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Updated January 25, 2022

Reviewed by Salvatore Cutrona, Licensed Master Electrician.

Written by HomeAdvisor.

The average cost to change a light fixture is $196, including light fixtures, parts, and labor. The typical range is $111 and $286. Small fixtures and simple replacement jobs can cost as little as $55, while hanging an expensive, heavy chandelier, including reinforcing the ceiling, can cost $6,500 or more.

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National Average $196
Typical Range $111 - $286
Low End - High End $60 - $600

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 3,188 HomeAdvisor members.

Light Fixture Replacement Prices

Replacement light fixtures vary hugely in price. The typical range is $30 for a basic, low-budget model and $1,310 for a high-end one. However, you can pay as little as $15 for a simple hanging pendant fixture, or as much as $5,500 (or more) for a fancy chandelier or an ultra-modern oversized pendant light fixture.

Remember that this is just the price for the replacement fixture (and fitting components) and does not include labor.

“Lighting can affect your well-being, and with more people than ever working from home, changing or adding light fixtures is a cost to seriously consider,” says electrician Salvatore Cutrona.

Light Fixture Replacement Installation Costs

To replace a light fixture, you need to hire a local electrician because, unless you have the right know-how, this work can be dangerous. Hiring an electrician costs between $40 and $125 per hour.

For a simple replacement or like-for-like switch, expect to pay no more than one hour per fixture, for an average cost of $70 per fixture, and a total range of $40 to $100 per fixture. For more complex projects, such as hanging a chandelier or a heavy, oversized pendant, or switching to a different type of lighting that requires wiring changes and ceiling repair, you may pay for four hours or more of labor. That's an average of $280 and a range of $160 to $400 for labor.

Remember that you could pay even more if the electrician needs extra labor to help lift and support a particularly heavy fixture.

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Light Fixture Replacement Costs by Type

Light fixtures vary significantly in cost, based on size, type, features, and quality. Take a look at the most common lighting types, their cost range, and the average cost of each fixture.

Light Fixture TypeTypical Cost Range (Materials Only)Average Cost (Materials Only)
Ceiling lights$20 – $1,000$510
Recessed lights$20 – $300$160
Chandelier$100 – $4,500$2,300
Track lighting$25 – $420$220
Pendant lights$15 – $4,500$2260
Outdoor lighting$20 – $1,000$510
Bathroom lights$70 – $300$185
Wall-mounted lights$30 – $650$340
Fluorescent lights$25 – $125$75
LED lights$40 – $5,500$2,270

Ceiling Lights

Traditional ceiling lights start at $20 per fixture and, at the high end, can cost up to $1,000 per fixture. The most common type of light fixture, ceiling lights affix to a metal or plastic box that attaches to the studs or joists in the ceiling.

Replacing these types of light fixtures takes one to two hours. The range for replacing ceiling lights, including parts and labor, is $60 to $1,200 per fixture, with an average cost of $100.

Recessed Lights

The cost to install recessed lights is, on average, $370 per fixture, all-in. Recessed light fixtures start at around $20 each and cost up to $300. The average cost of each unit is $160.

Then you have to factor in labor. Typically, replacing like-for-like recessed lights takes one to two hours per fixture. However, if you're switching from another type of lighting, this is a more complex job and can take three to four hours per fixture.

A simple replacement costs an average of $100 in labor, while a more complex replacement costs up to $400. That puts the average cost range of recessed light replacement at $260 to $560 per fixture, total.


Undoubtedly, chandeliers add luxury to a home, but they're expensive to purchase and install. For a mini chandelier, prices start around $100. But for larger, more impressive fixtures, you can pay in excess of $4,500 just for the chandelier itself. The average cost of a chandelier, not including labor, is $2,300.

A simple replacement of a reasonably lightweight chandelier will take up to two hours, for an average cost of $100. However, replacing a light fixture with a large, heavy chandelier will require reinforcement to support its weight. You can pay up to $2,000 in labor alone in such a case. This puts the total cost of a chandelier replacement anywhere from $200 to $6,500.

Track Lighting

Track lighting fixtures cost between $25 and $420 each. The average cost for a track lighting fixture is $220. If you're switching existing track lighting for a new model, installation takes about an hour per fixture, costing an average of $70. If, however, you're changing to track lighting from another kind, installation will take around three hours and cost, on average, $210.

To install track lighting, expect to pay, on average $350 per fixture, including parts and labor. The project may range from $95 to $800 per fixture total, depending on the complexity of the installation and the cost of the fixtures themselves.

