How Much Does Ceramic Tile Refinishing Cost?

Typical Range:

$150 - $2,000

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Updated June 11, 2021

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Cost to Refinish Ceramic Tile

The average ceramic tile refinishing cost is around $1,075, with most projects ranging between **$150 and $2,000. Most contractors will charge between $4 and $10 per square foot. Your final price depends on your location, the contractor you hire and the current state of your tile. For the most accurate estimate, contact a ceramic tile contractor near you.

If the tile in your kitchen or bathroom appears dull, worn or in need of an update, restoration is a practical improvement option. Not only does it save money, but it also offers a quicker and more eco-friendly solution with beautiful results.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing Cost Calculator

Average Cost$1,075
High Cost$2,000
Low Cost$150

Tile Resurfacing Cost Factors

The average cost of tile refinishing and resurfacing depends on many factors. These include:

  • The location of the project

  • The price and experience of the professional

  • The amount and condition of the tile

Higher ceramic tile grades tend to work best for resurfacing projects. If you have a lot of broken and chipped tiles, a full replacement is often the best way to go.

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Tile Refinishing Cost vs. Replacement

Tile refinishing is more affordable than replacement, costing between $4 and $10 per square foot, or $1,075 on average. The price of tile repair could add between $260 and $750 to your total.

The cost to install new tile is between $15 and $65 per square foot, including materials and labor. Most homeowners spend an average of around $1,800 or more, depending on the project.

Refinishing is a quick and long-lasting way to restore your tile without a total replacement. It can also help you refresh the look of dated surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. When you hire a local ceramic tile contractor, you'll ensure perfectly matched color, expert repairs and tile that looks like new.

Additional Project Considerations

While you have your tile floors refinished, it may also be a good idea to invest another $350 to $610 in the cost to refinish your bathtub as well. As with all projects, it's sensible to combine efforts to limit the amount of downtime in your space.

DIY Tile Refinishing Cost vs. Hiring a Pro

Typically, contractors will charge between $4 and $10 per square foot of tile. The average cost per project is about $1,075. A contractor may also charge an increased fee for smaller, hard-to-reach areas.

You can also DIY the project at a cost of between $100 and $150 for a basic reglazing kit. You may want to invest in the cost to repair your tile and grout professionally to ensure a smooth start. This typically costs around $450 per project. For the most accurate quote, contact a tile repair contractor near you.

While doing the project yourself might save you money, it could result in runs and other cosmetic imperfections. For the best results, hire a tile contractor to handle your ceramic tile reglazing project.

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What’s the difference between tile refinishing, resurfacing and reglazing?

These three terms are interchangeable. Refinishing is a process that repairs old tiles and gives them a fresh new coat of finish. This is also called tile resurfacing or reglazing.

Can you refinish tiles yourself?

Tile reglazing can be a DIY project, but it’s important to follow all the steps involved. These include:

  1. Cleaning the tile or hiring a local tile cleaning service to remove all residue, e.g. soap film, oils, grease and dirt

  2. Etching the tile to ensure the refinishing solution adheres properly

  3. Filling in any cracks or chips in tile

  4. Recoating the grout

  5. Repairing any missing or damaged caulking where applicable

  6. Applying the refinishing product, primer and enamel

If you have limited experience with painting, you may have trouble achieving a smooth coat of finish. To avoid any cosmetic issues, always have a professional tile contractor handle your tile refinishing project.

How long does tile reglazing last?

Your newly reglazed tile should last between 10 and 15 years with proper installation. Higher-traffic areas and moisture may result in a reduced lifespan.

Is tile refinishing worth it?

Your bathtub and tile refinishing cost will likely seem like a small price to pay for the transformation it offers. Provided your tile and grout are both intact, refinishing will bring a brand-new style at a fraction of the cost.

Can you paint ceramic tile?

Yes, most ceramic tile is paintable with specific epoxy or tile paints. However, you will want to avoid areas of heavy use or moisture, such as countertops, showers and bathtubs. Especially on floors, paint can crack, bubble or wear away over time.

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