How Much Does a Cultured Marble or Stone Shower Wall Cost?

Typical Range:

$700 - $2,450

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Updated August 24, 2022

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Cultured marble is commonly used for shower walls because it’s nonporous and doesn’t require difficult-to-clean grout. Cultured marble shower walls typically cost between $700 and $2,450, but the average homeowner pays $1,850. The total price of the project depends on whether you need additional components, such as a shower pan or tub. Other stones, like Corian and quartz, come with higher price tags, as well as acrylic panels that can be made to look like a natural still, painting, or anything you want.

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Cultured Marble Showers Cost

The cost to install a shower includes more than just the walls. You may also need to factor in the cost of a shower pan, tub, and surround, depending on the design or remodel. In general, the average homeowner will pay $1,850 to line their walls and another $300 to $2,500 to add a shower pan or a tub. The total price depends on the:

  • Brand or retailer

  • Size of the shower

  • Material thickness

  • Additional features like soap dishes, seat ledges, and caddies

  • Labor costs

Cultured Marble Price per Square Foot

Cultured marble costs between $10 to $35 per square foot. Most sheets are 1/4-inch thick to 1/2-inch thick, but 3/8-inch thick is available. The thicker the marble, the higher the price tag.

Average cost to install cultured marble shower walls is $1,850, ranging $700 to $2,500
Average costs for 4 areas of cultured marble showers, including the shower pan, surround, shower walls, and bathtub
Photo: Annatamila/Adobe

Marble Shower Walls

The cost of cultured marble shower walls is usually between $700 and $2,450. This factors in the standard dimensions for a shower with a tub (2 1/2-by-5-by-7 feet or 70 square feet) at the typical $10 to $35 per square foot price.

Shower Pan 

A cultured marble shower pan typically costs $300 to $750, depending on the size. Shower pans are usually 9 square feet or 15 square feet. The average homeowner spends $600 on both materials and professional installation. This is just a small part of the cost to convert a tub into a shower.

Tubs and Surrounds

Tubs and surrounds are two of the highest costs of a cultured marble shower. Expect a tub and surround to add $2,700 to $4,000 to the total price of your project, which is in line with the typical cost to install a bathtub. Here’s how the cost breaks down: 

  • Tub: $1,700 and $2,500, installed

  • Tub surround: $1,000 and $1,500, installed

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Cost of Other Stone & Solid Surface Shower Walls

You’ll generally spend more on the cost of installing solid surface walls than you would on the cost to retile your shower. Nonetheless, cultured marble is still one of the most affordable stone and solid surface materials. Others, including Corian and quartz, come with a higher price tag.

Material Cost per Square Foot (Material Only) Cost of Standard Shower Walls (Installed)
Cultured Granite $40 – $65 $2,950 – $4,550
Corian $42 – $65 $3,100 – $4,700
Quartz $50 – $100 $3,200 – $7,000
Silestone $50 – $90 $3,650 – $6,450

Cultured Granite

Cultured granite is a manufactured blend of resin and granite. Most homeowners spend $2,950 to $4,550 to install cultured granite walls in a standard 70-square-foot shower. The material alone costs $40 to $65 per square foot.


Corian is a man-made mix between granite and laminate, and Corian shower walls cost $42 to $65 per square foot. Expect to spend between $3,100 and $4,700 to have a professional contractor install Corian shower walls. 


Quartz shower walls cost between $3,200 to $7,000 to install, and the average homeowner spends $5,400. The material alone runs between $50 and $100 per square foot.

Contrary to what it may sound like, most quartz showers aren’t natural stone. Quartz usually refers to what’s known as engineered quartz, a combination of resin and quartz dust. While you can find natural quartz, it’s typically only sold in small slabs attached to polymer clay backing that you can mount on a wall.


Silestone is a popular brand of quartz typically used for kitchen and bathroom counters, though it’s gaining popularity as a shower material. Silestone quartz costs $50 to $90 per square foot, and most homeowners spend $3,650 to $6,450 for this type of wall to be professionally installed. These products come with a 25-year warranty.

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Top Brands of Cultured Marble or Other Stone Showers

Let’s go over some of the popular brands you may encounter when shopping for cultured marble showers or other stone showers.

