, you’ll need to watch for hot water, steam, and electrical hazards. If you’re not comfortable working with steam, water, or electricity, find a boiler repair service near you.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair or Replace by Type?

Radiator repair and replacement costs vary slightly depending on the type of unit you have in your home. Water and steam styles may require work on the pipes feeding them, while electric usually only requires work on the unit itself. 

  • Steam radiators: $100–$550 for repairs. Replacement can hit $3,500 per radiator.

  • Water radiators: $100–$500 for repairs. Replacement exceeds $3,000 per radiator.

  • Oil (electric) radiators: $30–$450.

How Much Does Radiator Repair or Replacement Cost by Style?

Depending on style, you’ll pay anywhere from $150 to $2,800 for a radiator. 

  • Vintage Cast Iron radiators cost $200–$2,800 per unit, depending on the size, manufacturer, and styling. 

  • Electric baseboard heat costs: $350–$1,300 for replacement. Repairs run $50 to $100. Baseboard heat is a popular radiant style in the U.S.

  • Ceramic heaters cost $150–$1,500. They’re typically free-standing or attached to a wall and use electricity.

What Factors Influence Home Radiator Repair Cost?

Factors that influence home radiator replacement or repair costs include:

  • Type of fuel: Electric, steam, or water. Vintage steam tends to cost the most.

  • Brand: Cost will vary by model and brand.

  • Issue: Some repairs are more complex than others. A leaky valve costs only $100–$150, while a replacement is nearly three times as much.

Radiator Repair FAQs 

Is radiator heat expensive?

Radiant heat can be up to three times as expensive as forced air. However, new models can be up to twice as efficient as models 20 years old or older due to advancing technology and design.  

Actual costs vary by location and as fuel prices fluctuate throughout the year. But, radiant heat doesn’t push allergens around your home, so the added cost might be worth the cleaner air.

How do you service a home radiator?

To service your home radiator, first inspect the pipes. Then bleed the valves and clean any vents if you have a steam radiator. For electric heat, make sure the radiator is clean and dust-free.

Why is one radiator in my house cold?

One lone cold radiator typically indicates a blockage of debris or sludge in that unit. You’ll want to disassemble it and flush it out. Have annual plumbing inspections to avoid a maintenance issue becoming a replacement issue.

How long do house radiators last?

Radiators last anywhere from 15 to 50 years or more. With regular maintenance, expect your radiator to last at least 20 years. 

How much should a new radiator cost?

A new radiator costs $300 to $1,800 on average, not including the labor to install it. 

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