How Much Do Stainless Steel Countertops Cost?

Typical Range:

$4,000 - $11,250

Find out how much your project will cost.

Cost data is based on research by HomeAdvisor.

Published June 11, 2021

Written by HomeAdvisor.

*costs based on 50 square feet of countertop

the cost to install stainless steel countertops is $80 to $225 per square foot.

The cost of installing 50 square feet of stainless steel countertop is about $7,500. Cheaper projects run approximately $4,000 while pricier ones are about $11,250. Most pay between $80 to $225 per square foot for materials and installation.

The price of material usually ranges from $70 to $215 per square foot. Installation adds about $10 per square foot. The thickness, also known as gauge, impacts the price.

These are formed by molding steel around wood. They look modern and are completely recyclable. Serious cooks prefer stainless steel for its durability and resilience. Bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms won’t be an issue on this nonporous surface.

Hire a professional who’s familiar with this labor-intensive project.

Average Cost for Stainless Steel Counters

Average Cost$150 per square foot
High Cost$225 per square foot
Low Cost$80 per square foot

Stainless Steel Countertop Prices

The cost of stainless steel countertop material runs between $70 to $215 per square foot. Restaurant supply companies may sell cheaper, prefabricated versions. Ask your installer if you can purchase materials separately or if they prefer you buy through them or a specific retailer.

Average Cost of Custom Stainless-Steel Counters

Custom steel counters price between $140 to $215 per square foot. This includes the wood base that the metal encases. Amount and gauge will impact your total.

Homeowners can save on cost is by buying their own wood base. For sturdiness, it should have a minimum thickness of 23/32 inches. A 4 by 8-foot sheet runs about $22.

Prefab Steel Countertop with Sink

Prefabricated stainless steel counters with a single-basin sink range in price from $1,200 to $2,700. Those with two basins cost between $2,200 to $3,700. The size of the basin and the quality of the material will also affect your budget.

The cost of a prefab metal unit without a sink starts at $145 and may cost as much as $1,950. In addition to the size, the price varies based on the edge shape and whether it comes with a matching backsplash.

The price of a steel sink, excluding the counter, falls between $200 and $1,200.

Commercial Steel Countertops

The material in commercial spaces is thicker than what the average homeowner needs for a kitchen. Denser steel starts at about $100 per square foot.

Commercial kitchens use steel counters because of their durability. Their hygienic surface makes them well-suited for preparing food. The reflective surface also makes kitchens appear larger.

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Stainless Steel Countertop Installation Cost Per Square Foot

Installation is about $10 per square foot or approximately $30 to $100 per hour of labor. Companies usually charge a flat fee or by the square foot on small-scale projects, such as 20 square foot powder room. Installers often price larger projects, such as large 100 square foot kitchen, by the hour.

Cutting & Fitting

Fabricating and cutting sheet metal costs homeowners between $700 and $2,100. Quotes from national companies may be on the pricier end. Check with your local independent sheet metal store when shopping.

Expect to incur costs for additional features, such as:

  • Sink cutout: $100-$250

  • Faucet cutout: $20-$25

  • Electrical outlet cutout: $25-$30

The cutout for an undermount sink will fall on the costlier end of the $100 to $250 range because it requires a custom hole. Creating a hole for drop-in sink is cheaper because the hole just needs to be big enough for the sink to securely fit.

Once the counters and cutouts are ready, a handyman can help with the fitting, sealing and installation at about $30 to $100 per hour or $10 per square foot.

Plumbing for the Sink

Installing new kitchen plumbing ranges from $1,600 to $3,200. Putting in a kitchen faucet runs between $260 to $480, depending on the type.

The average price of installing a sink is about $400. The total varies based on the type of sink.

A licensed and insured professional should handle the plumbing if the job requires more than reconnecting existing pipes. Homeowners usually pay to hire a plumber between $200 and $500.

Stainless Steel Countertop Removal & Replacement Pricing

Removing 50 square feet of metal countertop runs homeowners between $70 and $225 including debris disposal. Adding the removal and disposal of an old sink brings the price range to $120 to $330.

The average price of adding a new one in its place falls between $4,000 and $11,250, depending on the size of the surface and project complexity.

Depending on its condition, it may make more sense to repair or refinish the surface. The average price to repair a countertop falls between $210 and $500, but fixing stainless steel usually runs homeowners $500 to $1,000. While minor scratches are fixable with clean flapper wheels or abrasive discs, significant damage may need chemical or electrochemical work. This is a task best left to the professionals.

