How Much Does a Toilet Cost?

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$90 - $1,500

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Updated August 19, 2022

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The average toilet costs around $500. There are toilets available for every budget, with prices for a new residential toilet unit ranging from as low as $75 to as high as $8,265. Features that can increase the cost of a toilet include the height, shape, and smart capabilities.

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Average Toilet Prices

While the cost of a new toilet can vary widely based on its size and features, most toilets you’ll find online or at home improvement stores fall in the $130 to $520 range, with an average cost of about $500.

Average cost for a toilet is $500, ranging from $75 to $8,265

New Toilet Prices

A new toilet can be a one- or two-piece model and may be priced anywhere between $75 and $8,265 before installation. Most homeowners spend about $375 on toilet installation costs

When toilet shopping, you’ll find most models are floor-standing and typically a little over 14 inches tall. They come in basic colors like white or beige and do not include extra features like bidets, dual-flush options, commode chairs, or wall-hanging units.

Parts of a standard toilet diagram, including the fill valve, toilet seat, and wax ring
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One-Piece Toilet Cost

One-piece toilets function comparably to two-piece models, though they typically cost more at $150 to $1,500 on average. The one-piece construction integrates the tank and bowl to reduce the toilet’s size, eliminate parts that may be more vulnerable to leaks, and make cleaning easier. 

Two-Piece Toilet Cost

The toilets found in most homes are standard, two-piece models. This style is generally the more wallet-friendly option, compared to one-piece models, at $90 on average. Two-piece toilets feature a bowl bolted to a separate tank, with a gasket sealing off the passage of water from the tank to the bowl. 

Toilet Price by Size

Size is important when choosing a new toilet. Rough-in size measures the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the bolts that hold the unit to the floor, accounting for up to 1/2 inch of space. You may notice that the lip of the tank cover in the back of the toilet takes up this space.

In other words, if you measure from the finished wall to the bolts securing your toilet to the flange and get somewhere between 10 1/2 and 11 1/2 inches, you need a 12-inch rough toilet. If it’s between 12 1/2 and 13 1/2 inches, you need a 14-inch rough

“The rough-in dimension is actually the distance from the rough, in-wall studs, to the center of the toilet bowl's outlet, or the flange connection, and is critical in determining what toilet to buy,” says Jeff Botelho, Expert Review Board member and plumber. “The 12-inch rough is the standard today, but you should always measure twice and buy once.”

Toilets also vary in height from floor to seat. Comfort-height toilets are slightly taller than  standard ones and are available for those with mobility issues.

Toilet Height Cost
Comfort 17 – 19 inches $90 – $1,250
Standard 15 inches $105 – $1,150
Child 10 – 11 inches $100 – $300


There are three main rough-in sizes for toilets. The standard rough-in size is 12 inches, with a wide price range of $90 to $1,500. Other sizes include 10 inches and 14 inches, which are more common in older homes.


Wall-hung toilets are among the most expensive toilet styles and can cost as much as $6,000. Also called wall-mount toilets, this option is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. However, they require additional wall bracing for installation and modifications to existing plumbing and waste systems.

High-Efficiency Toilets

High-efficiency toilets (HET) typically cost between $300 and $700. HET models use less water, consuming even less than the federally required 1 3/5 gallons per flush.

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Toilet Price by Model

Toilet prices vary depending on the model you choose, and styles range from simple to high-end. 

