How Much Does a Cultured Marble or Stone Shower Wall Cost?

Typical Range:

$700 - $2,450

Find out how much your project will cost.

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Updated October 20, 2021

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Cultured Marble Shower Walls Price

the average cost to install a marble tub surround is $1,850 or $700 to $2,500.

Cultured marble shower walls cost an average of $1,850 to install but vary from $700 to $2,450. Installation labor makes up about $150 of the total but varies depending on whether you need additional components such as a shower pan or tub. Materials alone cost roughly $1,700 for a 70-square-foot unit. This includes both a 3 by 4 by 7 feet stand up shower or a 2.5 by 4 by 7-foot tub/shower combo. When deciding on shower walls, your options range in price from low-cost fiberglass liners to high-end, 100% solid quartz.

It’s recommended that you have a professional complete this work, for several reasons.

  • You could drop potentially pricey material,

  • Adhering it to the wall incorrectly could cause it to fall, break, and cause injuries.

  • Some manufacturers will only warranty products installed by a professional.

Professionals have the specialized tools and knowledge to complete the work. They know all the building permit laws and housing codes that apply to a project like this.

Cost of Stone & Solid Surface Shower Walls

Material Cost Installed*
Cultured Marble$700 - $2,450
Corian$3,100 - $4,700
Quartz$3,200 - $7,000
Engineered Quartz$3,700 - $7,200
Silestone$3,500 - $6,300
Cultured Granite$2,950 - $4,550

*For standard 70-square-foot shower

Corian Shower Walls Cost

The cost to install all Corian walls is between $3,100 and $4,700 for a standard 3-foot-deep, 4-foot-wide and 7-foot-tall (70-square-foot) shower. This total includes roughly $150 for labor. Corian, a mix between granite and laminate, will run between $42 and $65 per square foot for the material alone.

A shower with a tub generally measures at about 2.5 by 5 by 7-feet, or 70 square feet total, meaning it has the same wall surface area as the average standing shower Expect to pay a similar project price for each, assuming you are only replacing walls.

Quartz Shower Walls Cost

Quartz shower walls will cost about $5,400 on average, including installation. The material alone runs between $50 and $100 per square foot and for a 70-square-foot shower, or between $3,200 and $7,000 total.

This material is a combination of polyester resin and up to 50% quartz. Popular brands include , Silestone, Zodiaq, Hanstone, and Viatera.

Solid natural quartz is not common and is a very expensive material. To get 100% stone, it must be quarried, and is difficult to obtain without breaking. Most natural stone you see comes as tile or smaller slab pieces (max 3 by 3 feet). Companies such as Forzastone™ and StoneSheets™ sell thin sheets of stone attached to a polymer backing which can be mounted on walls.

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Silestone Shower Walls

Silestone is an especially popular brand of quartz walls that you can purchase for around $50 to $90 per square foot, or $3,500 to $6,300 for a 70-square-foot space. Labor charges average an additional $150.

While most Silestone is for kitchen and bathroom counters, it’s gaining popularity as a shower wall finish because it is durable and eliminates unsightly, hard-to-clean grout lines. They make various sizes of wall panels and shower pans. Pans run from $800 to $1,250. All products have a 25-year warranty.

Granite or Cultured Granite

Cultured granite costs about $40 to $65 per square foot. For a 70-square-foot surface, the price falls between $2,950 and $4,550 including labor. This material is similar to cultured quartz, but with a blend of resin and granite instead.

Solid granite is a pricey material and is therefore usually sold in thin panels attached to a backing. There is no benefit of using this over cultured granite, other than a slight aesthetic and textural difference. In fact, it may be easier to damage by cracking and staining. Natural stone is more porous and absorbs oils and chemicals more than its polymer blend cousin.

Solid Stone Shower Walls

It is less common to line a shower with 100% solid stone. If you do choose natural stone panels, they will most likely be:

  • Tiles: 3- by 3-foot sections

  • Forzastone: 1/3-inch-thick solid stone panel applied to a polymer base to reduce weight

  • Veneers: Thin, brick-like stones applied to the wall and then sealed. Very natural aesthetic, but hard to clean

  • StoneSheets brand:

    • Slimslabs ®: 8mm with fiberglass backing

    • Polyslabs ®: 5mm with polymer composite backing

    • StoneSheets ®-AL: 6mm with aluminum honeycomb backing

    • StoneSheets ®-TL: 6mm with aluminum honeycomb and thermal layer

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Cultured Marble Showers Cost

To line your shower with cultured marble averages about $2,000 for all walls and a pan. If the space also requires replacing the tub, expect to add another $2,200 for materials and labor. If this is not a feature you need, a tub to shower remodel is a way to cut your budget.

This overall price varies based on:

  • Brand/retailer

  • Size of shower

  • Material thickness

  • Additional features: soap dish, seat ledge, caddies, etc.

