Cost to Replace a Door or Window Lintel

Typical Range:

$400 - $750

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Updated April 21, 2022

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Your garage door or window lintel provides structural support to its opening. So, when a lintel starts failing, you know it's time to replace it. A garage door or window lintel replacement typically costs $400 to $750. Nevertheless, the actual cost depends on several factors covered in this guide.

Garage Door or Window Lintel Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace a garage door or window lintel is $520, but the estimated national range is $400 to $750. This average includes the labor fees and material required to replace your lintel. However, the final estimate is based on factors such as your surrounding wall’s condition and lintel condition. 

Labor Cost for Door or Window Lintel Replacement

The labor cost for this project depends on the professional you hire. A local handyperson will charge $40 to $120 per hour, and a licensed and insured contractor near you will charge $30 to $85 per hour or 10% to 20% of the total project cost. 

If you need to replace a brick lintel, you can consider contacting your local brick mason professional to give you an estimate, and working with this pro can cost $70 per hour.

Depending on the severity of your lintels and surrounding components’ conditions, you might need to hire a local structural engineer for an assessment that averages $340 to $700.  

Lintel Replacement Cost by Material

Here’s a breakdown of how much a lintel replacement will cost on average by material.

4 lintel materials compared by cost, with concrete averaging the most at $700

Brick Lintel 

Brick lintels are used for light loadings and less than three feet long openings. The average cost of replacing a brick window lintel is $500 to $700, and a garage door lintel is $1,000 to $5,000

Concrete Lintel 

Concrete lintels are commonly known for supporting heavy loads and adapting to various sizes and shapes. The average cost to replace concrete window lintels is $700

Steel Lintel 

These lintels are best suited for heavy loads and large opening gaps and are durable against rust and erosion. To replace a steel window lintel, expect to pay $350 to $400 on average. 

Wood Lintel

Different wood lintels are available to choose from, such as oak, hickory, and walnut. Depending on your chosen material, replacing a wood lintel can average $350. This price drastically depends on the type of wood you’re using.

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Lintel Replacement Cost Factors

Besides labor playing a substantial role in how much you’ll pay to replace your door or window lintel, here are other essential factors to keep in mind.  

The Wall’s Condition

Before starting, your pro will inspect your wall’s condition to see how difficult it is to remove and reach your lintel. They’ll also check for any cracks that would indicate structural issues, leading to wall repairs. The average cost to repair a wall is $730

The Condition of the Window or Door

Your chosen professional will also inspect your garage door or window’s current condition, which can influence your quote.

Your Lintel’s Condition

A sagging lintel or deteriorating materials will also affect your total cost for this project. 

DIY vs. Hire a Lintel Replacement Professional

Cracks in your lintel or wall can indicate structural damage and replacing a garage door or window lintel can impact its structural integrity. Also, you’ll potentially need a ladder to remove your existing lintel and install your new one, which will require balance and skills to maneuver you and the material without injury. In short, this is a project best left to the pros.

FAQs About Lintel Replacement

When should I replace my lintel?

A lintel is a load-bearing bean whose purpose is to provide structural support to the door or window’s opening in its frame. So, when that frame starts showing signs of cracking or sagging due to corrosion, expansion, or rot, it’s best to get your lintel replaced since these conditions can weaken the lintels’ strength. 

Are lintels covered by insurance? 

In general, they’re not if the damages to your lintel are caused by natural causes or lintel failure, which is considered normal depreciation for property material over time. However, the best way to find out if your insurance is covered by such loss is to contact your insurance provider.  

How long do lintels last?

A lintel can last for up to 60 years if installed correctly and if you don’t need structural repairs. 

Is a window lintel the same as a door lintel?

Yes, window and door lintels serve the same purpose: to provide structural support to the load above the window or door. Their pricing differs based on the material and labor required.

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