How Much Does Mosquito Treatment Cost?

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$325 - $1,900

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Updated August 10, 2022

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Mosquito control services cost an average of $350 to $500 per season for a quarter- to half-acre property. Per-season prices can range from $325 to as much as $1,900 depending on property size as well as type and frequency of treatments.

Pros perform treatments on a 3-week, recurring cycle at $100 to $400 per visit. Although, homeowners may be able to negotiate recurring treatments at a 10% to 20% discount off a one-time application price.

While you can buy do-it-yourself products online and at home improvement stores, pest control professionals have the training, equipment, and professional-grade insecticides to get rid of the insects and keep them away. Through a process called integrated pest management, professional service providers combine a variety of control methods to target mosquitoes with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Cost of Mosquito Treatments by Yard Size

One-time applications of mosquito treatments typically cost $100 to $400. Your yard’s size, amount of vegetation, landscaping versus hardscaping, and accessibility determine the price. The following table shows typical yard sizes and their associated costs.

Yard Size Cost Range (for one visit) Average Cost (for one visit)
Less than ⅓ Acre $100 – $175 $135
¼ Acre $125 – $225 $175
½ Acre $150 – $300 $225
1 Acre $200 – $400 $300

Mosquito Control Costs by Type of Treatment

How much you'll pay for treatment also depends on the treatment method you choose. You may also need more than one treatment type to get on top of the mosquito problem. For example, you may need larvicide briquettes alongside pesticide spray.

Method Cost Range (for one visit) Average Cost (for one visit)
Larvicide Briquettes $75 – $125 $100
Fumigation $80 – $150 $115
Synthetic and Microencapsulated $90 – $140 $115
Mosquito Barrier Spray $125 – $175 $150
Adulticide Spray $125 – $200 $160
Mosquito Dust $150 – $250 $200
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Larvicide Briquettes

Larvicide briquettes cost an average of $100, or between $75 and $125. Regular pesticide applications only eliminate adults, but they don't kill off eggs and larvae. And, because most pesticides for home use dissipate fairly rapidly for safety, by the time the eggs hatch or the larvae develop wings and emerge, there may not be any meaningful pesticide residue left. This leaves you with a new crop of adult mosquitos ready to bite you.

That's where larvicide comes in. The pro places the briquettes on top of the water. The chemicals penetrate the water and kill the larvae as they hatch. 


Fumigation typically costs $115, but you could pay as little as $80, or as much as $150, depending on the size of your home and the severity of the infestation. Pros fumigate when a significant mosquito infestation occurs inside your home. It's usually confined to one or two rooms, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements, as mosquitos breed in damp environments. 


You'll pay around $115 for microencapsulation, with most people paying between $90 and $140. Microencapsulated and synthetic pesticides take longer to break down than standard sprays, so they work for longer. 

Therefore, they kill the immediate adult population and hang around long enough to kill the larvae as they emerge from the water, too. However, many homeowners choose not to use this type of spray if they have pets or kids because of the long-term health concerns of having pesticide residue lingering on the lawn.

Barrier Spray

Mosquito barrier spray costs around $150 per treatment, with a price range of $125 to $175. Pros use Insecticidal sprays, whether a natural base or a synthetic or encapsulated product, around your yard’s perimeter instead of across your whole yard. This prevents the pests from entering in the first place while limiting the amount of chemical residue in your yard. It's a popular choice with environmentally conscious and health-conscious homeowners.

Pesticide Spray

Pesticide spray to kill adult mosquitoes costs an average of $160 per application, or between $125 and $200. Often, this type of spray is a plant-based primary ingredient, called permethrin, which comes from chrysanthemums. And, unless you're specifically requesting an all-natural product, it likely has added chemicals to boost its efficacy. 

However, these pesticides rapidly wash away or degrade in heat or adverse weather conditions. This is great for the environment and your health, but they won't continue to kill adult mosquitos for very long after the original population dies off. 

Those committed to natural pest control can have a mosquito misting system installed that regularly reapplies this type of pesticide. Installing a mosquito misting system costs around $2,500, but is a solid long-term investment.

Mosquito Dusting

Mosquito dusting costs around $200 per treatment, with most people paying between $150 and $250. Using a duster or a fogger, the pest controller applies a powdered or granulated pesticide product across large areas. Because of its rapid application, dusting is often used on properties of over an acre, as well as on crops.

Cost of Mosquito Treatments by Frequency

How often you'll need to have treatment determines the cost per year. The more frequently you bring in a pro, the more you'll pay per year, but the less you'll pay per visit. Take a look at common mosquito control contracts and how much you'll pay for each. It's a good idea to talk with your local pest control company to find out which service level is best for your situation.

