How Much Does It Cost to Build an RV Garage?

Typical Range:

$36,000 - $139,998

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Published February 7, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Building a garage for your RV is a great way to protect your RV from environmental elements when you’re not using it. It’s also a great investment that will improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your home and your RV.

The average cost of building an RV garage is $88,000, with most homeowners paying between $36,000 to $140,000. Let’s take a look at the cost factors of building an RV garage.

Estimating the RV Garage Costs

Although building an RV garage is a straightforward project, it has many factors and variables that will determine the final price. 

Location of the Garage

Your first step is to determine the location of your RV garage. Your site will require proper drainage, an easy extension of plumbing and electric lines, and an exterior design that matches the look of your home. This step will help you get a grasp of the size, the materials, the number of doors and windows. For example, if the garage is located in an isolated area away from your home, extending power and plumbing lines may cost more than if it was closer. 

Size of the Garage

The length and width of your camper also impact the cost of the building project because the bigger the RV, the bigger the RV garage. The average RV garage size is 20 feet wide, 50 feet long, and 14 feet high. 

Some homeowners opt to add additional space in the RV garage for extra features or storage space. Keep in mind that some municipalities have codes that require RV garages to be a certain size, so refer to your local building department for regulations.

Material Prices

You’ll need many different types of materials to build an RV garage, such as the structure material, siding material, roofing, windows, and doors. 

The most common material used to build RV garages is metal. You can expect to pay between $5 to $10 per square foot for a steel structure. 

Labor Costs 

You can expect to pay about $20 to $50 per square foot for labor costs. This figure amounts to at least 50% of the costs to build an RV garage.

Hiring a local general contractor can be more cost-effective than hiring each specialist individually such as electricians, plumbers, or siding professionals. General contractors can handle every aspect of the build, including hiring subcontractors to work on things like plumbing, siding, HVAC, and electric work.


You will need a building permit to build your garage. An RV garage building permit can cost $1,200 to $1,500, depending on your location. 

Additional Costs

Some additional factors will influence the overall cost of building an RV garage.

  • The size and type of RV garage door 

  • Adding water, sewer, and electricity hookups

  • Adding an HVAC system 

  • Insulating the garage

  • Adding a covered walkway to the RV garage

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How Much Does It Cost to Install an RV Garage Per Square Foot?

It will cost between $36 to $140 per square foot to build an RV garage, depending on the design and materials. 

The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact a local garage builder with your building requirements and RV measurements.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an RV Garage Yourself?

You can build an RV garage yourself with a prefab garage kit. This type of kit has an average cost of $15 to $25 per square foot.

A prefab RV garage kit is a common choice among DIYers. It’s convenient, affordable, and durable. The kit includes components of the metal structure, so you only need to put the pieces together.

Cost to Build it Yourself vs. Hiring a Contractor 

You can save 50% of the total project cost by building an RV garage yourself. Or you can choose to hire specialists as you need them to save on general contractor fees, which can be around 20% of the total cost of the project. However, hiring a general contractor gives you peace of mind that the structure will be safe and follow local building codes and regulations.

The work of a general contractor entails: 

  • Interviewing professionals such as electricians, plumbers, or siding professionals find the best person for the job.

  • Overlooking the day-to-day operations of the project.

  • Managing the workflow to ensure everything is done according to plan and on budget.

  • Sourcing all construction materials and equipment to align with the design and budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an RV Garage by Type?

The cost to build an RV garage depends on whether it’s an attached or detached garage.

Attached RV Garage

Attached garages are typically built alongside your house, and are taller to accommodate the size of an RV. They are generally less expensive to build than detached garages, but you can expect to pay extra to insulate an attached garage. 

Detached RV Garage

Due to the size of the RV garage, it is more popular to build a detached garage. This type allows you to put the garage anywhere you want, plus the oversized building will not affect the view or ventilation of your home. 

A detached RV garage usually costs more to build than an attached garage, but it also gives you the freedom to choose a cost-effective material.

FAQs About Building an RV Garage

What is the right size for your RV garage?

Most RVs run between 8 and 8 1/2 feet in width, but they require at least 10 feet for accessibility around the vehicle. The RV garage needs to have a clearance height of at least 14 feet and 40 to 45 feet in length.

A general rule of thumb is that bigger is better when building an RV garage to allow for more features and storage space.

What are the benefits of an RV garage?

There are many benefits to building your own RV garage.

  • Protection: It’s not hard to find RV parking. But many public garages are outdoors, leaving your RV out in harsh weather elements such as rain, wind, and snow. Protecting it will help keep it looking new and save on repair costs.

  • Convenience: Parking your camper on your property makes it easy to access and use the RV. You can also perform routine maintenance easily, keeping the vehicle in better shape.

  • Savings: Why pay rent to park your RV when you can pay a one-time fee and park it in your backyard for free? Plus, you’ll save on repair and maintenance costs by keeping it covered.

What other projects should I complete at the same time?

While the garage builder is working on the RV garage, you can also complete any of these projects:

Home addition: If you want to extend your living area or add a new bedroom for a new family member, this is a great chance to utilize your general contractor.

Garage for your vehicles: While building an RV garage, you can also build a garage for your cars. This project will allow you to buy materials in bulk, and you can negotiate the price with the general contractor since they will be working on more than one project.  

Installing a driveway: After all the construction work and parking your heavy RV in your driveway, it’s a great time to install a new driveway.

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