Pendant Lights

Pendant light fixtures can cost anywhere from $15 for the most basic style to $4,500 for a high-end luxury pendant fixture, making the average cost $2,260 per fixture. However, if you don't need anything that fancy, you'll likely pay less than $100 per unit.

Replacing a single pendant light for another pendant of similar size and type takes about an hour and costs between $40 and $100. If a new mount is necessary or there's any plastering required to finish the job, plan for an additional hour. This puts the average labor cost for a standard pendant light replacement at $70 to $130.

If you're upgrading to an oversized pendant light, the work involved is essentially the same as hanging a chandelier and can cost up to $2,000.

Therefore, for a simple, budget-friendly pendant light replacement, expect to pay $55 to $230 per fixture. For a more elaborate oversized pendant, plan for spending up to $6,500 for parts and labor.

Outdoor Lights

Replacing outdoor lighting is considerably less expensive than the cost of installing outdoor lights. Exterior light fixtures cost between $20 and $1,000, with an average cost of $510 each. Replacing an outdoor light fixture takes one to two hours so costs $40 to $200 in labor, with an average cost of $100.

So, all-in, expect to pay $50 to $1,200 per fixture to replace an outdoor light. Remember to purchase a light fixture rated for outdoor use, too, for longevity and safety.

Bathroom Lights

Bathroom light fixtures cost $70 to $300 each, with an average of $185 per unit. Replacing bathroom light fixtures takes around an hour per fixture, assuming it's a simple swap, costing an average of $70. If you're planning to move the light or swap the fixture for an entirely different kind, labor quickly adds up and could be up to four hours per fixture, which would set you back $280 per unit.

To replace a bathroom light fixture, you'll pay $130 to $580 per unit, all-in. Remember when selecting your light fixtures to ensure they are damp-rated and suitable for bathrooms.

Wall-mounted Lights

Wall-mounted lights are popular options for adding accent lighting or feature lighting and cost $30 to $650 per fixture. Replacing existing wall lights takes between one and two hours and costs $40 to $200 with an average of $100 per unit. In total, replacing a bathroom light fixture costs $70 to $850 per unit, including parts and labor.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights range from $25 to $125 per fixture, with an average cost of $75 each. Changing these types of lights takes between one and three hours, so costs between $40 and $300. The labor time varies so much because it depends on if it's a straight swap, whether the wiring needs reconfiguring for the new unit, or you're changing from another light fixture type.

The complete light replacement project costs $65 to $425 per fluorescent light fixture, with an average cost of $245.

LED Lights

The cost of LED lighting starts at $40 per unit and goes as high as $5,500. This puts the average cost at $2,270 per unit, although the average homeowner can expect to pay considerably less.

Replacing old LED lights for new LED fixtures only takes about one hour per unit. However, if you're replacing old fixtures of a different type with new LED ones, labor can be as much as four hours per fixture if the electrician needs to reconfigure the wiring, which is a common issue in older properties. So labor for replacing LED light fixtures ranges from $40 to $400.

A budget-friendly LED light fixture replacement starts at $80 per fixture, including parts and labor. A more labor-intensive replacement using a high-end fixture can cost up to $5,900.

Factors That Influence Light Fixture Replacement Costs

One major additional factor in how much it costs to change a light fixture is the quality and condition of your home's wiring. If the wiring is old, worn or dangerous, the electrician needs to replace that, too. The cost of rewiring a home in full or in part can quickly add up, as electricians charge by the hour, and you'd also have to pay for cutting and patching drywall.

Another cost factor is adding additional light switches. The cost of installing a new light switch is around $150 per switch.

DIY vs. Hiring a Fan Replacement Pro

Working with electricity is dangerous, even if you're a seasoned DIYer. And, in many states, there’s a legal requirement that licensed professional electricians perform light fixture installations or replacements to ensure the work is up to code.

When it comes to lighting or anything else of an electrical nature, it's smarter and often legally necessary to hire an electrician to get the job done.


Can a handyperson change a light fixture?

In some states and municipalities, licensed and registered handypersons can do minor electrical work, such as changing a light fixture. However, you should check with your state and local licensing boards to make sure.

Do I need special light fixtures in the bathroom?

Damp-rated light fixtures are recommended in bathrooms, particularly if they're near damp areas like showers and over the bathtub. However, in most locations, they are not a strict requirement. For safety and longevity, damp-rated fixtures are a better choice.

Can you run a second light fixture from the same switch?

Potentially, yes, an electrician can connect a second light fixture to the same light switch, but there are several factors that impact whether it's possible. In many situations, it's less expensive and more practical to install a second light switch.

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