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Metal Countertop Costs

The price of material and installation of other types of metal countertops ranges from $100 to $400 per square foot. The cost varies based on the type of metal, its market value and thickness and the manufacturer’s pricing structure.

Stainless steel is the most popular type of metal used for kitchen surfaces. Other popular options are zinc, copper and pewter. Malleability is a pro and a con each of these metals shares. The softness allows contractors to make decorative edges, but it also makes these metals more susceptible to damage.

Zinc Countertops Cost

Installing zinc counters runs $130 to $270 per square foot on average.


  • Stays shiny with maintenance, but many allow it to take on the natural blue-gray patina over time.

  • Cleans easily with soap and water.


  • Placing something very hot on surface may cause warping.

  • Other, cheaper surface materials will likely have a better return on investment.

Copper Countertop Cost Estimate

The cost of copper surfaces ranges from about $100 to $200 per square foot.


  • Stays shiny with regular sealing or application of wax.

  • Takes a rustic green patina that’s popular with homeowners.

  • Resists bacteria.


  • Copper color not universally appealing.

  • Cheaper types will have a better return on investment.

Pewter Countertops Cost

Installing pewter counters amounts to $200 to $400 per square foot. Pewter is an alloy, which means it’s mostly tin with trace amounts of copper or lead.


  • Softness, mold-ability mean it can be easily stamped or shaped.

  • Easy to clean.


  • May contain lead.

  • Dull gray patina not universally appealing.

Stainless Steel Countertops Cost vs. Granite

Stainless steel material runs homeowners from $70 to $215 per square foot. The price of granite slab is cheaper at $40 to $60 per square foot. Granite tiles are $5 to $15 per square foot.

The average cost of installing granite countertops at $3,100 is cheaper than steel’s average of $7,500.

Stainless Steel

  • Resists heat, chemicals and stains.

  • Nonporous surface is antibacterial.

  • Susceptible to scratches or dents.

  • Look doesn’t appeal to all homeowners.

  • Best ROI requires heavier gauge of 14 or 16.


  • Resists heat and chemicals.

  • Unlikely to sustain scratches or dents.

  • Several color options available.

  • If not properly sealed, porousness may collect stains and bacteria.

  • May crack or chip with high impact.

  • Best ROI requires lower grade granite.

Price Comparison: Steel vs. Marble, Quartz & Laminate

Installing countertops costs homeowners between $2,000 to $4,200. They account for approximately 13% of the average price to remodel a kitchen, which is about $23,000.

Pros and Cons of Common Countertops
Stainless SteelNonporous, heat resistant, up to 80% ROINoisy, cold
MarbleUnique, heat resistantPorous, less durable, low ROI
QuartzVariety of colors/patterns, resists bacteria, good ROIVisible seams, sensitive to heat
LaminateInexpensive, variety of colors/patternsLittle to no ROI, susceptible to scratches
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DIY vs. Hiring a Countertop Installer

Installing these isn’t a project for a weekend warrior. Even with prefabricated ones, homeowners may want to leave the sink installation and pipe work to a qualified plumber.

Hire a local metal fabricator to make and cut the units, even if you plan to install them yourself.


Are stainless countertops expensive?

Of the types of countertop materials, steel isn’t cheap, but it’s not the most expensive either. The average cost is $7,500, compared to as much as $14,000 for quartz and about $10,000 for concrete.

Can I install a steel island or bar top?

Yes, islands and bar tops are a cheaper way to get a steel surface look. A 2.5-square-foot prefabricated island can be as little as $100 while a 14-square-foot island costs $2,190. A 7-foot long steel bar top is about $1,575 including installation.

Are stainless steel countertops heat resistant or scratch resistant?

Yes, steel is known for its heat resistance and durability. However, may sustain scratches or dents if homeowners aren’t cautious in the kitchen.

How do you clean or maintain steel bar tops?

Clean with mild soap and water. Use equal parts water and white vinegar for daily maintenance.

Where can I buy metal countertops?

You can buy metal unit from fabricators, specialty shops or home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Can I make my own DIY stainless steel countertops?

The first step in making your own is creating a plywood template. Then find a metal fabricator to cut and shape the material around the wood. Homeowners should only consider doing this project themselves if they’re experienced with metal fabrication.

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