Frequency Cost Range per Year Average Cost per Year
Annual Contract $75 – $150 $115
One-Time Visit $90 – $200 $145
Quarterly Contract $175 – $325 $250
Seasonal Contract $350 – $600 $475
Monthly Contract $450 – $1,000 $725

Cost of Mosquito Treatments by Brand

Every brand has different costs and offers different types and levels of service. You can choose from national brands or local independent companies. Private companies may cost less, but large franchises are strictly controlled and rigorously follow protocols to safely get rid of mosquitoes.

Brand Cost Range (One-Time Application) Average Cost (One-Time Application)
Ehrlich Cost $75 – $95 $85
Terminix Cost $80 – $100 $90
Mosquito Joe Cost $85 – $100 $90
Mosquito Squad Cost $95 – $125 $110
Orkin Cost $100 – $150 $125
TruGreen Cost $100 – $150 $125
Mosquito Authority Cost $125 – $225 $175
Rentokil Cost $125 – $225 $175
Aptive Cost $130 – $250 $190

Other Mosquito Treatment Cost Factors

Aside from brand, yard size, and treatment method, there are a number of other factors that impact the cost of mosquito treatment. Where you live, the type of property you have, and the size of the infestation all play a role in how much you'll pay to get on top of the problem.

Evaluation and Inspection

Many professional pest control companies offer free evaluations and inspections to determine where mosquitoes are present and whether the services will be successful for your property.

During an evaluation, a technician will assess your property to find areas with standing water where these pests may breed. They’ll also determine if there is enough foliage surrounding your property to create an effective barrier against them. The technician will then make a recommendation regarding the types and frequency of services you need and may provide a custom quote accordingly.

Extent of Infestation

The severity of the mosquito infestation can impact price. A small infestation centered around a single breeding site can cost as little as $75 for a one-time visit, while a severe infestation with more than six breeding sites can cost as much as $500 for a single treatment.

  • Small infestation: $75 – $150

  • Medium infestation: $150 – $300

  • Large infestation: $200 – $400

  • Severe infestation: $350 – $500


The climate in your area impacts cost because it informs how often you'll need treatments. In dry and temperate climates, you may only need treatments once or twice a year. However, in warm, damp areas, you'll likely need regular year-round treatments to keep your property free of these flying, biting menaces.

Residential vs. Large Business Areas

Mosquito control service providers usually calculate residential and commercial prices in the same way. However, commercial services may require after-hours treatments or special considerations to avoid overspray into food consumption areas, which may increase costs. Also, commercial properties tend to be larger, so they cost more in materials and labor time.

DIY Mosquito Control vs. Hiring a Pro

While DIY solutions can provide some relief, the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to eliminate mosquitoes is by hiring a pest control professional. Licensed pros have the necessary training to work with chemical pesticides while protecting the environment.

A natural DIY control option made from garlic does exist. You can make it yourself or purchase it from home improvement stores for about $30 per quart, which covers up to 1¼ acres, or about $85 per gallon, which covers up to 5 acres. Four applications per year should work for this type of control method. In most cases, one gallon should last a homeowner an entire season, not including the cost of water to distribute the concentrated solution.


What do mosquito control services do?

A licensed and/or trained technician will assess your property and remove standing water in containers to prevent breeding.  When they can’t remove standing water, the technician may use larvicide so larvae won’t develop into adults (depending on your state laws and the company you choose). Then, they will apply a mild insecticide formula to the trees, shrubs, and foliage around your home to kill and repel adults. Recurring treatments take place on a 21-day cycle.

How can I get rid of gnats, wasps, fleas, and other pests?

Different types of pests require different control methods. You can do some insect research and treatments on your own. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to hire a pro. Insect control professionals charge between $100 to $300.

How to Get Rid of Flies, Gnats, Wasps, Fleas & More
MethodType of PestsAboutPrice
Glue stripsFlies, gnatsEffective but can be unsightly$5 - $10
Foggers & spraysWasps, beesInsects can sting if not killed$5 - $10
Bug zappersFlies, gnatsMust attract bugs in order to kill them$40 - $200
Professional pest control - one timeInsects, rodentsUsually offers satisfaction guarantee$300 - $550
Professional pest control - recurringInsects, rodentsUsually prevents infestation; Contract required
  • $180 initial visit;
  • $40 - $45 monthly;
  • $50 - $60 semi-monthly;
  • $100 - $300 quarterly

How can I help prevent mosquitoes in my yard?

There are a few different ways you can help to deter mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Use insecticides if it's safe to do so

  • Use bug lights and bug zappers

  • Light tiki torches

  • Use citronella torches or candles

  • Get rid of standing and stagnant water

  • Keep the lawn short

  • Keep foliage to a minimum

  • Add rosemary, sage, and mint leaves to your firepit

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