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Updated August 18, 2022

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The cost of carpet repair can range between $133 and $280, with a national average of $206 for the typical repair job. The largest carpet repair cost factor is the size of the room or section of carpet in need of repair. Another important carpet repair cost factor to consider is the type of repair itself. 

High humidity, poor installation, or general shifting over time can lead to carpet issues. If you notice your carpet is bunching, you'll need to have a local carpet repair pro restretch it. From stretching to patching to cleaning, carpet repair can take many forms, and pros will charge based on the required repair work.

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National Average $206
Typical Range $133 - $280
Low End - High End $85 - $450

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 18,879 HomeAdvisor members.

Carpet Stretching Cost

Carpet stretching is a type of repair that addresses wrinkles, bubbles, or ripples in your carpet. The carpet pro will pull or stretch the carpeting to fit more tightly across the floor and then tack it down, removing any excess. The typical carpet stretching cost ranges from $100 to $300. When you hire a local carpet stretching service, they'll usually charge a flat rate of at least $100 for a single room. Beyond the first room, the carpet stretching cost may range from $40 to $80 per room.

After the single-room fee, some contractors may give you a quote by the hour ($60 per hour on average) or square foot (roughly $0.35 per square foot). Contractors may have a higher restretch carpet cost for Berber (up to 25%) because it can be more difficult to work with.

Patching Carpet Costs

Patching a carpet costs anywhere from $150 to $250, depending on the square footage of the section needing to be fixed. Homeowners typically hire carpet contractors for this service to repair holes, tears, and burns in the carpet.

To patch the carpet, the contractor will need a leftover bit of carpet from the original installation. If you don't have any spare carpet, the contractor may extract a bit from a place that's seldom seen, like the bottom of a closet. Otherwise, they'll remove a small bit of carpet for the patch job and then stretch it to cover the spot where they removed the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Cost

Professional carpet cleaning costs about $130 to $250. You can also invest in your own carpet cleaner, usually between $200 and $400, but you’ll need to regularly purchase a cleaning solution and dedicate a fair amount of time to the cleaning.

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning include:

  • Mold prevention

  • Removal of allergen buildup

  • Extended carpet life

If you have pets or children or just have a lot of shoes-on traffic on your carpets, it’s a good idea to hire a carpet cleaner at least once a year. And if your carpet is bleached or faded, you may need to pay for carpet dyeing, which is around $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot.

Carpet Repair Costs by Problem

Carpets can be damaged in several ways, most of which are fixable and affordable. In fact, the average price of carpet repair is lower than the typical flooring repair cost.

The table below explores common problems your carpet may encounter—and the associated carpet repair cost.

Carpet ProblemAverage Cost Range for Repair
Burn damage$150 – $250
Water damage$300 – $1,000
Pet damage$150 – $800
Tears$100 – $250
Loose carpeting$100 – $300
Snags$100 – $250
Stains, bleach, and fading$130 – $380
Replacement$950 – $3,030

Burn Damage

If your carpet has been burned or melted in a small area, a carpet repair pro can do a simple fix via patching. The average patching carpet cost ranges from $150 to $250, depending on the size of the patch.

Water Damage

Water damage repair costs are expensive, and flooring is often only one component of the work. Repairing water-damaged carpets can cost around $300 to $1,000, but the price depends on how extensive the damage is.

Because carpets absorb water quickly, the subfloor is prone to degradation. On top of considering the necessary carpet repair costs—like for carpet cleaning, carpet stretching, and the price of carpet padding replacement—you may need to budget for the cost to replace subflooring, about $600 for a roughly 300-square-foot room.

Pet Damage 

Like water damage, pet damage to carpets can be costly to repair, ranging from $150 to $800. The wide range in potential carpet repair costs reflects the variety of ways pets can damage carpets. If it's simple rips and snags from claws and incessant digging or scratching, a simple patch job may do the trick and the cost will be low. But multiple urine stains that have settled in could mean significant carpet cleaning costs, plus potential work to the subfloor.


The cost to fix carpet tears can range from as little as $100 for minor problems to $250 if it needs patching. Contractors may be able to fix small rips by gluing or tacking down the sides; larger tears could require patching.

