How Much Does Quartz Flooring Installation Cost?

Typical Range:

$45 - $75

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Published December 15, 2021

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The average cost of quartz flooring is around $60 per square foot. Depending on availability and color selection, you may end up paying anywhere from $45 to $75 per square foot. You may also see prices in the range of $30 to $100 per square foot in extreme cases.

Quartz flooring is actually a man-made material. It combines resin and quartz to create the tiles needed for floors. By combining these two materials, the result is a highly durable, low-maintenance flooring option.

Estimating Costs to Install Quartz Flooring

To get an estimate on the cost to install quartz flooring, you need to consider the price of the tile as well as the cost of hiring a tile flooring company near you.

Material Prices

While quartz tile flooring has a vast range in costs, items such as grout tend to have a much more stabilized price point. Materials needed to install quartz tile flooring include:

  • Quartz tiles: $45–$75 per sq. ft.

  • Grout: $2.50–$5 per sq. ft.

  • Trowel: $5–$20 each

  • Grout sponge: $2.50 eac

  • Plastic bucket: $5 per 5-gallon bucket

Labor Costs

On average, the cost of labor for installing flooring is anywhere from $0.60 to $4 per square foot. Though this may rise when installing quartz flooring, as it’s a high-cost material that typically requires careful laying.

Unexpected Costs

Be prepared to spend around 10% more than what you really need for flooring materials. While quartz is a relatively strong material, it’s still prone to chipping or cracking if dropped while in the middle of installation.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Quartz Flooring Yourself?

If you have experience laying tile flooring, you do have the option to install quartz tile flooring yourself. On average, you’re looking at saving yourself around $250 to $2,000 worth of labor, depending on the quotes you’ve received. Though you’re going to lose some of those savings buying the materials to install the flooring yourself.

Common items needed to install quartz tile yourself includes:

  • Wet tile saw: $200–$900

  • Manual tile cutter: $50–$100

  • Grout: $2.50–$5 per sq. ft.

  • Grout sponge: $2.50

  • Knee pads: $15–$50

  • Tile spacers: $10–$50

  • Grout float: $5–$35

  • Notched trowel: $5–$15

  • Rubber mallets: $5–$20 each

  • Plastic bucket $5 per 5-gallon bucket

  • Diamond drill bits: $15–$25 each

  • Level: $10–$100

By cutting out labor, you bring the average cost to install a 500-square-foot room with quartz tile from around $60 per square foot to around $58 per square foot once you’ve bought all the equipment.

Cost to Install Quartz Flooring Yourself vs. Hiring a Flooring Contractor

Because there’s such a little cost difference between installing quartz flooring yourself and having a flooring company near you complete the project, it makes little sense to attempt this project on your own. A $2 per square foot difference does not make up for the inherent risks you take when installing tile yourself. These risks include breaking the tiles and any damage you may cause to your knees.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install Quartz Flooring?

If you still have flooring in the spot where you want the quartz flooring, that’s going to need to go. Keep in mind that the colors you choose for your quartz flooring also may increase the price per square foot.

Removing Old Floor

The cost of removing the old floor and disposing of the debris comes out to around $2 to $4 per square foot. Alternatively, you may be able to lay the new tile flooring over the preexisting one. Though if there are any imperfections, such as bumps, throughout that flooring, then it could cause the same problems to occur in the new flooring.

Quartz Color

Quartz tiles actually get their color from the resin that it mixes with. Certain colors may cost an extra $1 to $5 per square foot upcharge. Using multiple colors will only increase this price further.

FAQs About Quartz Flooring

Is quartz or granite heavier?

Generally speaking, neither quartz nor granite is heavier than the other. Granite tends to contain quartz, as granite falls into the rock category. Whereas quartz falls into the mineral category.

What is the difference between quartzite and quartz?

Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. Whereas quartz is an engineered rock composed of quartz and resin. Both are often used for countertops or floor tiles, but quartzite tends to require a heftier sealant because it’s more porous.

What is quartz epoxy?

Quartz epoxy coatings are epoxy combined with small colored quartz pieces. They allow for a more decorative style when applying epoxy to concrete floors.

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