  • Labor charges

Cultured Marble Pricing Per Square Foot

Cultured marble costs between $10 to $35 per square foot. It’s sold in sheets that vary in:

  • Length: From 34 to 71 inches.

  • Width: From 30 to 48 inches.

  • Height: Minimum 70 inches to 88 inches (required for steam showers).

  • Thickness: Usually ¼ to ½ an inch, but 3/8 is also available.

Unique shapes and sizes will increase pricing. You can purchase these at major home improvement stores, online, or through your contractor.

Marble Shower Walls

Cultured marble shower walls run between $700 to $2,450 to install for a standard, 70-square-foot unit.

Marble Tub Surround Cost

A marble tub surround will cost between $1,000 and $1,500, installed.

Cultured Marble Shower Pan Price

A cultured marble shower pan, or shower base, costs between $300 and $750, depending on what size you purchase (components range from 3 square feet to 3 by 5 feet). The average is around $600, including labor at $150.

Cultured Marble Bathtub Cost

A cultured marble bathtub will cost between $1,700 and $2,500, installed. Labor will make up about $200 to $300 of this total.

There are many options for materials when replacing your bathtub. This option is slightly more expensive than traditional ceramic coated steel or fiberglass units but has more options in terms of colors and patterns. Additionally, it will perfectly match your walls both in looks and durability.

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Top Brands of Cultured Marble or Other Stone Showers

US Marble Shower Prices

US Marble makes engineered marble granite and onyx shower panels, bases, and accessories. While sizes are customizable, they also sell individual parts and complete shower kits. They offer a limited lifetime warranty. For an accurate price estimate for your project, contact a local dealer or installer.

Tyvarian Cost

For a complete Tyvarian shower (30 by 60 by 84 inches), including three walls, shower pan, threshold, and two small shelves, it will be roughly $3,700, including labor.

Tyvarian, a product made by Aztec Industries, consists of a limestone backing, a high-resolution image of wood or stone, and a clear top coat. Aztec provides a lifetime warranty for all of their products, as long as you stay within their conditions. Contact a local dealer for an estimate specific to your project.

Forzastone Cost

A Forzastone shower will run you about $2,700 for a 3 by 5 by 8-foot unit, installed. It is a solid surface material that consists of thin slabs of stone attached to a backing. It’s highly durable, lightweight, and the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.


Tere-stone shower kits run anywhere from $2,300 to $3,500+, not including labor. Panel material consists of natural stone, dolomite, and a resin or clear coat finish. All wall kits have a 10-year transferrable warranty and are more durable than granite or marble.

Kohler Choreograph®

Kohler brand has a solid surface line of shower walls called Choreograph which run between $900 and $2,800, not including labor. They make this with their proprietary Serica composite, which is a mix of stone and polymer. You can purchase various standard shower wall sizes either in a kit or as individual panels (ex: 32 by 72-inch or 60 by 96-inch single panels and kits might include two 32” by 72” walls, one 60” by 72” wall, and two 72” corner joints). All products have a 10-year warranty.

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Bathtub Liners and Wall Surround Options

You have many options when it comes to lining your shower walls.

Tile$3 - $15**
Cultured Marble$10 - $35
Formica$16 - $28
Cultured Granite$40 - $65
Corian$42 - $65
Engineered Quartz$50 - $100
Natural Stone Panels$40 - $200
Fiberglass$150 - $850*
Acrylic$300 - $700*

*Usually sold in one-piece kits, so price per square foot isn't accurate.

**While this price seems low, this requires significantly more labor hours and charges to install.

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DIY Shower Wall Installation vs. Hiring a Pro

While you could save several hundred dollars on labor charges for installing shower walls, a pan, or tub, this cost does not outweigh the risks. If the material is expensive and can be easily damaged. Particularly important is finding a local bathroom tile contractor to do any tiling work properly. Problematic grout around tile or wall panels can cause leaks and discoloration. Be sure to also consult the shower remodel guide before starting your project.


What’s the most inexpensive shower wall option?

The most inexpensive of all shower wall options is fiberglass with surround kits starting at $300 including labor. The cheapest option for stone is a cultured marble, or marble, if you want 100% solid stone.

How much does it cost to install a bathtub and surround?

The cost to install a bathtub is on average $3,100. The cost to install a surround in addition to a tub is about $4,100. The average labor price of a surround is $1,000.

How much is it to tile a tub surround?

The cost to tile a shower or bathtub surround varies significantly but averages $1,275. If you have 70 square feet of space, the walls would be about $12.50 per square foot, or $875 for materials alone. Labor is about $400 if there isn’t additional work required to prepare the surface. If you have existing tile or some other surround material, they must first remove that.

How much does an Onyx tub surround cost?

An Onyx shower surround will run about $25 per square foot or $1,750 for a 70-square-foot structure. Labor will be an additional $100 to $200. You can purchase an entire Onyx shower kit that includes all walls and a base for about $1,800.

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