Brand Type of Stone Cost of Typical Shower
Tyvarian Cultured Marble $3,700
ForzaStone Natural Stone Veneer $2,700
Tere-Stone Engineered Dolomite $2,900 (not including labor)
US Marble Cultured Marble Costs vary, contact local dealer or installer

Tyvarian Cost

It costs roughly $3,700 to install a complete Tyvarian shower (30-by-60-by-84 inches) with three walls, a shower pan, a threshold, and two small shelves. Tyvarian, a product made by Aztec Industries, consists of a limestone backing, a high-resolution image of wood or stone, and a clear top coat. Aztec provides a lifetime warranty for all of their products, as long as you stay within their conditions. Contact a local dealer for an estimate specific to your project.

ForzaStone Cost

It costs about $2,700 to install a standard ForzaStone shower. ForzaStone is a solid surface material consisting of thin slabs of natural stone attached to an aluminum alloy backing. It’s highly durable and lightweight, and the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.


Tere-stone shower kits run anywhere from $2,300 to more than $3,500, not including labor. The panel material consists of natural stone dolomite along with a resin or clear-coat finish. All wall kits have a 10-year transferable warranty and are more durable than granite or marble.

US Marble Shower Prices

US Marble makes engineered marble, granite, and onyx shower panels, bases, and accessories. While sizes are customizable, they also sell individual parts and complete shower kits. They offer a limited lifetime warranty. For an accurate price estimate for your project, contact a local dealer or installer.

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Cultured Marble and Solid Surface Shower Cost Factors

You can save money by purchasing a prefabricated shower kit, but a bit more goes into the total project cost. Here are a few different factors that impact the overall price of a cultured marble or solid surface shower install.

Type of Material

The type of solid surface material will heavily influence the total cost of your shower. Cultured marble costs significantly less than other solid surface materials. For example, you can save $2,500 to $4,550 by choosing cultured marble walls instead of quartz walls for your standard 70-square-foot shower.

Thickness of Material

Solid surface sheets come in different thicknesses. You’ll pay more for a thicker product. For example, most cultured marble costs between $10 to $35 per square foot. A sheet that’s 1/4-inch thick will cost closer to $10 per square foot, and a sheet that’s 1/2-inch thick will cost closer to $35 per square foot. 

Project Scope

How much your shower costs depends on the scope of the project. A full shower with a bathtub and surround will cost more than a small shower stall with a shower pan. If your project is part of a bathroom remodel, you’ll also pay additional costs to demolish and dispose of your old shower.

Labor Costs

Labor is about 50% of the cost of a bathroom remodel, and contractors charge an average of $65 per hour. This price varies regionally by around 20%. You’ll pay more in an area with a higher cost of living. 

For a simple shower wall installation, expect to spend $150 on labor. Once you start demolishing old walls and installing features like tubs or shower pans, the cost rises. You could spend an average of $1,000 on labor costs to install a surround.

DIY Shower Wall Installation vs. Hiring a Pro

You could save several hundred dollars by installing shower walls, a pan, and a tub on your own, but the cost doesn’t outweigh the risk. Solid-state materials can be damaged if improperly installed—and that’s before you factor in the potential water damage from improperly caulked joints. 

At the end of the day, you could spend more money fixing damage from a DIY gone wrong than you would hiring a contractor to begin with. Before you install a shower wall, consult a bathroom remodeler near you and get up to speed with HomeAdvisor’s shower remodel guide.


What’s the most inexpensive shower wall option?

The most inexpensive of all shower wall options is fiberglass, with surround kits starting at $300, including labor. The most wallet-friendly option for stone is cultured marble, or if you want 100% solid stone, natural marble.

How much does it cost to install a bathtub and surround?

The cost to install a bathtub is $3,100 on average. The cost to install a surround in addition to a tub is about $4,100. The average labor price of a surround is $1,000.

How much is it to tile a tub surround?

The cost to tile a shower or bathtub surround varies significantly but averages $1,275. If you have 70 square feet of space, the walls would cost about $12.50 per square foot or $875 for materials alone. Labor is about $400 if there isn’t additional work required to prepare the surface. If you have existing tile or some other surround material, your pro has to remove that first.

How much does an Onyx tub surround cost?

The Onyx shower price is about $25 per square foot or $1,750 for a 70-square-foot area. Labor will be an additional $100 to $200. You can purchase an entire Onyx shower kit that includes all the walls and a base for about $1,800.

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