Toilet Model Cost Range Features
Dual-Flush $200 – $500 Has two settings to flush halfway for liquids or completely for solids; more energy-efficient and helps reduce water usage for lower bills
Low-Flow $510 Uses less water than a traditional toilet for reduced environmental impact; great for water conservation and lowering water bills
Wall-Hung $150 – $1,200+ Minimalist design (with no base) that’s ideal for saving space and making small bathrooms feel roomier; often more expensive than free-standing models
Upflush $600 – $1,300 Can install on pre-existing plumbing, on top of finished floors, and in tight spaces; operates like a regular model but grinds up waste before it gets to your pipes
Bidets $250 – $700 Separate fixtures, usually beside the toilet or on the seat, shoot a stream of water for personal cleansing; increasingly common in modern homes
Smart Toilet $2,000 – $13,000+ Comes with features like built-in bidets, touchless flushing and closing, self-cleaning, UV-disinfecting light, seat warmers, lights, and music
Compost Unit $600 – $1,000+ No plumbing hookups required; dry, electric, solar, and portable options are great for tiny homes or campers
Reclining Options $800 – $1,000 Manufacturers combine commodes with reclining shower chairs to create a hybrid unit
Toilet Sink Combo As little as $90 Can replace a toilet top with a plastic sink or purchase an individual unit; the combo can save money
Incinerating Toilets $3,290 – $8,500+ Brands like Cinderella and ECOJOHN burn waste and run on gas or electricity; this is a waterless-toilet option
Vacuum-Flush Units Contact a local dealer for prices Often used on boats and RVs; VacuFlush is a common vacuum toilet brand; works using stored vacuum energy to empty the toilet bowl
Stainless-Steel Units Start at $1,100 This high-end option isn’t common for residential applications due to the high price

Toilet Bowl Prices by Shape

Toilet bowls come in several shapes that range in price based on their sizing.

Round Bowls

Round bowl shapes are generally less expensive than other options at about $280 on average. These are also the smallest bowl shape and are ideal if your bathroom is tight on space.

Elongated Bowls

Elongated or oval toilet bowl shapes cost $290 on average. They’re usually 2 inches longer than round bowls to offer additional comfort. Ensure that your space can accommodate this larger shape before you shop.

Square Bowls

Square bowls are the most expensive and cost as much as $600 or more. Square is the least common toilet bowl shape, lending a distinctly eclectic and modern look to bathroom designs.

Toilet Seat Prices

Most toilets don’t include a seat, and you’ll have to purchase one separately. This gives you the opportunity to customize the look and features of your toilet seat. Consider the following when choosing a toilet seat:

  • Shape: You’ll need a seat that matches the shape of your toilet bowl, whether it’s round, elongated, or square.

  • Materials: You’ll find toilet seats made from real wood or molded-wood composition, cushioned vinyl, plastic, or polypropylene material. Choose a seat that complements your bathroom decor and toilet color.

  • Slow-Close: Some toilet seats close quietly and safely without slamming down.

  • Luxury Features: You can incorporate bidets, heated surfaces, air dryers, deodorizers, and smart options into your toilet seat. Be prepared for additional water and electrical hookup requirements if you opt for luxury toilet seat features.

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Price of Toilets by Brand

Below is a list of prices for top toilet brands you’re likely to find when shopping for a new toilet.

  • Kohler: $240–$5,650. Provides one-piece, two-piece, and wall-hung toilets in standard and comfort heights; available in several colors, including black, gray, and floral.

  • Toto: $250–$13,000. Top-priced toilets have smart capabilities like heated seats and air deodorizers; also offers standard units at a cheaper cost.

  • Caroma: Contact a local dealer for prices; toilets have dual-flush technology and reduce water waste; and they come in wall-hung and one-piece styles.

  • Saniflo: $330–$1,260. Provides standard toilets in round and elongated shapes; also offers marine (for use on boats) and RV toilets.

  • American Standard: $180–$4,000. Offers a two-year warranty on many standard models; smart toilets are also available.

  • Thomas Creations: Ask a local dealer for costs; creators of Eco Quattro toilet, which is energy efficient and offers a Hyperion flushing system.

  • Parryware: Check with a local dealer or the manufacturer for prices; comes in one-piece, wall-hung, close-coupled (in which the design couples the bowl and cistern together), European water closet, back-to-floor mounted, and bidets.