Loose Carpeting

Loose carpeting is one of the many problems that calls for carpet stretching, which ranges from $100 to $300 to repair. It's important to fix loose carpeting, as it presents a tripping hazard for you, your family, and your guests. Loose carpeting can happen over time, especially in high-traffic areas or if your carpet was installed incorrectly.


Snags are especially common in thick, loop carpeting, like Berber. The general solution is patching, which ranges from $150 to $250. A pro may be able to fix a smaller snag without patching. Instead, they’ll work the fibers back into the carpet backing. Such a job might cost as little as $100.

Stains, Bleach, and Fading

Significant stains, sun-faded sections, and bleach spots on your carpet are unsightly, but they’re all fixable via cleaning or dyeing.

  • Professional carpet cleaning runs around $130–$250 for a three-bedroom home.

  • Professional carpet dyeing costs around $1.50–$2.50 per square foot. Dyeing carpet a new color throughout your home would be expensive, but a small dye job to recolor a section of stained carpet is much more affordable. For example, dyeing a 150-square-foot room might cost up to $380.


If your carpet is damaged beyond repair in several places, replacing it may be more practical, costing from $950 to $3,030. This estimate includes both the cost of removing old carpet and the cost of installing new carpet.

These prices can vary widely depending on the type of carpet you choose and your home's square footage that'll be carpeted. You might not recoup the cost of new carpet when you sell your home, but if your old carpet is unattractive and in dire need of replacement, it can turn potential buyers away.

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Carpet Repair Cost Factors

The two largest cost factors affecting the price of carpet repair are the room size and the actual carpet material in your home.

Room Size

Though carpet repair cost varies by the type of work necessary, it’s about $1.85 per square foot. Generally, you won’t need to repair all the carpet in your home; instead, you’ll focus on smaller sections or rooms.

The table below explores how that repair price can vary depending on the size of the carpet section needing repair. Note that repairing carpet for a larger square footage may be less cost-effective than just installing new carpet. Get estimates for both if you're looking at a larger project.

Sq. Ft.Average Cost to Repair

Carpet Material

In addition, the carpet material can affect the cost of repair, as explored in the table below:

Carpet MaterialAverage Repair Cost Range per Sq. Ft.
Acrylic$1.50 – $3
Nylon$1.25 – $2
Olefin/polypropylene$1 – $1.25
Polyester$1 – $1.25
Triexta$2 – $3
Wool$2 – $3

DIY Carpet Repair vs. Hiring a Pro

DIY carpet repair will save you money, and you can easily find DIY carpet repair tips online. But there are potential downsides to handling carpet repair on your own, which include:

  • Time: For the average homeowner, carpet repair can be laborious. If you don’t have the time to spend on carpet repair, it’s worth hiring a pro.

  • Difficult equipment: Depending on the repair work, you might need to purchase or rent expensive equipment that can be challenging to use.

  • Subpar work: Carpet repair needs to be exact. Untrained homeowners might not do as good of a job, which can leave your floor looking unattractive.

  • Invalid carpet warranty: If you repair or replace carpet on your own and make mistakes, it’s unlikely your carpet warranty will remain intact.

A local floor repair expert will have the necessary expertise to complete the project in a timely manner without mistakes.


Can carpet be stretched without moving furniture?

It can be difficult to stretch carpet without moving furniture. In most scenarios, moving the furniture off the carpet is more efficient, but you don't need to take every piece of furniture out of the room since it largely depends on where the carpet needs to be stretched. Most contractors will include the cost of moving furniture out of and back into the room within their overall quote. But unusually heavy or bulky furniture, like a piano, may not be included.

Should you stretch carpet before or after cleaning?

You should stretch your carpet and then clean it, which ensures you clean the entire carpet well. If done correctly, stretching won't allow wrinkles to return through professional cleaning. Stretching a carpet costs approximately $100 to $300, while carpet cleaning costs about $180. Hire a carpet cleaner near you to take care of the job properly. 

Why is my carpet buckling?

Carpet often buckles in high-humidity rooms. The carpet may swell if the room has excess moisture, leading to buckling over time. Running a dehumidifier can prevent this issue, but if it's already buckled, you'll need to hire a contractor to stretch the carpet. 

But humidity isn't the only cause of buckling. If the carpet was improperly installed, it'll be more prone to buckling over time. In addition, the carpet can buckle if you drag heavy items over it or if it's water damaged.

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