  • Roca: Contact local suppliers for prices; offers toilets, bidets, and smart toilets in a variety of styles, including in-tank (the water tank is in the bowl), close-coupled, wall-hung, floor-standing, and one-piece.

  • Ascent:$1,000 for a full system. Contact a local dealer for more detailed pricing; offers a macerating toilet system (or upflush); and Liberty Ascent Round toilets have a three-year warranty.

  • Gerber:$225–$385 for Viper toilets. Some models have two-year limited lifetime warranties; doesn’t include a toilet seat.

  • Duravit Toilets: Ask your local supplier for costs; offers WonderGliss coating for ceramic products; comes in floor-standing and wall-mounted options; and toilet seats and tanks are also available for individual purchase.

  • Orin: Contact a local dealer for prices; provides toilets, bidet washers, and hand bidets.

  • Saniton: Get in touch with a supplier for cost information; offers both urinals and toilets that come in back-to-wall, one-piece, close-coupled, and wall-hung styles.

Commode Prices

An average toilet commode is around $100, or between $35 and $200. A bathroom commode is a portable toilet with a frame and basin to collect waste. You can empty and clean the basin, and you don’t need any plumbing for a commode.

Best Prices on Toilets

The lowest price for a standard toilet is about $75. Different specifications from different manufacturers can cause toilets to vary in cost. If you’re looking for the best toilet prices, keep the following in mind:

  • Two-piece toilets are less expensive than one-piece toilets.

  • Single-flush systems are more budget-friendly than dual-flush toilets.

  • White or beige finishes are the least costly toilet colors.

  • Vitreous China is a common, inexpensive toilet material.

How to Buy an Inexpensive Toilet

It’s easy to find a great toilet for a good price if you know what to look for. Though you might not get one at wholesale toilet prices, here’s a list of quick tips to help you get the best deal:

  • Skip the bells and whistles: A smart toilet may sound like a great idea, but the extra additions quickly add to the price. Stick to the basics.

  • Think about dual-flush: It’s slightly pricier up-front, but this system can cut down on your water bill in the long run.

  • Check with a bathroom pro: Many contractors have deals worked out with manufacturers to help get you a great price on a product.

  • Consider a used toilet: While not ideal, buying a used unit can work in a pinch if you need something fast. Be sure that it’s still in good condition before you buy.

  • Reuse your existing toilet: If you’re remodeling and your toilet is in good condition, try cleaning it up and reusing it to save on costs for your bathroom remodel.

  • Talk to local plumbing supply houses: They sometimes get returns from large projects of special order fixtures that they mark down for a quick sale. “Ask if they have any deals on complete toilets,” says Botelho. “It never hurts to ask and often results in getting a much nicer fixture than you originally budgeted for. This holds true for many fixtures and faucets as well.”


What is the best inexpensive toilet?

The best inexpensive toilet is the one that works best in your space. There is no one-size-fits-all option. Ask a toilet installer near you for their recommendation, and be sure to check prices from several manufacturers. 

Repairing your existing toilet may also be an option. Most homeowners spend $250 on the cost of toilet repairs

What is the most environmentally friendly toilet?

The most environmentally-friendly toilets are composting and incinerating toilets since they are waterless systems. However, dual-flush and smart units can also conserve water and fit in better with most modern home designs.

How much do bidet toilets cost?

Bidet toilets cost $250 to $700. High-end options cost more than simple versions due to added features like customizable spray, heated seats, and night-lights.

Where can I buy a toilet?

You can buy a toilet from a local improvement store, big box stores, or directly from reputable manufacturers.

“If you plan to DIY your toilet project, an easy way to ensure you have all the necessary parts to install your toilet successfully is to shop around home improvement stores for toilets in ‘all-in-one’ packages that include the toilet bowl, tank, seat, and mounting hardware,” says Botelho. “The only thing you usually need is a water supply line.”

How expensive are accessible toilets?

Accessible toilets cost $90 to $1,250. They’re slightly taller than a standard toilet. "Comfort height" is another name for this style.

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